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How Can I Be Exciting And Adventurous For Her?

Updated on July 31, 2013


Who wants to date a boring guy? You want to make sure no one describes you this way. If the girls are out there talking about you and the word even comes up, you're in trouble. You want them mentioning your name in sentences that include action. Actually, any kind of action is good, but when it gets physical you get a chance to use your muscles. Someone else might even notice them.

Being active seems to work best when you're in group situations. It's easier to play games and have fun when a bunch of friends are trying out new and potentially dangerous activities. Some exciting and adventurous things to do are:

  1. Spelunking (cave exploring) - This is great fun and you never know what you're going to find inside the caverns of huge mountains. You might find pools of water, rivers, waterfalls, sunbeams, bats, and big animals.
  2. Cliff Diving - If you're afraid of heights this may take some meditation. All you have to do is know that there is water at the bottom, and usually others have done it before you.
  3. Skiing (water or snow) - These are all time favorites. Even if all you can do is go on the bunny hill or hit the water with two skis, you can still hang around the lodge, or in the cabana. You never know, you may tell a young lady about how this is your first time skiing and you need some help. When girls are active they are eager to teach new sportsmen the tricks of the trade.
  4. Scavenger Hunting - Driving around hunting for clues that will take you to the next destination is fun in summer or fall. At one minute you could be at a wedding, the next you could be in a cemetery at midnight with a flashlight. It's all fun trying to end up at the party at the end of the night, and even better to get there first and win the prize.
  5. White Water Rafting - For this you have to wear a helmet, a waterproof vest with plenty of pockets, and a good pair of sports shoes. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, you have to hold on. Plenty of people have ended up in the water, and it's hard to get back in your raft.
  6. Hang Gliding - Again if you don't like heights you won't like this. But, imagine the feeling of being a huge bird that's flying in the wind high above the ground or the water.
  7. Going on a Safari - What could be more adventurous? Not to mention the trouble you could find out there in the bush. You could show off your survival skills and run a whole camp.
  8. Riding Race Horses - For this I guess you'd have to own the horses or get special permission to ride them, but what fun. Think of the wind blowing in your hair, or hers.
  9. Stock Car Racing - As long as you're tucked in tight and you have on a fire suit, this could be an interesting thing to try.
  10. Murder Mystery Partying- For this you wouldn't want to be the dead person I guess, unless while everyone is off looking for the murderer you're in the bar car of the train you're on.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Certainly nothing boring here. In my day, I might risk numbers 1 and 7. Great ideas!