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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Insecure

Updated on December 8, 2017
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Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


Sometimes, it is a delightful experience to have an over-devoted boyfriend. From the special care to the feeling he can’t live without you, you surely enjoy the attention. However, those sentiments could be hiding insecurities. If it is not discussed as soon as possible, your relationship might turn bitter. Check for these 10 things which all insecure boyfriends do.


You have to safeguard your phone when you are dating someone who is anxious because he will go through all of your email and texts and keep an eye on your call logs. He will turn everything into a conspiracy, it doesn’t matter if the conversation is friend related or work-related. The only way you can manage his suspicion is by not having any outside friends. You may have to keep a password on your phone to keep him away.


He wants continuous validation. He constantly asks you questions such as, "Do you love me?" When you prove to him that you do find him charming, he may still not trust you. Everyone likes to hear that they are pretty, attractive, talented and intelligent. He usually suffers from low self-esteem, which is the driving force behind his insecure behaviour.


He keeps scaring you with a breakup but he doesn't really want to break up with you. However, he expects that you will beg and flatter his delicate ego by requesting him to stay.


An insecure boyfriend will keep watch on all of your online movements. He will check your Twitter, your Facebook account and Instagram feed. In addition, he will check the online history on your laptop. If you block him from checking your accounts, he will create another account to keep an eye on you or he will ask his mates to spy on you. He will get mad if anyone shares or likes your posts and he will demand that you unfriend certain friends. Everything you do on Facebook or Instagram will be investigated.


You may be completely done with your ex, but whenever your new boyfriend is feeling insecure, he brings him up. You are not in contact with your ex and the relationship is completely over so it doesn’t make any sense. He is concerned that you will go back to your ex and he believes that you compare him to your ex because your new insecure boyfriend can’t forget that you dated someone else before he came into your life.


Insecure people take the most constructive criticism really badly. Obviously, no one likes to be criticized, but he is extra sensitive to criticism. It's good to pay close attention to criticism, but whatever you say to him turns into a battle. He thinks that he is not good enough for you.


He is jealous of your family and friends. If you want to go spend an afternoon with your family, he will try and sneak his way into your plans so that you cannot be with your family. Your boyfriend will get mad if you try to spend a day out with your friends. He worries that you might say something wrong about him or your friends might tell you to leave him.


An insecure boyfriend wants to know all of your movements. What you are doing, where you go, and who you are with. Your boyfriend may be trying to control you all the time. He might even follow you to ensure that you are going where you said. He wants to teach you what you can and cannot do. He always wants to know what you were doing without him. He feels like the relationship is not within his control and tries to control things wherever he can.


He thinks you are being unreliable. He can't stop his suspicions that you are cheating on him. He may blame you for flirting with the bartender, having an affair with a boss, or looking around for someone better.


He gives you lots of gifts and attention. At first, you are impressed by his kindness. After a while, you begin to question his attention and lavish gifts. Is he excited to give you gifts out of the desire to buy your affection, out of pure love, or as an assurance you won't leave him?

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