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10 Reasons why Marrying Young is Actually Pretty Awesome

Updated on June 20, 2016

It's kind of a preconceived notion; the proverbial ball and chain that is a wedding band. Once you're married, your life is over. From that point on, your Friday nights at the club turn into quiet evenings at home sorting mail and paying bills. That's what they say, right? What if I told you that marrying young is not the end of life as you know it, but it's actually wonderful. Here are 10 reasons why marrying young is actually pretty awesome.

1) You're never alone.

Okay, this is kind of obvious, but it's deeper than you may think, for a number of reasons. Chronic loneliness is linked to a number of diseases. There have been studies that show an increase in inflammation in lonely people, which puts them at risk for diseases like cancer. It affects your immune system, increases your risk for depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer's. So when all is said and done, the ball and chain doesn't sound too bad.

Speaking of anxiety, 40 million Americans aged 18 and older suffer from an anxiety disorder. When one suffers from an anxiety attack, they become dizzy, short of breath, they can have chest pain or heart attack symptoms, there is an overwhelming feeling of fear, and these are only a few of many possible symptoms. Having someone beside you to help calm you and level you out is a significant help.

On a more personal note, after I had my daughter, I suffered from intense chest pain for six months. At one point the pain became chronic, and overwhelming to the point I needed to be rushed to an emergency room because I thought I was having a heart attack. My husband was there. I didn't have to call an ambulance, or drive myself. I was diagnosed with gall stones, and sent home. I went three more times before having my gall bladder removed. The last time I went to the hospital, I was becoming infected, had chills, was vomiting, and absolutely nothing eased the pain. It was my husband who carried me, cleaned my throw up, kept me warm, and drove me to the hospital where I had my gallbladder removed the next morning. There is an added sense of safety knowing that you are not alone, that someone is there for you all the time.

2) Financial Perks

Although the average cost of a wedding in the USA is near $27,000, there are some pretty sweet monetary advantages to getting married young. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines a student's eligibility based on their parent's salaries until they turn 24. Until that point, one is not considered independent, even if they live on their own. I don't know about you, but my parents make a lot more money than I do. If you get married before age 24, FAFSA considers you INDEPENDENT and will now determine eligibility based on your salary and your spouse's salary as opposed to your parents. For many students, this causes an increase in their financial aid.

In most cases (not all) being married gives you an advantage on your taxes. When you file for your income tax, you have to file as married. Being married is gives you an extra deduction. More money, yippie! More financial perks include automatic share of inheritance, entitlement to insurance benefits, and receptor of compensation due to spouse's passing. (Not that we're excited for that...that's a bummer.)

3) Young people have more energy.

Now, age is just a number. Married folks in their 60's and 70's can enjoy life just as much as those in their 20's and 30's. However, the "get up and go" can sometimes get up and go itself. Elderly people tend to have more functional problems than younger people. Diseases that are associated with old age can seriously restrict prior abilities. Younger folks tend to be more spontaneous and more energetic. They can stay up all day and night and barely feel affected.

Take advantage of your youth by celebrating it with the person you love. Go to concerts and jump in a mosh pit. Go on a month long vacation together. Run a marathon (or a 5k). Do cosplay and LARPing. Seize the day! Take lots of pictures and videos so that one day when you can no longer keep up, you can look back.

4) Keeping up with the kids.

To begin, conceiving a child after the age of 35 can be difficult. A woman's eggs begin to age and it is not recommended to become pregnant after age 40. Many women of this age who want to become pregnant have to go through rounds of in vitro fertilization (fertilization by an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.) The cost of IVF ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 or more.

At this point, there is an increased risk of genetic abnormality, premature labor, and/or miscarriage. A pregnant woman of this age is more likely to suffer from preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, problems with the placenta, and is at greater risk for a cesarean section.

Aside from fertility complications, it is harder to keep up with children as we age. As a mother of a 1 year old I can assure you that chasing a child around is exhausting at any age. I couldn't imagine keeping up in twenty years.

