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5 Sure Fire Ways To Turn Your Husband Or Boyfriend Off

Updated on September 5, 2020


Nag, nag, nag, and then nag some more. If there is anything that will turn off a spouse, boyfriend, or significant other it is nagging. I am a female, and a nagging woman turns me off. It's just like someone blowing a horn in your ear. Once you have asked him for the first, and second time with no results quit asking 9 times out of 10 he's stop listening by now. Perhaps it's just part of the female makeup, but ladies I do believe there is a way to ask hubby for his help. Are you asking "honey could you put the garbage out?" or are saying "George how many times do I have to remind you to take out the garbage!" Besides we can take out the garbage every now and then, it may just get his attention.

This is one thing most men complaint about: a woman whose mouth never stop! Ladies put the brakes on it, give hubby a moment of peace.

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If you had a nagging woman would you:

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Would Your Hearing About An Old Flame Bother You?

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#2 Talking About Past Relationships

Another big no, no is constantly talking about what Jim or George used to do. You are with your current husband and/or boyfriend. Nothing is more irritating than hearing about old boyfriends. No man wants to hear how or what someone from your past used to do. Talk about the relationship you are currently in, coming up with new things to do together is more interesting than what Howard did in the past.

Alongside from talking about what Jim old habits were, taking constant trips down memory lane can really be boring. It would certainly bore me hearing about Peggy or Susanne. As a matter of fact I have dated an individual who kept talking about other females, and it was a turn-off for me, and annonying. Put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel hearing about his old girlfriend all the time?

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#3 Never Initating Sex

It's no big secret men love sex!! But guess what sometimes they do like to be the one chased after, and not always the one in pursue of initiating sex. Women love sex too, so ladies surprise your guy by being the one to suggest a romantic evening with a memorable ending. Where is it written that the female has to wait for the man to initiate the romance. NOT! It's sexy for a female to get things started. What man would not love it if his lady friend came home from work, and preheated? We aren't talking preheating the food...hint...hint..

The not tonight I have a headache honey is really old. And the I'm to tired is getting just as old. Getting things heated up, and be fun.  There's nothing wrong with being creative, or role playing -- your neighbors will not see you so who cares.

Yes men love sex, women love to cuddle. If you feel you are to bashful there are ways to get his attention without seeming to aggressive.

Do You Know When You're A Drama Queen?

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#4 The Drama Queen

Good gosh, everything in life is not an occasion for a full production of The Drama Queen. Ladies one small incident is not an opportunity for an audition. You may not feel or know you are being a drama queen. Here's a short test to tell if you're a drama queen. Perhaps you may feel everything is up for a lengthy discussion of why, and when he did whatever. But he doesn't feel the same way, and do not want to talk about what ever the matter is, and it will be a turn off for him.

It is great to know when to shut it.  What may seem to be a dire need for an all night discussion just may not really be that serious.  Men just do not think the same way women do, and never will so give it up ladies give the man some peace sometimes.  He will love you for it!

#5 Giving Him Directions Before He Admits He's Lost

Let's face it men enjoy being in control. Even if they are not in control they do not want to lose face by letting his sweetie know they do not have control of a situation. Men are wired to be protectors. Naturally if the two of you are on a road trip, and he's not sure if the route you guys are on is right don't expect a "honey I don't know where I am"to come spurring out of his mouth at the first inkling that he may have missed a turn.

A good way to head off road trip disasters before they happen is to plan together the day before. Make it a join effort in planning your route at least this way no one has to feel embarrassed when you it the road. One good example I remember my mom and I took my guy friend along to drive us to Kentucky which was really only supposed to be a 7 hour trip max. He told us before we left do not worry I know the way.  He further stuck his chest out about how he knew the interstate. A 7 hour trip turned into a 10 hour excursion from missing the wrong turn off and driving miles out of the way.  I was on the back seat sleep, and did not know we were going in the wrong direction until my mom throw the road map on my head to wake me up.

Mind you this is a true story -- we were headed to Colorado!!

© 2009 Fierce Manson


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