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10 Great places to take a girl for a first date.

Updated on October 14, 2008
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So now that you finally got up the courage to ask out a girl, and luckily enough she said yes. Oh yeah you're not out of the woods yet. Now what? Well it's up to you to make a good impression and give her a reason to want have a second date, so you better make it good. If you're like most other guys you're going make some generic choice of dinner at some nice Italian restaurant, or go out to a movie then mini golf, blah. If you end up choosing something cheesy and tasteless, your going to leave your date at the end of the night thinking "wow he sure wasn't Mr. creative". Not to say that you chose some floozy to take out, or maybe you did who knows, but remember she is a girl, and who most likely has been out with guys before; and you're just another guy about to take her to on a cheap date that she has been on already with another guy. That's not exactly the impression you want to make.

Never worry, I have listed 10 great things that should please and delight the girl of your dreams, and If by chance she actually is a floozy, bypass all this and just stick with what ever cheap date idea you came up with right after you got her number, I am sure you will be just fine. Now if it's your first date, and you don't know much about her or her taste, then you may want to stick with one of the more conventional and safer ideas on the list, we wouldn't want to scare her off so soon. Now if this girl works at Whole Foods and has a tattoo of a riverboat paddling across her neck, then please by all means feel free to pick the most creative idea on the list. Remember taking a girl to watch her first UFC fight is not every girls idea of great first date.

The ideas below aren't listed in any real order, and I have also given you an idea of cost. Of course cost is going to be dependent on how you structure your date, if you take a limo to the movies then obviously that's going to add a bit to to the total cost.

Wine tasting

Obviously this not going to be for everyone, but if wine even remotely interest you or your date then wine tasting is a great choice. Whether you are taking a trip to a winery or going to to a wine bar, the atmosphere is usually real nice mellow and pleasant. If you have never been wine tasting it's a perfect way to have a good time while having something to talk about, plus your date won't think that you're a total dud, and that's a plus. Most wineries and wine bars serve food as well, so if you wanted to stay for lunch or dinner you could make it your "one stop shop" and make that the whole date. If you plan on staying a while trying more than a few wines and eating, you're probably looking to spend ($100-$200)

Amusement Park

If your a true kid at heart, then show it by taking a trip to an amusement park. There is nothing quite like it, some how a roller coaster or a creepy guy running around in a Mickey Mouse costume seems to bring a smile to even the sourest of individuals. So if you know your girl is one of those people who can have fun just about anywhere doing anything then why not take her to some place that will keep her giggling all day long. Be ready to shell though, amusement parks will hit you everywhere they can. First if you don't live near one, the drive to the amusement park can break the bank alone with gas priced the way it is these days. Then it's the parking, then admission, then food (if you eat that crap) plus what ever souvenir you get...the day can really ad up, but it will definitely have its pay off. Look to spend between ($150-$200)

Outdoor Fun

If your date owns a John Deer t-shirt then chances are being outside and doing something where your hands get dirty is going to score you big points. Whether you go for a hike up to a waterfall that ends with a gourmet picnic. Or a day that includes jumping on some jet skis and tearing it up all day so that you work up an appetite for the barbecue at the end. Your sure to leave an impression, plus all the alone time is great to get to know some one, and for them to get to know you. This is one of those date ideas that can be super cheap, or cost you a fortune. If you want to keep it simple and cheap, stick with a hike and a picnic. If you want to go the whole nine yards then you better have plenty of credit left so you don't max out your credit card halfway through your date. Simple ($40-$60) Outdoors extravaganza ($200-$300)

Make Her Dinner

There is nothing more simple and impressive than when you bow your date away with a meal that looks like it was straight off a food network show. A woman loves a man with talent, and even if you don't have any, you can appear to by simply learning how to cook something unique and nice. A big plus here is that it won't break the bank. Now if you live with three other guys, and your walls are plastered with posters of half naked models, you might want to tell them to stay away and pull the porn off the walls. Chances are it will turn out great, women love to have stuff done for them, and for a guy to create a great meal is quite a change for most women and will definitely be memorable. Just look around the internet for some foolproof gourmet recipes and spend some time preparing and you can't go wrong. Or on second thought, if you have a hard time cooking an egg with out burning it, then this date might not work so well for you. The only cost here is the food, and maybe a table clothe to cover all those beer bottle stains on your table. So it should be cheap ($30-$50)

Ice Skating

Yeah I know, it's cheesy. It's the kind of thing you see in chick flicks, and for good reason. You see that kinda thing in chick flicks cause girls love that kinda stuff, they eat it up like it was ice cream. Take a girl out to go ice skating, fall down a few times, hold her hand, make your self look like an ass so on and so forth. Then you can wrap it up with some dinner and talk about which part of your body hurts the most form falling down. It's the kind of date you take the "girl next door" out on. It's nice cause you don't come off as looking like a cheap bastard, but you won't have to worry about making your rent the next month either. ($60-$100)

