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10 Things Single Women Shouldn't Do At Weddings

Updated on July 12, 2014

1. Show Up With Bad Intentions

Listen up ladies, I'll make this quick and stright to the point.. If your intentions aren't to celebrate and support the bride and groom on their joyous day, you may as well stay home. I've heard all sorts of outlandish things taking place from people attending weddings in all black funeral-like attire to exes showing up and acting a fool. This is outright outlandish and out of order. If you love and/or hold even an ounce of respect for the bride and/or groom check your attitude at the door and leave your negativity home.

2. Bring a Date

Ok single ladies, let me let you in on a small truth... Men are well aware of the fact that there will be single women at a wedding and those men who are single (in most cases) will avoid bringing a date for that exact reason. As several men have said, taking a woman to a wedding is like taking sand to the beach, so I suggest you adopt this same mantra. If you're single, the last thing you want to do is appear as someone who's taken or unapproachable. So... if you're looking to possibly meet, mix, or mingle with some of the gents it's best to arrive solo.

3. Wear All White

This particular don't should go without saying, but for some odd reason there is always at least one other woman who has the nerves to make an attempt to upstage the bride. Let me just say this, today is NOT your day and no matter how hard you may try, you will not outshine the bride; however, you will definitely draw negative attention to yourself and appear insecure. So... unless you're attending an all-white wedding, leave your all white in the closet for a more appropriate occasion.

4. Flirt With Men Who Are Married and/or Taken

Ladies, answer me this one question. Why are we always so intrigued by men who are unavailable? I have yet to understand if it's the challenge of getting what we can't have or if we're really just that desperate and envious that we'll cut the next woman just to get ahead. Whatever the case may be, a man who will entertain you, although he is there with his wife/girlfriend/boo-thang is NOT worth the work you're putting in to get him. As I've heard it said, "If he did it with you, he'll do it to you." So, be careful to respect the marriages and relationships of others, lest you end up in that same woman's predicament next year.

5. Dress Raunchy

I know that you've been on the Kanye workout plan and that your lunges and squats are beginning to pay off, but do me a HUGE favor....please don't walk into anyone's wedding/reception with clothes so tight that we can see your appetite. Believe it or not, you do not have to wear the tightest, skimpiest, and low cut item in your closet to be seen. I assume that you want to get married someday yourself. So here's my word to you... You can tell what people are about by how they dress. When you see a doctor you know that he is about healing. When you see a waitress, you know that she is about serving. But when you see a scantily dressed woman, you assume that she is about the business of providing services, if you catch my drift. That being said, you can be sexy without looking like you're going to The Player's Club afterwards. So, do us all a favor and make an attempt at being classy at least for this one particular occasion.

6. Drink Heavily

It's completely understandable that you want to celebrate this joyous occasion or "turn up" if you will, but consider the fact that drinking Uncle Joe under the table is not going to serve you well after your 10 minutes of glory. How appealing do you think you really are when you're loud, slurring, staggering, swearing, crying hysterically, and/or unable to stand up straight? To think...some of you have been known to do all of the above in a single night. That being said, trust me... if you showed up a perfect ten, your "ten-ness" has worn off and not a single man is taking you seriously, but what he will do is take you home and send you packing the next day like the two that you displayed yourself as. I realize that this is straight truth, no chaser, but it's a pearl of wisdom that I must share to save you from an evening of drunken embarrassment and perhaps lifelong regrets.

7. Fight for the Bouquet

As is with most weddings, they are undoubtedly going to play the Beyonce Anthem... Single Ladies. While I'm sure you've dreamed of getting married since you were a little girl, now is not the time to show outward signs of desperation. So what... you're 30+ and it hasn't happened, if it's meant to happen, it will. Those things being said, Do Not... I repeat Do Not tackle anyone who might be standing in your way of getting the bouquet. We all love participating in the bouquet toss but no one should end up with a concussion or black eye as a result of it. So, remember to play nice and have a great time.

8. Provoke Confrontations

Get this, everyone has an enemy or someone that they just don't quite jive with, but the day of the wedding and reception is NOT the day to settle the score. I could care less about the fact that you don't care for the groom's side of the family or that your cousin who owes you money showed up with an expensive gift. None of this is relevant on the big day. Your overall purpose is the celebrate and support the union that's taking place, so please don't get arrested for provoking a confrontation, because if your family and/or friends are anything like mine, the reception will go on without you and you just might spend an entire weekend sitting behind bars.

9. Hook Up With An Ex

I'm sure that he is looking ummm ummm good with his fresh haircut, suit, and swag, but wait... before you go over and reacquaint yourself with your ex, remember these words... He is an ex for a reason. Whatever the cause of the break up, you or he decided that you weren't working out, so why replicate your past relationship with them only to find out that you guys aren't meant to be? It's a wedding, so I am sure there are other men whose conversation you might enjoy, so don't entertain your ex. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

10. Spill Secrets About The Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

So... your husband went to the bachelor party and came home dishing all of the details of the night. Of course, he was such a good boy that he came home early and participated in none of it...EPIC LIE. No matter what he says, he either participated or looked on with envy. Let me just say this, if he's coming home telling you what happens with the fellas, he needs to be stripped of his man card because he is breaking all sorts of man code. That said, if none of these things are catastrophic events that would deter the bride form marrying him...keep these details to yourself. You will hurt her more than you'll help her by sharing what you've heard and the same exact advice goes for the Bachelorette party. What happens at a bachelorette party stays with the girls. Not a single picture or utterance of the night's event should be shared with the groom. What can I say, girls just wanna have fun.

In order for a wedding and reception to be a success, one thing must happen... Everyone needs to stay in there lane. This means remembering that your sole purpose for being present is to celebrate and support the bride and groom. It is not your day to get engaged, be seen, or settle scores. So have a great time and do your best to make sure that this day is memorable for the bride and groom...for all of the right reasons. Thanks for viewing my list of 10 Things Single Women Should Never Do at Weddings and be sure to vote in the pole and have a wonderful summer wedding season!

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    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 3 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      Agreed... Unless they're tears of joy.

    • sadstill22 profile image

      Poca 3 years ago from Singapore

      you shouldn't cry on your wedding day