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10 Things a Woman Should Never Compromise For a Man

Updated on December 9, 2016

Things Women in Relationships Shouldn't Compromise

No relationship can survive without compromises. If you want your relationship with your partner to work and be successful, the two of you will need to compromise. You cannot be in a relationship strictly on your own terms, relationships are all about give-and-take. As a couple, you both will decide what you’re willing to do or give up for the other person. In as much as compromises are important in a relationship, you can't compromise everything about yourself to make your relationship work. There are certain things women should never compromise in a relationship. It’s important you let your partner know your stand about these things before you marry him. It's important to know when to bend and when to stand your ground. Relationships have a lot of grey areas, so you have to tread extra carefully to make sure you don't completely lose yourself in all the compromising. While every person and every relationship varies, there are things you should never compromise on to remain true to ourselves. Here are ten things you should never compromise on in a relationship:

1. Your carrier

A woman has all the right to choose whichever career she wants to step her shoes in because we all have things we want for our careers, therefore she shouldn’t compromise on her career just because her man wants her to. Whatever decision you make about your career should be your decision. You should not give up your career goals to make your relationship work. Your man should love you enough to respect what you’re passionate about and support you. A man who truly loves you won’t kill your career dreams.

2. Your goals

Goals matter, no matter what they are. You're entitled to your dreams for the future. We live in a world where we can be anything we want as long as we work hard and believe in ourselves. Maybe you want to lose some pounds, maybe you want to build a business — whatever your goal is, don’t compromise on it because someone else thinks you should not. At the end of the day, you need to be satisfied with yourself, and you won’t be if you derail your goals for someone else. If people don’t believe in your goals, that’s because they don’t know your strengths and interests. So, feel free to pursue your ambition. Formulate a plan. Turn your dreams into goals and never let your partner be a roadblock in achieving your goals. He should be supporting your goals and aspirations. If your partner doesn't want you to follow your dreams, then you might be with the wrong person.

3. Your relationship with others

Being able to spend quality time with friends and family is essential. Some men tell their partners who they should be friends with and who they shouldn’t be friends with. A healthy relationship allows friendships that matter to you. Feeling like you need to give up those bonds for the sake of your partner is not only extremely unhealthy but is also an obvious signal that you may be with a controlling and insecure partner. But if a friend is treating you poorly and your partner becomes concerned, that's coming from a place of love, and you should hear his worries. But if your boyfriend arbitrarily asks you to cut ties with friends, don't yield. It’s wrong for your man to ask you to abandon a friend that has been loyal to you for years. It’s your decision to make who you become friends with.

4. Your integrity

Integrity is paramount in establishing a trusting, healthy relationship; that is why integrity is one of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on. You shouldn’t compromise on your self-respect just to remain in a relationship because if you do not respect yourself, you will never be able to respect anybody or anything else. You shouldn’t be with a man who feels he is doing you a favor by dating you. Just because you feel your man is out of your league doesn’t mean you should compromise on your respect to be with him. It is crucial to maintain integrity in your role in life to maintain self-respect.

5. Your happiness

You should always be striving for the things you’re passionate about in life. You shouldn’t sacrifice the things that make you happy like hobbies and experiences just to remain in a relationship. Don’t let your partner discourage you from your hobbies because that’s what you like to do and that is what makes you happy. If you feel the need to suppress the things that make you happy just to remain in a relationship, then you are compromising too much. Once you have to compromise your happiness, you might as well be saying goodbye to the relationship. You need to find what drives you, and stay true to that passion.

6. Never compromise who you are

You are who you are, and no one can change that but you; you shouldn’t have to change just to fit other people’s ideas of what you should be. Don’t compromise your beliefs. This can encompass a wide range of belief system, including religious, moral and ethical beliefs. Your beliefs make you who you are. Always be true to yourself and everything will fall into place, no matter how scary that sounds. The person you're with should make you feel more like you, not less, and if you're down on yourself because of your relationship then that's a compromise you should not be making. If someone goes to pains to make you feel bad about yourself, he’s not the right person for you. While I am not advising you to be rigid and unchanging, it is important that you don’t feel as if you are doing something that is against your beliefs.

7. The treatment you're willing to tolerate

You should not compromise on the way you expect to be treated by your partner. You have to draw the line first. You don’t allow your partner treat disrespectfully. You have to know what you will stand for and what you won’t. You have to set the boundaries in your own mind before you can expect others to respect them. The more secure you become with your boundaries, the less power your partner will have to hurt you. You should always be treated with respect, and if you're consistently treated with anything less than, then that's not something you have to tolerate. Being in love doesn't mean you need to compromise on your self-esteem to continue in that relationship. Love should never require you to sacrifice being treated with care. If your man doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you in his life. However, you can’t expect others to respect you unless you respect yourself.

8. Your values

Everyone has their own set of values they have formed throughout their life. You probably don't want to be in a relationship with someone who has directly opposing values to you, but you shouldn’t have to change your values to fit his. Just don't be in a relationship with that person. Of course, you don't need to agree about everything with your partner. Being able to have healthy, informed discussion on your values can be really enriching.

9. Your safety

Feeling safe and secure in a relationship is crucial. Wherever you are, never engage in something outrageous to please your partner, never compromise on your personal safety. You should feel emotionally and physically safe at all times. Your life may depend upon it.

10. Don’t compromise your health

You should not do things that might impair your health. You should eat the right food, take exercise and go for regular check-up to nip any potential problems in the bud. Sleep, relax a lot and stay away from potentially harmful situations. You shouldn’t rely on anyone to make sure you feed on time, feed well, tidy, healthy. You can stay up all night most of the time with your partner partying instead of sleeping. The choice is yours. You could be compromising on your health.


These are some of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on. By reading this hub carefully, you will find that you are more stable as a human being and that people around you will like you, respect you and look up to you, if you don’t compromise on essential things.

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