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10 Important things to know about Brazilian Woman

Updated on February 22, 2012

1. The main language in Brazil is different from every other country in South American Or Latin America. This is because Brazil was first colonized by the Portuguese and so the main language that is spoken there is Portuguese. There for there is little influence on Brazil about the Spanish culture except what was brought over with the original settlers.

2. The woman of Brazil but a lot of effort into staying beautiful. This includes regular waxing, working out, tanning in the sun, and clothes. With the recent boom in the Brazilian economy many more woman are able to consume those beauty products.

3. In Brazil the majority of the woman there are extremely beautiful. There is just no getting over that fact. Take a look at the girls in any of the cities. This is great for the guys but the woman not so great since it increases the sense of competition between them for their perfect man.

4. It is common for Brazilian woman not to trust Brazilian men. They view American men as much more trustful and forgiving.

5. One of the biggest no, no’s in Brazil for woman or even men to do is to release bodily noises. If, you belch or release gas in public you are basically ostracized from the society. So, be respectful and just do not do it.

6. The culture of family is extremely important in Brazil. Families are known to live together their whole lives. This produces very close and tight nit families

7. The average age for someone to get married in Brazil is within their 30’s

8. Soccer is the beloved sport in Brazil for woman as much as it is for Men

9. Carnival is the world’s most famous festival. Brazilian woman from all over the country flock to get a chance to audition for the many roles that the festival provides every year. The most beautiful are picked and the rest sent home.

10. With the burgeoning economy of Brazil it is not unusual to see many women starting to enter the educated work force as teachers, engineers, and doctors. Women take pride above most things the level of education they are able to receive.


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  • supra9 profile image

    supra9 3 years ago

    2. Most Brazilian women just shave. And no, most do not care about tanning.

    4. I may not trust many Brazilian guys, but I still see American men as as some of the worst sexists, homophobes, entitled and ignorant men I have ever met. I would never date an American male.

    9. Carnival is overrated, and most here people do not care about it. In fact, most people loath it. Women AND men are chosen, though.

  • Darkproxy profile image

    Darkproxy 5 years ago from Ohio

    awesome hub

  • hi friend profile image

    hi friend 5 years ago from India

    Interesting hub