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10 Destinations You Don't Want To Make A Surprise On A First Date

Updated on April 25, 2013

Let's face it. Where you go on a first date can make or break the deal. You can't be thoughtless when it comes to showing your date a good time. And, guys you do want to have a happy date don't you?

The following is a list of places you shouldn't take a first date:

  1. A BALLGAME. Most girls only agree to go to a game of any kind because the guy wants to go. Don't take her there. It's just not fun. In fact it's boring. If she suggests it on a different date then maybe you should take her then, but only then.
  2. A CONEY iSLAND. Even if you're going for coffee find some place that's nice after all the there shouldn't be a huge bill for coffee.
  3. A SPORTS BAR.This is a total turn off. All you'll want to do is check out the games, and believe me she'll notice. Take her somewhere without TVs and loud screaming people.
  4. YOUR FRIEND'S HOUSE. First of all that's not the place to be alone and get to know one another. Besides your friend's idea of clean might not meet up to her standards.Go to your friend's place the next day to dish about the date, not on the date.
  5. A KARAOKE CLUB. If you want to make her feel out of place and embarrass her to no end then go ahead. But, I'll warn you it's not a good idea. You never know she might not like singing in front of a crowd.
  6. FISHING OR HUNTING GROUNDS. Never do this. It's yucky. Dirty. No girl is going to want to do this on any date. If she does and you fish and hunt ,marry her.
  7. SWEATY PLACES. Too hot or humid spots tend to bring out the hostility in people. Don't make her sweat.
  8. A FANCY PARTY. She probably won't be dressed the way she'd like if she knew she were going, but also you don't want to put her on the spot. Not in any way.
  9. THE OPERA. Just because Richard took his lady to the opera in "Pretty Woman", most girls wouldn't like to do this, they'd rather talk and get to know you on the first date.
  10. YOUR MOTHER'S HOUSE. This could spell trouble if you're young and it seems you hang around there quite a bit.You don't want to be known as a Mama's boy.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Lisa, you make good suggestions, but I hope your readers do not think that these ideas are set in stone. Some people have had first good dates at the opera or a ball game and maybe some of these other places; it depends on who they are not where they are. But we don't really want to be too serious, right? I admire your unique voice.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      I believe the one exception to all 10 places is (she) has told the man she (enjoys) these places and activities. The type of rapport they've established is also a key factor.

      It's always smart for a man to make it known what his date plans are when he asks a woman out. This gives her the option to say: "I'm not into that." or make a counter suggestion. Both people want the first date to go well. Ideally you want to know what each other considers to be a good time before investing time and money.