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10 Signs He Wants to be More than Friends

Updated on September 9, 2016

1. He Knows and Remembers a Lot About You

Most guys don't remember a lot of personal details about casual friends and acquaintances. There's just too many facts to remember and many intimate details don't get brought up in casual conversation. So if a man suddenly remembers minute details about your life, it might be an indication that he holds you in higher standing than other female friends. An even better sign is when he weaves these details into conversation as well as questioning to learn more about your life. He's almost reminding you of all that you've revealed to him as he asks deeper and deeper questions. This can progress so slowly that you don't realize how close the two of you have become.

2. He's a Bit Jealous or Protective

If you've been close friends with a guy for a while, chances are you confide in him about your dates, relationships, and crushes, and he most likely does the same. So if a close male friend that used to always confide in you about his dating life suddenly goes silent about the girl he is chasing, there is a chance that girl might be you. And if he used to be supportive and approving of your dating life but can now somehow find something negative about every crush, there is a good chance something is going on. This could be his jealousy manifesting itself quietly: He doesn't want to totally rock the boat and tell you his true feelings, but he also can't help discouraging you from chasing anyone that's not him.

3. He Teases You Lightly

Teasing is one of the easiest and most playful ways of flirting. And while it might be hard to tell the difference between "just friends" teasing and "flirty teasing", at times a little too much playful banter can be a sign of a crush or serious emotions.

4. You Catch Him Stealing Glances

As guys, we just can't help ourselves. When our crush walks into a room, we just can't help but look, and when the opportunity arises, we tend to sneak covert glances at her, just to see how great she looks today. We may be scared to be caught, but nonetheless, sometimes the desire just can't be ignored. Of course, any man stealing glances at you does NOT want you to catch his eye, so if you look in his direction he'll quickly look away, or pretend to be looking at something or someone else. Still, it can be pretty apparent when someone is continually looking your direction. Take note.

5. He Makes a Lot of Eye Contact During Conversation

This one goes hand in had with #4. If a man makes expressive, unbroken eye contact during conversation, it usually is a sign of how much he cares for you. Depending on the situation, a man's interest may be given away by how much attention he pays to what you say. For example, if you're out for dinner with a group of friends and are telling a story, not everyone might be paying attention, but a man with special feelings for you might listen very attentively, even if what you're saying isn't that important or even interesting. He cares what you have to say and doesn't want to miss a word.

6. He's Always Chivalrous Around You

This one is tricky because a lot of it depends on how this particular man behaves with other women. Some men are always gentlemen, always holding doors, walking you safely to your car at night, and other things of the sort. Unfortunately though, many men in today's world rarely display chivalrous behavior, so when they do, it signals that you mean more to them than the average woman. For example, if you've never seen him hold the door for anyone before but recently he seemingly always ushers you and friends in when you're together, he might be making attempts to impress you.

7. He Gets Your Humor

Unless you're a comedian, it's unlikely that friends always understand and appreciate your attempts at humor. That's why it is a great sign of affection when a man who might be interested continually laughs at your jokes. Don't think this is fake laughter unless it obviously is. Something about having feelings for someone makes their jokes continuously hilarious.

8. He's a Little Nervous Around You

One of the things that we as men hate the most about having a crush on someone is the nervous butterflies and jitters you have when we're around them. Looking at it from the outside, it might seem cute and even humorous, but anyone who has experienced it can tell you that there's nothing funny about the stupid, bumbling comments you can make when you're under Cupid's spell. Continuous unsuccessful attempts at witty banter from a man who is normally smooth and unruffled is a great sign that just being around you makes him silly with love.

9. He Chooses to be Close to You

This one might seem obvious, but when the effort is coming from someone who is already a close friend, it might be a little harder to notice. He might always choose to sit next to you, offer to give you a ride home despite inconvenience, or always join your conversations. The bottom line is that he wants to spend as much time as possible around you.

10. He Asks to "Hang Out" One on One

The last and most obvious and serious sign that a man wants to be more than friends is when asks you to hang out or spend time with you alone when normally you're with a group of mutual friends. Now, of course you can ignore this if the man is already a very close friend that you frequently hang out with alone, but if not, it could be his plan to attempt to become more than friends. If he proposes plans that sound a lot like dates but refers to them casually as "hanging out", he might be interested in more than friendship.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      Probably over 90% of the time if a woman is attractive and has a straight male friend odds are he wishes it was more than platonic friendship!

      It was (women) who invented the "friend zone"!

      Most of these guys fear rejection which is what keeps them from stepping up to the plate asking women out for a date.

      Cowards say: "Do you want to (hang out) this weekend?"

      The beautiful thing about rejection is it saves everyone time!

      The guy in the "friend zone" is free to move on to a woman who actually sees (him) as a potential mate and the female can stop unintentionally put daggers through his heart while telling him about her dating mishaps with other guys.

      If you are an attractive, beautiful, or hot looking woman unless a guy is your brother, father, or cousin you're better off not becoming too chummy with him. Guys "settle for friendship" with beautiful women. That don't pursue it!

      Invite any so call "male platonic friend" to spend the weekend with you and see how many guys say anything close to the following:

      "Eeew! That's gross! You're like a sister to me!" (Very few if any!) LOL!


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