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10 Things men hate in a relationship

Updated on November 7, 2011
Getting along
Getting along | Source

10 things men hate

Have you ever wondered why your relationship started to go sour...?

In relationships men don't like women who smother, gossip, judge, stuck up, bossy, jealous,argue, stalk, cheat, and most of it all women who lie constantly. These are ten main things to focus on when in a relationship. Especially if you have any hopes on growing old with this person. I know it's hard but in this article I will talk about ways you can stop yourself from being the women described above.

First we will start with why men don't like women smothering them. A lot times men like women who are independent and women that don't depend on their mate all the time. When you smother a guy they feel as if your not giving them a chance to be themselves so this annoys them I hate to say this but it's the truth they get annoyed. It's not because they don't like you or not in to you it's because men need their space. I am the type that likes to smother but I learned the hard way not to do this all the time because you never know what mood your spouse is in when you do this and he might be in a mood where he doesn't want to be bothered. I know it's hard not to cuddle, kiss ect but you have to learn this isn't the end of the world. Now , I will describe what you can do to get your spouse in the mood, a lot of times we forget that men sometimes aren't happy with current situations and men like to provide and be the best they can be and when they don't have this it's hard for them to show any emotion due to the level of stress in their mind. What you can do to get your spouse in a good loving mood is to make them smile , do something weird that you've never done in your life for example, one time my spouse was in a terrible mood and this funny song came up on TV and I decided to just do something sarcastic and I started sticking my tongue out and flashed my boobs and started jumping up and down, haha , he looked at me like wtf is she doing but couldn't hold that smile in for long trust and believe I did get the smile out of him. Then I walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips and said " I knew I can make you smile, even in your bad days" he couldn't help but to look at me and smile one more time and called me stupid lol. I an not expecting all of you to just flash and bounce all I am saying is you can make a difference to change the mood in the room. If you're always to serious and act " old and boring" , then that's the attitude your going to get. Even if you are older do something weird, funny, anything as long as you get the smile out of him that's all that matters. This will let you get a free pass to smother It's hard to hold that kiss in when all you want to do is kiss him forever so this is just tip lady.

Do some of you gossip to your friends or family and tell them everything that goes on..?

Men, don't like " GOSSIP ". Let's be realistic here , when you gossip about your relationship to friends and god knows who men feel as if they no longer have privacy in their relationship. A lot of times men like keeping things to themselves and as a guy they like to have privacy in their love life and when you start gossiping about your sex, problems, arguments your just adding wood to the fire because now your going to either have your family talking crap about him and not liking him very much anymore and having people start judging without knowing the whole situation. All this does is cause more stress in your relationship because now you opened the door for people to know your business this is why they like things private I mean come on really if your man gave you the best sex ever I'm sure he doesn't want your dad finding out it's pretty much embarrassing, so ladies shhhhhhhhh.

Women who judge ...

Please , stop judging a man either because he is unemployed or got in a fight ect. The reason I'm saying this is because a lot of times just because a guy has a good job and good money coming in doesn't mean your relationship is going to be healthy at all times. Remember women out there are fishing out for men like this in the first place. If a guy happens to have a lot of piercings and tattoos this doesn't make this person ignorant, low class or just plain stupid get to know a person before judging, a lot of times a man that looks like he worship Satan really would be the person to help your grandmother unload groceries or cross a busy street. Judging isn't going to get you anywhere so if you have a date with someone that is similar to what I have described give him a chance, don't put on the brakes too soon this may be the love of your life. My fiancé for example is goth and wears make up, a lot of people in my family wouldn't like this but I don't care , when we go out people stare , but I don't care because this is the person who is showing me love who never ever lies to me and this is the person that can't even fall asleep without me being next to him, and this is the love of my life. So think twice ladies when setting up a date.

Are some of you females stuck in your ways

"Stuck up"

Don't be , really this is just annoying and if your interested in a guy when you meet him the first day this is something your going to want to avoid, because this is just going to scare them away, if not give them anxiety just being around you. It's just not the way to go. A lot of times when you act this way men say pfft shes a b**** . Like really is this what you want to be labeled as ..? Guys like women who are laid back and quiet and cool about things not a female who is just going to sit their complaining because things aren't going her way. So ladies please stop this !

Are you a bossy female ?

Men don't like this because then they feel as if their not even in control of the relationship like it should be. Men like to be the dominant one at all times, that is of course unless you bump into a guy that's into that sort of thing but they find this to be the most annoying thing in the world and their friends will just start hating you as much.

Any females out their Jealous types ?

