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10 Relationship Experts to Follow on Twitter

Updated on July 10, 2017

Twitter is a great place to get relationship advice, encouragement and insights. Here are ten experts that can help you solve relationship problems, communicate better and be close to your loved one, spouse, family.

Smart Relationships- gives keys, skills and great helpful advice to help you succeed in life and love, build healthy, vibrant relationships.

Marriagetoday –features Jimmy and Karen Evans, with twenty five years of experience in rebuilding marriages and healthy homes. Their main purpose is to fully equip men, women, couples and families with the teaching and strategies to succeed in their relationship with one another.

Jimmy and Karen Evans

Dr. Gary Chapman-

He is a marriage counselor, minister and authored more than 20 books like The five Love Languages. His daily words of encouragement and counsel points towards fresh perspective in our relationships, towards life, yourself and better communication with each other. He tweets things like, 'When your spouse feels genuinely loved by you, they are more open to your requests for change.'

Dr. Terri Orbuch,

She is known as The Love Doctor. She is a therapist, professor, a trusted expert on relationship,an author and a research scientist. She has made appearances on TV and written for magazines and newspapers across the country. She addresses in-law relationships, money issues, restoring passion to your relationship, past relationships, the little things you can do to turn your good relationship to your loved one into a great one.

Dr. Gary Smalley is a recognized speaker,family Counselor and author of 16 best selling books like the DNA of Relationships, 4 days to Forever Marriage, If Only He knew: What no Woman can Resist and a lot more other books. His advice is priceless and awesome from many years of marriage and experience with other couples.

Dr. Paul White is a Psychologist and Consultant. He focused on workplace relationships. He is the Coauthor with Dr.Gary Chapman, in their book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

Nancy Wasson , a marriage coach and relationship mentor for individuals and couples. Her insights are really enlightening, encouraging, helps you aim at being a better person and addresses the toxic areas in a relationship. She tweets things like “You don't marry 1 person; you marry 3: the person you think they are, the person they are, & the person they're going to become.” R. Needham.

Lee Hefner and his wife, Nancy are aimed towards helping couples stick to one another. They also educate us to have wonderful relationship with our spouse. They share great insights and inspiration to have a great marriage and gives wisdom keys that will help your relationship with loved one flourish.

Lisa Merlo-Booth is an experienced relationship coach and relationship expert. She focuses on helping peole be effective communicators at work, at home and with each other. Her tweets provides insights, straight talk and well grounded advice.

Stu Gray- Marriage speaker, Writer, Radio Personality. He shares on tough issues that need to be addressed in a relationship and offers solutions, hope and strength.


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