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10 Kinds of Friends Who Can Save Your Marriage

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Sima is an avid online writer. She writes about various subjects that she is passionate about. Thanks for reading her articles.

Marriage Issues Can Be Resolved When You Surround Yourself With Caring People.
Marriage Issues Can Be Resolved When You Surround Yourself With Caring People. | Source

Having The Right Friends Can Impact Your Marriage

Not all marriages will last, but most can be saved! And one of the most effective ways to save your marriage is through surrounding yourself with wise friends. Friends have a huge impact in our lives, and it would service in our best interest to choose wisely.

This article will explain the characteristics every couple need in the friends in their circle. All of your friends may not possess all the characteristics, but all the characteristics should be evident amongst your friends. I took a look at all of my friends and identified the characteristics and qualities that stood out the most, in each of them, to create this list. And I have no doubt that my friends have played a major role in my 29 years of marriage. You can also read my article 10 Types of Friends You Should Let Go Of Before Getting Married to get some background information.

A good friend will enhance a married couple’s relationship. –

What I discovered is that not all of my friends possess all of the characteristics on my list, but each couple or individual has at least one characteristic that benefits my marriage. See if your friends fall into any of the categories and feel free to add on any ideas you have in the comment section. Without further delay here is the list:

Save Your Marriage Today!
Save Your Marriage Today! | Source

1. Fun and Laughter. When couples can laugh and have fun together, it shows the strength of your marriage. You should have friends who enjoy having fun, playing games and doing adventurous things. Laughter is good medicine for the soul. Sometimes you might have to fake the laughter, laugh anyway. I often pretend with my husband and call him out of his born name, and it always gives us a jolt, at least I get a kick out of it. I do it all in love in a harmless way. Listen to how your friends address their spouse the next time you're around them - and watch the expression on their faces.

2. Financially Responsible. Friends that have their finances, at least, manageable, will help you with your budget. Being able to manage money in a marriage is an asset, and if there are no boundaries set, your estate will crumble. So choose friends who understand the importance of a good credit report.

3. Supportive. Granted some people need more support than others. When you find friends who are supportive people, you have found jewels. Supportive friends don’t care about circumstances or temporary conditions.

4. Given to Prayer. Friends who pray are very valuable resources. Prayer can change your situation and turn things around when you are having difficulties. When prayer is released, it’s like sending a signal to heaven to intervene on your behalf.

A Single Friend and a Married Friend - Wise Thoughts!

Married People: Do You Have Any Supportive Single Friends?

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I included the video by the Single Lady because she gives some sound advice on supporting her married friend. She's the kind of friend any married woman would appreciate. As for the men, it would work the same if you have single guy friends. You want single male friends who understand marriage. So if you did not listen to the video, take a moment - it was heartfelt.

5. Listeners. Good communication skills are essential to a marriage, and good listening is a part of the communication process. You don’t need friends who are always talking, you need friends who will listen – and listen actively. Which one of your friend’s is a good listener?

6. Giving. I love being able to give. Don’t you. A giving friend is a kind friend. Friends who share are friends who care. These kinds of friend make the world go round. If you ever feel down and out, seek out your most giving friends, and they will find a way to get you out of your funk. Perhaps you need financial support, this is the friend that say, "you don't have to pay me back." When you go on an outing with these kinds of friends, you won't have to worry about the bill. You can just relax and enjoy the event.

Enjoy Your Married Life.
Enjoy Your Married Life. | Source

7. Educated. I’m not saying that all of your friends need to be degreed (is that a word)?, but they should be learners. Friends, who can reason things out with you, could be better assistance to you when you need them. Friends who are educated may be more likely to seek out marriage support when they need it. Intelligent people who are open to improve their own lives, can only be a benefit to you. I am not speaking of arrogant people, but people who know they should and try to do better.

8. Great Job or Career. When you think about influence, I think the one highest indicator of success, is your career or job. When a young couples is just married, they need to be around couples who are ambitious on the job.

Let This Love Song Take You Away

9. Resilient. These kinds of friends Overcame Obstacles. Of all the characters of friends, this is my favorite one. Friends who are resilient are also relentless, they don't give up. I realize that there are times when fighting is futile, so I am not speaking of situations that have no foreseeable future. But when you need a fighter, see these friends. They will dare you to give up.

10. Closeness. Friends who have a close relationship with their spouse demonstrate unity. And unity is extremely important in marriage. A united front wards off opposition and things that would try and divide your marriage. Friends who share a closeness with their spouse or loved ones understand commitment.


Building a strong marriage takes a conscientious effort, a plan and strategy. There are a dozen of reasons to let a marriage go, separate or divorce, but when you have the right tools and people in your life you can weather storms you never imagined.

Life holds unexpected challenged for both single and married people, and many times those challenges make you stronger. I offer you these suggestions out of a sincere heart to help those who hurting, struggling or want to improve their situation, and hope that I have helped in some small way.

God's grace and mercy is what keeps and hold marriages together, he is still keeping mine together. I often refer to scripture for advice and wisdom for my marriage, the book of Proverbs, Psalms, Ephesians and II Corinthians helps me get the right perspective.

Lastly, hold on to the mate you have and deal with the hand you've been dealt, and if you play your cards right, you can be a winner and find happiness in the midst of your storm!


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    5 years ago from The Caribbean

    Another good list! Relationships are supposed to help you succeed and people who are succeeding are usually happy to see others do likewise. Very useful subject matter!

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    5 years ago

    Your words are so true. Early in our marriage, we had to cut some negative influences in order to move forward as a couple. Hope your post helps many others to grasp what is important.


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