If your guy isn't giving a good reason then don't be I know it's hard because I still do some actions that I shouldn't do but it's not healthy for the relationship. You can avoid to feel this way by trying to just ignore the situation and this will actually bring your guy closer to you because now he is going to be wondering why your not jealous. It's weird but it's the truth, for example if I'm knitting for hours my fiancé comes running down the stairs complaining saying" oh why are you ignoring me?" so men sometimes just don't like women who act like they don't care but this will get them closer to you and be more aware of what your up to and if this is what you want stop the jealousy. If he is giving you a reason like if he had cheated on you, then this is when you are supposed to act like you just don't give a dmn and when the situation comes up like if he is talking to a girl act like your on the phone and walk away from him and see his reaction in his face I bet you he will cut the conversation short and attend to you to see what your up to. Lol so please stop the jealousy or stop being obvious they like it because then they think they have control of you period, this is when they start doing whatever they wish because in their head your not going anywhere regardless so make them think twice lol.

Do you argue a lot or complain ?

Don't do this as soon as you see an argument approaching stare at him in the face make a sexy look and smile and say I love you this will change the mood trust me. One time my fiancé and I were arguing for like 5 minutes in the car and he smiles at me , then I couldn't help but to smile right back and we kissed and looked at each other and said "wow, that argument was pointless" , we laughed about it and changed the subject, try it.

Do you like to stalk your man..?

I find this to be disturbing because a lot of times he isn't going to be doing anything stupid and if you get caught doing this you're just going to be labeled as a psychopath, and this will make a guy leave you in an instant because their just going to think your out of your mind. If he is going to be doing something stupid look at phone records and little things like that, but do it on your on time don't be obvious about it i'm sure no matter what either way, if he is out their cheating you will find out in the end, if not ask a friend to do this for you but please don't be the one getting caught men don't like this , and this is going to just make them leave you in an instant.

Are you a cheater ?

Well let me just start with saying this , your just going to be bringing drama to yourself if not death, or diseases. Men don't like women who cheat, once a hoe always a hoe , and they have their saying " you can't make a hoe a housewife ".Women who cheat , please don't even consider having a serious relationship because in the end he will find this out. Just be honest straight forward and don't consider a serious thing if you just want an open relationship be open about it and say it, it's only fair to the other person your with.

Do you lie ?

Men hate women who lie, because men always find a way to get to the truth so if your going to be lying to him , you better prepare yourself because he isn't going to be honest with you either, this doesn't mean he is going to tell you he knows what you have been up to, he is just going to go with the flow. DON'T LIE a lot of times this is why women get hit because men lose their temper when a women lies, they like to hear the truth ("I AM NOT SAYING ITS OKAY TO HIT WOMEN AT ALL , ALL IM SAYING IS SOME RELATIONSHIPS OUT THEIR GO THROUGH THIS AND PEOPLE LOOSE THEIR TEMPER MEN OR WOMEN SO PLEASE AVOID THE SITUATION OR WALK AWAY IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP AND IF SO PLEASE CONSIDER COUNSELING AND SEEK OUT HELP ! " )

I hope most of this helped some out their, and if you find yourself in an odd situation please point out that you can always change the mood there is always a way to do this.


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 20 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      This article was interesting, and I found the comments to be interesting as well.

      People are always going to be mean, critical and judgmental. Don't let that stop you from writing.

      As for the article itself, there are some good points. I think the thing most men want is to be respected by the woman they love.


    • profile image

      Regina 3 years ago

      This was obviously written by a child who knows nothing of the male species. If u ignore a man most of the time he'll just be happy you left him alone for a while. Men are thick headed and don't think deep or far into things. If you want him to be aware you have to tell him, and multiple times with a PowerPoint presentation and a woman wearing a bikini on stilts with a pet monkey as the presenter. I can guarantee you while your up all night trying to figure out how to better please him he's only concerned about whether he should pause his video game and grab another beer.

    • profile image

      really?? 3 years ago

      Horrible spelling and grammar aside, why is it that this article is designed only for women's shoetcomings? Men do the same things and are 50% of a relationship. One sided dude...

    • profile image

      Jenkins 3 years ago

      Holy crapola grammer! Along with spelling and punctuation! Proofread needed, STAT!

      Other than that, pretty solid article.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      This is the most poorly written article I think I've ever read. How about proper grammar, spelling and punctuation? Proofread much? WOW

    • profile image

      KiwiBirdyy 3 years ago

      I think anyone would hate this,

    • profile image

      ntombifikile 4 years ago

      hey guyz i have a problem i want my boy freand bck to me so i don't khow what mus i do?