Hot Air Balloon

If you don't mind waking up at the ass crack of dawn, then this is one of those things you can do with a girl that will really wow them. You just might want to ask your date before if she gets vertigo, cause having a panic attack in an open basket 2,000 feet in the air is not the ideal start to a first date, but hey you never know torture might be some thing she is into. Really, what's more romantic than a hot air balloon ride, well besides a charted jet to the french riviera, nothing. So if romance is the name of the game then this is your best bet. Most companies offer a package deal of the ride, picnic, and champaign, it should run you about ($300-$400)

Out Of Town Getaway

Who doesn't want a break from the same old routine, get out of town and go somewhere nice. Now I am not saying out of state, just a short drive to get out of what ever area you happen to live in. Make the trip to a nice spa and have a massage or a mud bath, what the hell why not both. If the who relaxing thing doesn't suit you, see if there are any neighboring areas that have local attractions, like river rafting, or museums, train rides, river boat dining.


If you happen to know your date likes sports why not include her in one of your most time consuming pastimes and get out and see a live sports game. What girl doesn't love to go to a ball game, even if they aren't that interested in the sport most girls like the atmosphere and have a great time, plus you get to root for your home team. If you or her tend to be the more unconventional type then hitup some xtreme sports, in just about every city there is some sporting event that involves high speeds or crazy jumps. Entertainment is something every one loves. If she shops at Banana republic, you can play it safe and take her to a baseball game, but if lip rings and skull tattoo's adorn your dates body then maybe a UFC fight or X-games type event is more her taste. Remember it does no thave to be outrageous and expensive, some times simple is better.


If you live in Florida, sorry. For those of us that don't great. Snow is one of those things that people either love or hate. If your new found girl of the week happens to be a snow bunny then anything in the snow is going to work well for you. Make a day out of it and have some fun. It won't break the bank, and you're going to get just as much fun out of it as she will. Plus if she doesn't know what she is doing and you're a seasoned pro, well then you get to be the knight in shining armor who saves the day by helping her learn to fly down the slopes. Depending if you rent or won your equipment, it can be reasonable or costly. For a pair of lift tickets, you're going to spend between ($80-$180)

The Big Baller

So if you think you have met the girl of your dreams and you can't wait to spend every last dime you have saved on her, I have an idea for you. This is how you do it, call up your local Limo Service and tell them you want to get a limo for the entire night. Get cleaned up, dress nice, maybe something flashy, you know those nice shoes you got at Payless, no, not the penny loafers, the wing tipped shinny ones. Put some pomade in your hair, actually shave. You know the whole shebang. Pick up your date, take her to the nicest place you can find, in any city that's going to be the local KFC. Chow down on some original recipe, finish that off with a biscuit with some honey, you know the one that comes in the little ketchup packets. From there head to your local movie theater to watch the latest rendition of what ever um-teenth sequel to your favorite Rambo/Die Hard/Saw. After you were bored to death by the lack luster flick, you can now head out for a delightful desert. When choosing desert pay special care that you go somewhere that is going to be appreciated and respected, the kind of place that you go to where you propose, or see a homeless person sleeping in the corner with a mad dog 40-40 in their hands. I have always been a big fan of the 24 hour donut shop my self. Right about now the night should be sailing smooth, you should be half way to home base. Crawl back into the limo and tell the driver to take you to the most romantic spot that he knows of, from there pop open the sunroof and pour a couple of glasses of Dom Perignon and see where the night leads. If the girl is repulsed and taken a back...kick her out there. If she laughs and enjoyed the whole show, she's a keeper. The limo is going to run you a lot of money, and the rest of the date, maybe $20, in all about ($520)

When it boils down to it, what ever you do just try to have fun no matter what, and pick something that will be memorable for the both of you.


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    • profile image

      skull rings for men cheap 3 years ago

      Hub iz hubby short for husband

    • profile image

      angelo 7 years ago

      Hahahahaha the last one is so dumb why spend like 500 bucks on some girl to only ball her while you can just go get yoself a skanky hoe and give her like 100bucks so she can do her job:p XDXD syeeeeaaaahhhh!! Boy!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Burger King sounds cheap

    • profile image

      geo 7 years ago

      please... it doesn't matter the place you take the girl... you may take her to the place that she always wanted to go... but still it doesn't change who you are... this ideas might work because of YOU not of the money and "creativity".

    • profile image

      Danny from Chicago. 7 years ago

      I'm 18 and tried the big ballet idea.... Worked like a charm.

    • profile image

      Nay 7 years ago

      Hub iz hubby short for husband

    • profile image

      Nay 7 years ago

      Hub iz hubby short for husband dur

    • profile image

      Business Oceans 7 years ago

      That is a good list. It has some creative ideas while still keeping cost in mind for low income folks. I would like to see some more for the low cost creatives....

    • profile image

      Business Oceans 7 years ago

      That is a good list. It has some creative ideas while still keeping cost in mind for low income folks. I would like to see some more for the low cost creatives....

    • profile image

      scotty 7 years ago

      is the big baller one even real lmfao?../

    • JasminRace profile image

      Jasmin 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Really like your hub, its very well structured and imformative! Rated up x


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