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10 Recent Bad Habit Trends Appearing in Single Men...

Updated on August 29, 2012
 If only men could stop doing these 10. *sigh*
If only men could stop doing these 10. *sigh*

By: Anastasia Vaughan

Over the years times have changed in just about everything and the world of relationships and dating is no different. Their use to be time when men did a few decent things that made them linger on your mind regardless of what other circumstance or problems was supposed to be their at the time your thoughts were interrupted by a blissful daydream of him, your personalized version of “the one.” Although the cynic in me wants to believe that all men are the same this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are still some pretty decent men who I have yet to meet that do any of the things that I have listed in the recent bad habit trends appearing in single men.

  1. Voiding out their emotional instinct: Ok, so a woman meets a man she’s wide eyed interested in so every time she sees him she smile, touches his shoulder or even searches his eyes for a slight spark. She waits to be approached after all if a man’s aggressive manner is the very reason he is able to climb the ladder of the business world why should she be the aggressor of his heart? She gives him signs. He ignores her signs in favor of waiting for her to approach him. Her romantic advance never advances beyond a sly hint as he waits for an obvious that never comes around.
  2. Vetoing Experimental Dating: Once upon a time a man would find a woman he thinks he’d be interested in and make a quick easy first attempt to date her. Man would take this said woman out date her discover she isn’t as great as he thought as he’d promptly lose her number never to call her again. What is with this new trend of men having to feel sure that she’s the one they want to be with before asking her on a date? Dating to either sex should feel like standing underneath the tree at Christmas. Each time a man asks a woman out on a date it should be the symbol that a man is flushed by her great wrapping paper and pretty bows. The first date could simply be looked as the unwrapping phase of her personality. Though each gift is unique he or she should be very anxiety to see what’s underneath the gorgeous packaging. The most exciting thing about unwrapping gifts is seeing different forms of taste sometimes you get an IPAD while other times you cringe to discover badly knitted socks.
  3. Being generous on a curve: If could be your first date, that ride you really needed from point "a" to point "b" that as a woman you just can’t seem to get, or that moment he flinches when he has the opportunity to do something nice yet instead chooses to freeze up or do nothing of substance. For centuries men have had a generosity curve in which entails how nice they’ll be or how far they will go to get a woman they believe they have a chance with. It may seem like a good solution to seeing what exactly a person is interested in. Men today however, have lowered and lowered the curve in the name of being down right mean as if stinginess is the ultimate turn-on. Men use to start out at “B” level kindest but now have begun their hunt for a woman on “D” levels or lower. For example while an “A” would be excessive kindest that would break the bank, a “B” level would be simple yet compassionate and can include anything from a spontaneous meal to that ride home she didn’t quite anticipate. Average generosity “C” would entail having cup over a coffee talk, subliminal dates to completely free public places, giving the woman a ride or even doing small things that show concern instead of ignoring the slightest thing you can do to evoke comfort $20 or under. Today’s “D” level generosity on the curve often only includes nice words, hit or miss versions of meeting up accidentally as women gather a raw unromantic sense that real dating still only happens in the movies. An “F” level generosity is one in which there is no such thing as consideration.
  4. Flirting Badly: Men today are often caught flirting without even a hint of charm. When women go out in search of a compliment that adds sparkles to her eyes. Most men are at a lost for words when conversation arises with faint hints sexiness without the heavy use of sexuality. Today’s men at least here in Florida have lost all dream appeal. Every word coming out of their mouth is real wither it be pleasant or not. If I could give today’s men only one gift it would be the ability to flirt with any woman as if their manhood depended on.
  5. Ignoring the urge to have an attractive female friend: Though this speaks all on it’s one I think it is safe to say that most single women without a hint of luck in finding someone they have really liked have run up on at least one guy who rejected their friendship saying they couldn’t handle it. When you ask these type of men if they had any female friends who they were just plain friends with their answer was no.
  6. Saving Chivalry for V-day: Up until about 8 years ago whenever I had a close female friend who was well engaged in a relationship I use to feel the slightest bit jealous when she gushed over the romantic gestures that her boyfriend did for her. The stories that use to make my stomach churn would include the classic romantic dinner, the random set of a dozen bright red rosés, or even the surprise gifts of jewelry that they’d splash in your face like cold water on a hot day that suddenly made you realize maybe it isn’t so cute to be single even on random days of the year. Stop saving up romantic chivalry like money in the back spend it in the moment I yearn to be jealous of somebody’s taken love life status once again.
  7. Forgetting their imagination: How many friends do you have that has a boyfriend that has done something original that you’ve couldn’t even image how he thought of it? How many first dates weren’t to a movie, dinner, or the club? And how many things has a man done that just give off a shock factor in general?
  8. Fearing Challenges/Changes: If something is easy to attain chances are it wasn’t worth fighting for? If a woman can not depend on a man to be much bolder than she than how is she live fearlessly when her significant other is always one step behind her living in paranoia of challenges or changes that make life worth living. If one of the biggest issue in a relationship is respect it is defiantly earned not given especially through boldness.
  9. Expecting a Female Heroin: 35% of all household in America the sole breadwinner is the woman. Though some women are always looking for someone to save others really want to at least break even feeling as if something were to happen to them your maleness would come in handy. For the very same reason women’s magazine broadcast how hot the bad boy is you will find women will have the urge to want to be a man to begin with. Protection though she can protect herself it is still nice know she is not the only one looking out for her well being. When men expect women to save them it takes away all the reasons she could potentially admire you even if she insist on struggling to appreciate what you have to offer.
  10. Becoming predictable: If I can tell you what your next move is you’ve become robotic and should probably enlighten to the thought that I don’t possibly know everything about you

That was the 10 worst trends appearing in single men today. If you have been following to many of them as man I suggest you break the habit.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Wow, Anastasia!

