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15 Things To Find Out In 15 Dates

Updated on October 2, 2019

Getting To Know Your Date

There are a lot of things you can discover about the person you're dating even before you meet in person through the internet, texting, and Skyping, but some things you just have to learn through observation over time. Each time you're with him make sure you're taking mental notes. You want to learn as much as you can as soon as possible. What if he's not the right one for you? If he's not, it's better to know sooner. So sneak in those all important questions in every situation but, don't act like you're conducting an interview. This will make him feel uncomfortable, and he won't be able to relax and be himself.

Here are some things you'll want to find out as soon as possible:

  1. IS HE CALM AND COLLECTED? Does he get all sweaty and nervous in certain situations? You want someone who can maintain themselves in all situations. If you're going to feel at ease you want to know the person you're with can handle things as they come along.
  2. DOES HE HAVE GOOD MANNERS? It's not just about whether he chews with his mouth closed it's about how he treats others. How is his interaction with the valet, the waiter, or the store clerk? It does matter how he treats these people.
  3. DOES HE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR? Maybe he does tell jokes, but most guys that are funny just have a certain perspective on the world that makes us laugh. You can't buy this , it's a gift.
  4. DOES HE ENJOY HAVING A GOOD TIME? He might not be the life of the party, but can you still have fun with him? If you're with the right guy it shouldn't matter so much what you're doing.
  5. CAN HE COOK? This is always good to know. If he can it can bring elegance to any day of the week. Think about it. Steaks on the grill for the weekend. Muffins on Sunday morning. Protein shakes after a workout. The list is endless.
  6. DOES HE LIKE TO WORKOUT? You know he'll live longer and be in better shape along the way if he does. Besides haven't you always wanted a workout buddy?
  7. HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT HIS MOTHER? This is very telling. You know that a guy with warm feelings for his mother can't be all bad. In fact it can show that he is a caring and loving man.
  8. DOES HE MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL? Somehow you don't know how good you can feel until a special person does it for you. It's about more than mere compliments. Does he respect you enough for you to feel it? Do you love being around him?
  9. DOES HE APPROACH THINGS WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE? This is something that takes being in several situations to discover. But, even small things like how he responds to someone who's ill, can show a little bit of a positive attitude.
  10. DOES HE HAVE A PASSION? Having something you love to do with every waking hour is fantastic. If you do, you'll always have a reason to get up every morning and something to talk about at cocktail hour.
  11. DOES HE LIKE TO DANCE? As we all know, how a person moves on the dance floor is directly proportional to how they move in bed. If this is going to be a long term relationship you might want to find a good dancer.
  12. IS HE HAPPY? Does he smile and laugh? When you're around someone who's happy it just rubs off. So why not pick someone who's really happy?
  13. DOES HE FOLLOW A CERTAIN PHILOSOPHY OR RELIGION? When someone believes in something greater than himself they can't be egotistical.
  14. DOES HE LIKE HIS JOB? Is he the type of person who works at a job so he can fund something else he like doing? Is he going to school to get a better job?
  15. IS HE GOOD IN BED? This is something that matters for today and for the long term future. You just don't change that much about a person's sex moves.


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