Having kids in your early to mid 20's is kind of a smart move as well because when the kids are 20, you'll be 40. While most of your peers will still be driving their children to pre-school, you'll be sitting on a beach in Hawaii just because you can. Freedom is not lost when you marry and have kids early.

5) So much respect. So much pride.

I know this from experience. When you marry young, you become a novelty to your peers. They all look up to you. I have a few friends who tell me they want to be like me when they grow up. You have an example to set and a reputation to hold up. It's kind of like a fun challenge, but you get to cuddle and have sex.

I really love how our high school teachers are so supportive and excited to see how well we are doing. It's really ego boosting. Yes, we were that adorable couple in high school who never made out in the hallways. We were both kind of teacher's pets and got really good grades. Our relationship formed in front of these people and even now, on facebook, our former teachers tell me how proud they are of us. Marrying your high school sweetheart (at least two years after graduating) may simply be the best decision you could make. It just feels great knowing that you grew up with the person you will spend forever with.

6) There's no history.

The average age for losing virginity in the United States is just over 17 years. Now this is only the average age. How much baggage could someone have in 3 years? Well, you would be surprised. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) sexually transmitted infections and diseases are most prevalent among people aged 20-24 years old. The great part about monogamy and a small number of sexual partners is that the chances for contracting an STI is very little.

Of course, there is more baggage than just sexual baggage. Crazy exes, family history, drug problems, the list could easily go on forever. But isn’t it comforting knowing that fewer years could possibly mean less baggage?

7) Love for a lifetime!

Some people wait half their lives before finding the love of their lives. Women over the age of 45 make up for over 40% of the U.S population of women. About 11% of those women never marry. Now while that may not seem like a lot, that’s approximately 6,942,540 women. Although some of them made the decision to never marry, some of them didn’t. Some of them wish they were married and even if they do get married, let’s be real, half their life is gone.

50% of, we’ll say 25 with at least a high school diploma, are currently married. Out of those, only 7% have had their first marriage end. Those are pretty good odds in my opinion. If those marriages never end, they have up to 75 years together. There’s no better way to spend a life than spending it loving someone else.

8) A best friend at your disposal.

One of the greatest things about being married is having your best friend around you almost all the time. There is always someone to talk to, always someone to hang out with, always someone to eat pizza and get drunk with, always someone to stay up late with. You don’t have to spend every waking minute with them, but there’s definitely more time spent and more memories made.

You have the opportunity to see them for who they really are at any given moment. You can stay up late studying the contours of their face, and you become a master at making their coffee. Once in a while you’ll get breakfast in bed, or a random date night. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but you really do live for the beautiful moments described above.

9) Dreams.

Despite many beliefs, life does not end after marriage. Dreams and goals do not go to the wayside and the future does not cease to exist. You simply have someone to dream with. When you marry the right person, they bring out all of the good in you. They push you to strive for bigger and better things. They encourage you to shoot for the stars. They stand by you at both your greatest and weakest moment. Marriage is a partnership, and you really do share everything, including dreams.

10) You learn from each other.

You learn a lot from your spouse regardless of what age you marry; but when you marry young you learn more. You learn a lot about people in general, behaviors and patterns. You learn who you are. Marriage teaches you how to communicate, compromise, and problem solve. It helps you become the person who you want to be. Before I married my husband, I made excuses for everything. I didn’t step up and take responsibility for my decisions. Marrying him, and having a child, made me want to be a dependable person. Marriage made me grow up. Now, not all marriages last forever, and this article doesn’t claim that they will, but it is definitely worth the while. Loving someone even for a portion of your life is so rewarding in and of itself. So don’t let the metaphor of the ball and chain scare you, because marriage is honestly pretty awesome.



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    • Chatty Chat profile image


      2 years ago from Planet Earth

      I don't plan to marry anytime soon, but this is an interesting article.


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