      You should be a therapist on the radio. Your advice was fantastic as well as your writing. Voted up and away.

      My wife loves me to shave my head down to the scalp like a Navy SEAL. I don't mind. It is faster getting ready to go out.

      But YOU, keep up the great writing.

    • Anastasia Vaughan profile imageAUTHOR

      Anastasia Vaughan 

      4 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      I actually in process of taking an editor class to fix this issue I know this. Thank you for your comments all the same.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This was never edited by the author. Clearly very difficult to read. Please at least re-read your work before submitting to the internet. Great content, poor delivery.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @Anastasia Vaughan

      I noticed a few trends, or common threads in your logic regarding the 10 behaviors described above as "bad". You seem to believe that men should conform to a feminine view of positive male behavior, and if he does not, then he should be trained. As if women, egocentrically believe they know best, and authorized to enforce categorical imperatives. Moreover, I gather that you seem to believe men should cater to the desires and wants of a woman, as if that were his role to play? Like the same bull shit role women were expected to play no more than a few generations ago?

      Probably a reason you are finding more disrespectful bachelors in their 20's and 30's is because as teenagers, they tried being the nice beta male that mom said they should become, but was walked all over by that crush he respectfully, gently courted. Instead, she went off and piddled some alpha asshole who treats her like shit. Great, lesson learned: be an asshole, get laid. All the while, the girl sitting behind him in World Studies, who admires the nice guy image and had a crush on him, went unnoticed because she expected him to read her subtle gestures as something more than friendly behavior. After all, society is saying that women want to be treated equal, and not as sexual objects of desire, so don't think she is inviting courtship because she said "hi" in the hallway. Or at least, this is the sentiment I have gathered from other single men.

      Personally, I was moved by the idea of feminism and the woman's rights movement as a young adult. It is painful to watch the rigid social norms that have held my Grandmother accountable to my Grandfather for decades, but in her defense, she is happy to have lived a homemaker. Nevertheless, I vowed not to perpetuate the double standards feminism so stridently highlights as unfair - I was convinced that this mentality would find me the equal companion with whom I would share my life with.

      As a prospective mate and provider at a glance, I am 31 years young, graduated from a respectable state university with honors, I have a solid business, and own my house [Intelligent & Accomplished]. I cycle and lift weights, so I am fit and confident in my appearance [Handsome]. I also was alone in establishing a charity foundation in my last year of college to raise awareness and donations for people afflicted by ALS [Compassionate]. I have a great skill set in the bedroom as well [Sexually Fulfilling].

      So why am I single? By choice. Feminism has liberated women to feel entitled as evident by your post. We live in a society that teaches girls to have high standards, to express here freedom through choice and sexual promiscuity, and keep here guy in line with sass and matriarchal oversight. All the while, boys are being socialized to be nice, to be gentle, and subdue those masculine traits as if they were a curse (the easier to be cowed). Subsequently, I have noticed that the tables have been turned on gender roles, not set to equal.

      Most modern women seem to expect their man to be accountable and agreeable, and if anything less is afforded, punishment ensues [sex, deny the sex]. How often do you hear about women being sent to the dog house or restricted to the couch at night? When was the last time you were chastised for leaving the toilet seat down? That becomes his life. Go to work, do what the wife asks, watch a little TV and hope she doesn't have a headache again tonight. Though this depiction I have provided is not typical of every union, I have seen enough to know it is a risk - the risk of unhappiness, only abated by divorce, child support, alimony, and stigma; the same risk that has doubled the population of single men since the 1960’s in this country.

      It is easy to dismiss my argument as the rants of a jaded misogynist, and continue blaming/shaming men into submission to fulfill social agendas… Just the same as right wing conservatives deny global warming to further special interest groups in the petroleum industry. But it won’t solve the problem, and just alienates guys like me even further into living a single life of freedom, prosperity and choice - engaging in sexual encounters diverse and gratifying enough to feel, know, and remember that physical connection. I still have hope that there are women out there who have as much respect for men as I have [or had depending on the day] for women, and that I could possibly develop a sustainable relationship based on mutual feelings, but I am not holding my breath.

      So ladies, instead of manipulating and training men to fulfill your perfect vision of monogamy and marital bless, how about looking at how much of a burden you bring to the table with your mentality of feminist entitlement… or believe what you want and throw down a guilt trip, that is the American thing to do.

    • profile image

      Cutiepie 82 

      5 years ago

      Love it.

    • Anastasia Vaughan profile imageAUTHOR

      Anastasia Vaughan 

      6 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      Thank u so much just writing what I see less start a trend of nipping their bad habits in the bud before it gets worst.

    • Windclimber profile image


      6 years ago from my boat somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay

      Good job! I clicked on your hub just to see if it was a fluff article listing insignificant trends like wearing a certain color T-shirt or something, and was happy to find your hub full of intelligent points. Your hub will probably start a lot of people thinking, and maybe it will spark some conversations in their lives. Good job!


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