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10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is (Hilariously) Crazy!

Updated on June 21, 2017
SkylarWong profile image

Skylar is a free-spirited, creative writer who loves music, nature, and cats. She lives in Toronto and enjoys drinking lemonade.

Gotta love the crazy. I have a hilarious, compassionate, and unique boyfriend. The word "unique" is actually an understatement, because he has habits that can drive anyone (except me) crazy!

Why don't you compare your crazy boyfriend against mine? Here are a list of reasons why my future husband is (hilariously) crazy:

  • He collects tons of plastic bags. No kidding! He cleans out his closet and finds mountains of plastic bags saved up. Bags full of bags, just waiting to be re-used! All this just to re-use and save money?
  • He coughs and wheezes every day of spring. Hay fever! He has very terrible coughing that makes him sound like an 80 year old man. Sometimes he sneezes and hacks up so much phlegm that you think he's dying.
  • He loves to crack his back in public. His neck and fingers too. Whether in the middle of the street or at dinner with the parents, you'll see him whip his neck back and forth or at least start to make loud snaps with his knuckles.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?  Well my boyfriend collects plastic bags.
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind? Well my boyfriend collects plastic bags.
  • He knows every fact about cars made after 1970. He goes up to a car trivia game and wins the first round easy! He even visits car dealerships and outsmarts the salesmen with his car trivia.
  • He eats pasta every single day. Yes, he stocks up on cheap pasta that filled up an entire section in the cupboard and now he cannot stop eating pasta. Cheapskate + hoarder = pasta lover.
  • He watches basketball like a maniac. So much that he would pull up his chair to the TV until he is roughly 1.5 feet away from the screen. He would also go downtown to watch the game from a large screen and yell loud obscenities against certain players.

Does your boyfriend watch basketball like a maniac to the point of shouting obscenities? You are not alone.
Does your boyfriend watch basketball like a maniac to the point of shouting obscenities? You are not alone.
  • He has a car, yet tries to take public transit as much as possible. Saving gas is understandable. But this man always hates public transit! Yet he takes it every day to work grudgingly. He yells, "Dumbass bus!" every single day.
  • He has neither air conditioning nor a heating system. He says that they both broke down and that it is too troublesome to fix it. Go figure.
  • His gifts are all free or handmade. Wow, now this one is nice! Except for the fact that one of his first gifts for you is a basket full of freebies he got from his university. Stress ball and mints, anyone?
  • His idea of a birthday gift is a donation to charity. Now this one is sweet! He loves children and wants to give his life away to serve the poor. He would love to retire in Nepal one day and help the needy there.

Skylar and her boyfriend, Brian. Cheers to all the crazy couples out there!
Skylar and her boyfriend, Brian. Cheers to all the crazy couples out there! | Source

Overall, I don't have a bad boyfriend. Just a crazy and hilarious one. He makes life fun and interesting. I don't think there is anyone who is exactly like him.

How about your romantic partner? Do they have any of these 10 qualities listed? OR maybe they have another quality that's even crazier?

If yes, GOOD LUCK. Gotta love the crazy!

- - - - -

Crazy Confusing Things About Boys

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