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7 Places to Meet New Men

Updated on June 7, 2010

If you're single and struggling to meet new guys, don't give up. If Mr Right (or even Mr Right Now) isn't popping up in any of the places that you've been going to previously, it's simply a sign that you need to expand your search to other locations rather than just throwing in the towel altogether. Here are a few ideas that could prove successful that you may not have thought of as viable places to meet potential partners.

1. Local parks

If you've got a dog, taking him or her for a walk can be the perfect opportunity to meet new men- especially if your dogs happen to take a shine to one another and you can strike up a conversation that way.

2. Evening classes

It may sound like a boring way to spend your time but taking an evening class can be much more interesting than you might assume. There are classes available in a wide range of subjects and skills so you should be able to find something to suit you. If there are any potential dates at the classes, you'll have something in common straight away given that you've both signed up for the same thing.

3. Exercise

Signing up for something active and sporty can be a great way to get fit while broadening your horizons for meeting potential dates. Even if you're not in the least bit sporty under normal circumstances, it can be a fun reason to start doing more exercise.

It may not be the most appealing exercise option, but golf can prove interesting. A typical round of golf will really get you walking so you'll be getting some good exercise along with the opportunity to engage with your fellow golfers - many of whom will be men.

Taking part in a charity marathon can be another good option as you can combine getting fit and meeting new men. It's common to have a training partner for motivation and support and if this happened to be a cute guy, you certainly wouldn't need any extra help in this respect! If there is no local group to bring together runners in your area, you could always host a get together after training and use this to flirt a little if anyone does catch your eye.

4. Singles dinners

If good food is one of your interests, a singles dinner may appeal to you as it combines good food and drink with the opportunity to meet new people who are also single. This option guarantees that your fellow diners will definitely be looking for a new date, which isn't always the case with some of the other ideas outlined in this hub.

5.Self esteem/self-improvement workshops

This may sound like a strange place to meet new men but it might just bring some success if you keep an open mind going into it. While you may come across one or two people who just want a good laugh and aren't serious about the whole improvement thing, most men who sign up for these type of courses are looking to become a 'better' person or more well-rounded individual, which can be very attractive to women who like the more sensitive man. Group activities can give you opportunity to engage with others in the workshop and at the very least, you should be able to leave with a greater level of self-confidence and this can be really beneficial for life in general (as well as in the dating game).

6. The library

Not read any books lately? Head on down to your nearest library, find a book and pull up a seat. If you're lucky, there might be a guy doing exactly the same thing so that you can strike up a conversation about your favorite reads. If you get the evil eye from other library users, take your conversation somewhere else and see if he wants to go for a coffee to get to know him better.

7. Parties

A party is always a good opportunity to broaden your horizons as far as new people go. If you choose to throw your own party, make a point of encouraging your friends to invite their friends that you may not be familiar with - preferably single men! - to increase your likelihood of meeting someone new.

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    • dutch84 profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm definitely looking for places to find men. I will send this hub to my sister too!

    • thevoice profile image


      10 years ago from carthage ill

      great hub write keep hubbing thanks


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