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10 Lies Men Tell Just to Sleep with You

Updated on April 11, 2020
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Farrah has been married a number years and has chosen to share from her wealth of knowledge and experience on marriage and relationships.

Lies men tell
Lies men tell

10 Lies Men Tell Just to Sleep with You

First off, I want to start by saying this is in no way a sexiest post, it is just a friendly post; a little headsup aimed at protecting unsuspecting women who from falling prey to the lies men tell just to sleep with them.

There are a number of good and decent men out there, just as there are women; men who would give as much as they are receiving and put your happiness above all.

This post is written about philandering men or men who tell lies just to achieve one or more ulterior motives.

That being said, here is a post on ten lies men tell just for a quick roll (or several quick rolls) in the hay.

Lies men tell
Lies men tell

There are good men, but there are also cheating men and for most of this later set, any rule goes in a relationship.

Lies men tell
Lies men tell

10 Lies Men Tell Just to Sleep with You

In the words of a close friend:

"Men and lies are two synonyms, most times found in the same sentence."

A number of men lie because it seems the easier thing to do. Men will lie if they are sure it guarantees them their desire. When it comes to sex, most will lie if they find you're playing hardball and it's getting a lot more difficult to soften you.

Here are ten of such lies you can expect when it comes to sex:

1) I would love to meet your family

The reason for this lie is obvious. Although there are a few reasons why a man or a woman might decide to get intimate with the opposite sex, most men know a lot of women would only have get physical with a guy they feel an emotional connection with.

It doesn't have to be love (this can come later - or not - if things work out), but a woman wants to know she has at least a little emotional connection with the man she's getting down with. Since most men know this, they will use this knowledge to their advantage.

2) I want you to meet my family

This is on the flip side of him wanting to meet your family. Again, this is one of the lies men tell to create that false bond and sense of security between you both.

Men will use this trick for a woman who seems to be holding out until she's sure the relationship is going somewhere.

3) There's no one else

This is the national anthem of philandering guys who are in long distance relationships and think to catch a little fun on the side.

He'll tell you the coast is clear and of course, you'll believe as there will likely be no markings in his home to show another woman is in the picture (he probably has her things hidden somewhere around his home. You'll chance upon them later; women in this situation always do).

4) I just want to cuddle

An African proverb says:

"Most dance must begin with a clap."

He will offer to cuddle (just cuddle) as he knows things are likely to progress from there, not with all the restrained sparks threatening to burst out anyways.

5) I have never met a woman like you

This is not always a lie, but coming from the mouth of a cheating guy it definitely is one.

Men know women want to be made to feel special and so he will create that scenario and do all to make it believable. Then when he gets you comfortable enough, he takes what he wants.

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6) If I don't use it often, it will get rusty- says my doc

Yea, I had my mouth hanging lose too when a guy tried to use this line on me once. Of course, one look at my face told him his game was busted and gave a deep laugh.

At that point, I knew I didn't need any psychic powers to know I was with a player. I'd had the gut feeling all along, but that right there was the confirmation I needed to make a bolt.

7) I'm single

Aren't they all? I've only ever met very few guys who admitted to being in a committed relationship when a pretty girl is in the room. A male pal told me men do this because they never want to spoil their chances in case luck smiles at them and the pretty girl looks their way.

Besides, men are never really off the table until they are married. Committed dating and even being engaged don't count (his words, not mine).

8) I'm single (when he's very married!)

Married men are the worst cheats (undocumented statistics). It's like they have to cheat to show they still got game.

Most men know a lot of women will have nothing to do with a married man so he'll present himself as single. Of course, the ring goes off and so does every other sign that point to the fact he is married.

A few will even go to the extent of going several miles away, getting a new phone line and a new apartment (a small one, though) just to make this game a lot more believable.

A girlfriend had this happen to her for a while. She was with this guy for a little over a year. He would call her and have her spend some weekends over at his place. And yes, his friends also accepted her as The One (talk about birds of the same feather). It took an innocent slip on his part to make her know the true state of things. And yes, she was devastated.

9) She makes me unhappy

This is for those cheating married men who don't bother to hide the fact they are married. However, they will paint a different scenario; one where they are in a relationship that is snuffing the life and joy out of them. And of course, you would want to do all within your powers to bring some joy back into his life ( seeing as you're one of the good guys).

These men will play on your sympathy to get some. They are one of the most unscrupulous of the lot but sadly, women still fall for this trick.

10) We are cohabiting for the sake of the kids, but not sleeping together

Does this make you cringe? I know I just did. How many times have we witnessed such a situation and seen a girlfriend get sucked so deep into this lie, until a "mistake" happens and soon-to-be ex wife falls pregnant.

Do these lies still work? Every single time. Unless we start telling ourselves the truth as women and develop the habit of doing more of our thinking with our heads and not just our hearts.

These are some of the most common lies men tell and it doesn't seem like this status quo is changing anytime soon. The relationship world continues to be a jungle and only the strong and the initiated will survive it.


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