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10 Signs that a man or a boy loves a woman or a girl

Updated on August 30, 2012

Love will indeed make a man paint the town red. If a man is in love then he is up to something real good. There will be no more dull moments as he keeps on thinking the girl he loves the most at all times whenever apart or enjoy her company thoroughly when she is present on his side.

When a man loves a woman he will always think of her the moment she wakes up in the morning and retire to bed in the evening. The “cannot eat cannot sleep,” crap will certainly rub on his skin for the man keeps on thinking of her girl at all times.

When a man loves a woman his heart pumps fast and he can also be tongue-tied when his girl is around. His world pauses for while as he savors every moment he has with his girl.

The love a man has for the girl he loves the most may difficult to spot but still he shows vital signs that he is truly in love.

Here are the 10 signs that a man loves a woman:

  1. He will develop good habits, which the girls like the most. He most likely gives up some of his vices too.
  2. He will strive harder on his work or on his studies. A great transformation will be in the office. From a happy-go-lucky guy he suddenly starts to become more responsible and mature. What lies ahead in the future are now his primary concern.
  3. He is always there for the girl through thick and thin.
  4. He will never hurt the girl with simple jokes, hurtful words or with any forms of physical contact.
  5. He yearns to be with his girl all the time if possible.
  6. He will always think of the girl too often wondering what she is doing, where she is or if she is okay. Sometimes paranoia gets into the picture.
  7. He is jealous with your close friends especially with the male ones.
  8. When married the husband will do his best to build a family which is filled with bliss, happiness and comfort. He will attempt to be a great father and a husband at the same time to the best of his abilities. He is willing to spend the rest of his lives with the girl he he loved the most.
  9. A sure sign that a man loves a woman is when he whips up a marriage proposal, and he loves her furthermore if he does it with flair and in a very romantic way.
  10. And last yet very important, he is willing to sacrifice a lot of things including time, effort, energy, status in life, money and the like.

That’s it folks and thanks a lot for the read. Feel free to give your feedback or suggestions in the comment box below.

My fifth entry to the HubChallenge.


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