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10 Secret Things A Man Must Know About His Woman and Her Life

Updated on March 6, 2012

Her Mood

One very important subject to discuss is knowing your woman's mood. Just knowing how she feels without asking gives the reassurance to her that you know her best and is comforting on a lot of different levels. Most men are not aware of what bothers their woman the most on the inside because they lack the willpower to find how through their senses and feelings. Woman give and bring out the emotion in us, and we need to focus on how extraordinary they make us feel and help them keep a right sight on things. Everyone's mood can be a huge environmental commodity if you really look at it. Ones mind and mood can change in an instant so being aware of it is definitely helpful.

Her Best Friend

Knowing your girls best friend is imperative. She knows the most about the awesome lady you hold close to your heart. A girls best friend can also be someone who your girlfriend or wife has some time away with. Sometimes she can give you good and bad advice on your girlfriend also, depending on how we take it. A girls best friend can also impact a relationship between the two of you. She can have a huge play factor depending on how close the two friends are, and how many times they see and talk to each other a day. Another benefit for your girlfriend to have a best friend is that your able to see how well she communicates with others. How does your spouse interact with other women? Does she even have girlfriends to express herself to? Those questions are answered by her having a best friend. She shows to you how she treats others she likes or dislikes in some cases. Her best friend usually acts like a sister to her, and is always there till the end having their back on everything right or wrong. Her best friend can also be an animal, a close pet to bond with and a lot easier on you if it likes you !


A man should always know his lady's schedule, especially if she isn't taking any type of birth control. Her having a period lets us know she isn't pregnant. Most of the time when a woman is on her period they are more irritable and susceptible to being more emotionally rash about topics at hand. Sometimes some women are also more friskier than normal and are more sexually active. Some women think it is dirty and don't enjoy the flow as much, but sex in the shower is always a possibility to some. Staying clear of your loved one is also sometimes a great option to take, giving them some space to breathe while their stomach is turning is always helpful. Tending to her mostly is probably the best thing to do for her when she is in need though, being in her way though is most definitely not.

Her Favorite Food

 Everyone has a favorite food so knowing this comes quite simply. Food has a lot to do with how you appreciate each other especially when you know each other's likes and dislikes. It can be quite passionate and romantic at times also. Food lets us know ourselves and our culture of others. Every culture is very different, as to so are a man and a woman. Families come together as a whole and being apart of hers is definitely something to cook for! Part of your relationship to her is about food and what you like together. Sometimes knowing what she wants to eat improves our chances of getting something special from her no matter how small. Knowing what she likes could even be a turn on to some women, and the food they fantasize about.

Her Hobbies

Getting to know what hobbies your significant other has is also very important because you have the ability to bond with them on a level they have been comfortable with for a very long time. It also give you a chance to see how competitive and creative she is. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed by yourself or with another. Most hobbies are outdoors so it gives you a chance to get out of the house on a regular basis and do an activity that can improve health together. Hobbies that are inside the let you find that your spouse likes being artsy or creative or even skilled. Having fun with your girl is the main thing you want to do when enjoying a hobby of yours or hers because it gives you a chance to get closer in the long run and that's our goal right !

Her Family

Now family is always going to be a big part of any one's life, but to say the least some people just don't like to get along. If that ever happens to you where her family doesn't accept you for who you are then the relationship might be on the rocks. Getting to know her family and how they are culture wise is a huge step in the right direction. Every body's family can be a nerve wrecking at times, but showing her your interested in them is a big plus. It is very easy to bond with some family members more than others, so showing the same amount of respect for all is important. Being close to your woman's family will definitely bring you closer to her heart.

Her Finances

When you are in a relationship it should always be 50/50 even if you do want to give her more you really should show your affection in different ways. Women today are usually the bread winners or are showing us that they are pulling out all the stunts, so knowing when to share each other's earnings and knowing when to spend is very important. Plus women tend to stress on finances more statistically speaking, they worry more and have trouble focusing on subjects or issues at hand. It's best to put in as much as she is because shes smarter than you whether yo like it or not ! So always make sure you are appreciating her efforts just as much as she appreciates yours.

Her Pet Peeves

What ticks her off the most? What ticks you off the most? We all have things that just drive us up a wall at times. Knowing these horrible things fast is a great thing to have under your bet. Have you ever done something you had completely no idea drove someone you knew absolutely crazy? I know I have on many accounts, little minute things could be disastrous to your time together. Staying out of harms way is best thought, so showing her that ticking her off is something you don't like to see or do. Sometimes we all do those pet peeves just to get to each other in an affectionate way and that is accepted rarely. All people are different and we need to understand that no one like to be annoyed.

Her Goals & Yours

Finding out what is important and precious to you woman is a big key to understanding her aspects on life and where she wants to head in it. With or without you she will face her goals and strive to achieve them, and prove to herself she is successful like we all want to be. Being a part of her success is honorable to her. She will see you through to who you really are, and where you are going to be in your life. Show her that you also have ambition and desire to be successful and fruitful to her as well. Let her know you are committed to yourself, your goals, her, and her goals. To her, you being more and stepping out of your comfort zone to accelerate your plans or hers is very courageous and noble.

Her Size

You benefit a lot from knowing your lady's sizes. Knowing her ring size is very important because it shows her that you really know her in a certain way. The same goes for shoe,bra, and pantie sizes but a little differently. Knowing those sizes can be a turn of events in the shopping atmosphere where you can shop for her, if you know what she likes! Shopping with your spouse is a little more comfortable for most men so they learn what they look for and desire. When you shop for you lady most men think that jewelry is is what is desired but in fact it really isn't. Most women want you to just show a gesture of some sort to show you love and affection. To shop and get something for her, know what to get, what she likes, and her not having to return it, is definitely worth the trouble of knowing her size.

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  • profile image

    Michael (Shakespear) 4 years ago

    thank you for this information, i will apply if i get my next woman. i think lack of these contributed to make my relationship a fiasco

  • profile image

    Mahuya 5 years ago

    I think all men need to know about this.

  • profile image

    nkositsandzile shongwe 6 years ago