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6 Things To Remember in a Relationship

Updated on September 14, 2017

Now that I have finally have gotten the experience of being a relationship and basically living with my boyfriend I finally get to give my personal advice on this topic.

The first 3 points are going to focus on things not to forget about yourself, personal well being and your life.

The second 3 points are going to focus on things you can't forget are bound to happen in a relationship.

Taking Care Of Yourself


Taking care of yourself is a big factor that I have been slacking ever since meeting my boyfriend. Let's say it didn't take long before I stopped wearing makeup, doing my hair or even putting on a classy outfit after I started dating my boyfriend. Now of course when we get into a relationship we stop trying with the thought of "who cares anymore?". It's not about impressing others but feeling good for yourself and looking good for your partner. Now I am not saying dress up like you are going to a dinner party every night but you should at least put some effort into whatever makes you feel good.

I used to say to my mom all the time "Why do you care? You're married it doesn't matter. When I am married I won't care." But since being in a relationship I went from 106 pounds to 120 pounds being a 4'9 girl that's not where I would like to be at and I just let myself go. I realize now that what I said to my mom was not right and that I should still care about my looks and health.


Of course when you are married, have kids, pay taxes focusing on your parents and siblings can be a little harder of a task when now that you have a family of your own to focus on. But before the kids come around one day, I think it is important to spend time with your family. If you are in a relationship where you are always out with your boyfriend and always gone your family will start to miss you. Even bringing your partner along to the family time is fine as long as you still remember that your family still is going to want to see you, even if thats not your first choice of a fun time. Also keep in mind not everyone lives forever and if you ever breakup your family will always still be there.

Your Interests


Spending time with someone else can result in always listening to their music, their movies or you throw away your likings such as you stop writing, reading, painting, whatever little thing it is you love. Now I am not even saying "Remember to never let go of your dream of becoming a professional wrestler". I am saying remember to focus on the smallest of things that bring a smile to your face. For example if you love listening to Frank Sinatra but your boyfriend is blasting Snoop Dogg music all day remember to take sometime to listen to your own stuff as well.

Remember that the type of music you listen to and television you watch does in fact effect your brain and mood. So things as little as listening to your favorite song is crucial.

You Are Going To Fight


You are going to fight and it might be even the stupidest of things. Before getting into my serious relationship I was one of those girls that thought fighting consisted of big things not small things such as "YOU HAD THE TAPE LAST WHERE DID YOU PUT IT?!" but it sure does happen. Now I have never gotten into an argument over tape but there are plenty of things as stupid as that that extended into a fight for no reason at the end of the day. It is not healthy for this to go on every single day but in reality it's going to happen sometime, everyone has bad days and you will end up annoying each other at times, but that is just life. Just because you get into a fight doesn't mean your relationship is coming to an end. We are just humans and we are not perfect. Every relationship, yes even the "perfect" ones you see on instagram get into arguments at times. My rule is never go to bed angry. Resolve the fight or let it go and start tomorrow fresh.

Everything Isn't Sunshine and Rainbows


By "Everything is not sunshine and rainbows" I am not just talking about fighting. By this I mean everyday isn't going to consist of you running into each others arms and being romantic. It just simply will not happen. Sometimes you will be sitting next to each other watching a boring movie, one of you may want to hit the hay at 8 pm, maybe you have paperwork to do. Just because you have someone to share your life with doesn't mean everything and everyday is automatically going to be a miracle.

Relationships Are Work


Going back on the topic of "Everything isn't going to be sunshine and rainbows" relationships can be work. Sometimes there will be hills you have to climb together in life, everything isn't easy and certain things can tear relationships apart. It is about working together through life. You and your partner will have times where you fall down but have to pick each other up no matter how hard it is or stressful for you.

Now I am not saying for situations such as abusive relationships but i'm saying we all have bad times in life and you cannot give up the second something falls apart because it is life and something is bound to happen. You have to remember that relationships are about working together through the worst and best of times.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      15 months ago

      Article name: "10 Things To Remember in a Relationship"

      Are there some missing? I counted only 6.

      1. Take care of yourself, 2. Family 3. Your interests 4. You're going to fight. 5. Everything isn't Sunshine and rainbows. 6. Relationships are work

      All of these apply whether you're in a romantic relationship, platonic relationship, dealing with friends or family members.

      Getting along with other people has it's challenges!


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