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10 Tips to Create, Discover and Understand the Unique Person You are

Updated on June 20, 2017

Discovering and knowing what makes us unique is an exciting, adventurous journey for all to be on. None of us is the same as anyone else because we are a combination of experiences, personality, background, values, perspectives and likes, dislikes, tastes and interests. We are special, unique and one of a kind. We should not try to be like everyone else, think others are better than us, compare ourselves with others or belittle the things in us that make you one different. Here are important elements in identifying the unique person you are.

1. Evaluate your values, beliefs and opinions on topics and your goals for your life.

What do you believe about Life, love, God, family, religion? Why? What do you believe about yourself?

What do you value in life, in friendships, family and relationships, in the workplace?

What is your views on important topics?

What goals do you have for your life. Goals give you focus, direction and purpose.

These goals can be of what you want to accomplish in your life, in your career, goals of how to be a better friend, neighbor, person, goals of serving your community, your country, health and nutrition goals, financial goals, things to do in your spare time.

2. Embrace your physical features

Embrace and love things about physical appearance like your natural hair color, hair length, color of your eyes, your nationality, height and know you are special, one of a kind and unique.

3. Experiences in Life

We all have faced unique experiences in life. These experience have made you into the man and woman you are today. From childhood, to hard times and good times in adulthood, you have learned many things about life, yourselves and people, that you can pass on to others in those similar circumstances. Take an inventory of the little things you learned while growing up that stand outs.

4. Discover the things you have a passion for.

You can have several things that you are passionate about. You may have already known a few in your lives, if you are not sure, Ask yourself questions like:

1. What is it that you always dreamed and desired to do, but have not because of fears, money, lack of support or confidence or any other obstacle.

2. What are some things that makes you come alive, fills you with joy and excitement?

3. Who are the successful people you want to be like?

4. What are some things you do not like or would not tolerate in your own town or country?

Here are some examples.

  • traveling
  • having your own business
  • teaching, tutoring
  • being a foster parent
  • science, space
  • mentoring, life coaching,
  • helping a family out of financial problems, helping the poor, needy and disadvantaged
  • solving problems, giving advice
  • taking a stand against abuse in children and abused women in relationships,
  • healthy eating and exercise
  • doing math, accounting
  • landscaping
  • fashion designer, your own clothes line
  • nurse, doctor
  • creative writing
  • fatherless kids, orphans, divorce, violence, abuse, horror movies, etc

5. Discovering Your Unique Gifts and Talents

Each individual has unique gifts and talents stored in them. Some know what they are, while others do not because they may not believe they have a unique gift, o there was never anyone to point it out to them or what they thought they naturally do is not seen as a gift.

If you are not sure what it is, ask family, friends, or people who know you the best, what they think is unique about you. Talk to a life coach, counselor, take an assessment and gift test.

You may have that gift of exhortation, encouraging others during hard times, a natural talent for taking care of children, others making unique creative meals, good at singing, acting, playing a musical instrument, doing art, ceramics, helping autistic kids, teaching history, organizing the home, files etc Take time to discover what your gift and talents are.


Make a list of things of you like that may be quite different from your friends and relatives

Books and authors you like, Music and music artist you like

foods you enjoy,-Do you prefer eating breakfast foods for dinner? Do like foods made from scratch? pie or cake?- Coffee, tea or hot water in the morning? Smoothies, sorbet, or ice cream?

Stores you like shopping

Colors you like

Places you enjoy, home decorating ideas


Taking a inventory of how you treat and view people and see what makes you unique How do you treat strangers, the poor, needy, men, women, teens, kids?

  • What are some nice and special things you do for others?
  • Do you remember someone’s birthday and do something special for them?
  • Are you the neighbor who warmly welcomes new neighbors to your street, the one who first reaches out new people at church or in your organization?
  • Are the one who invites those who have no where to go for the holidays?
  • Does your heart grieve for troubled kids?
  • Do you mingle with people of different culture?
  • Are you interested in knowing people, their lives and experiences?
  • Do you empathize with others who are going through a hard time? Do you forgive easily?
  • Are you a good listener, are you someone who searches out for the shy and quiet folks?

If it is not in this list, that’s okay. Find out what you do that stands.

8. Explore new and different things

Exploring new things brings us out your comfort zone. When we try new things, we can surprise ourselves that this is something that we enjoy or you realize this is not you. The important thing is to keep an open heart and open mind. Don’t do it expecting a negative outcome

  • Going to historical and art museums
  • Explore spots in your town you did not know about before
  • Eating an international restaurant, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Greek, Vietnamese etc. to find which one food and tastes you favor the most, or a Vegeterian Restaurant
  • Going to a cultural event
  • Visiting a variety of food stores- organic, natural
  • trying out for sports team
  • learn a new sport- softball, cricket, baseball, tennis, golf
  • Doing karaoke,
  • Learn a new dance
  • Research a topic you desire to know about or something you do not know about.
  • Climb a mountain, surf, ski,
  • Swimming in a lake
  • creating unique invitations for a special occasion
  • volunteer in your town or abroad

I moved to a new city and was interested in doing some new things, so I started volunteering at a radio station and then they trained me to be a DJ and I enjoyed it a lot. I did not know I would enjoy until I tried it. So explore new things.

9. Learn New Hobbies or develop interests in a new area

Although you may have hobbies and things you enjoy doing. Why not try new hobbies? How does this help you know your uniqueness- you find out what you like or don’t like, what you did not know would be something you are interested in.

  • Try photography, scrapbooking
  • writing poetry
  • gardening
  • cooking, baking, grilling
  • rollerskating
  • surfing
  • cake decorating
  • horticulture
  • designing clothes
  • reading books
  • calligraphy
  • painting, ceramics
  • drawing - draw buildings, scenic places
  • class on marketing, financing
  • bowling
  • collecting recipes from magazines and online

10. Develop your Unique Style of Fashion, Clothing and Shoes that is you.

Take a look at in fashion magazines, what’s modeled in the stores, fashion boards in Pinterest. Experiment with different styles, colors and see what is you. If you are not your keen with the new trends in fashion, then be confident in creating your own style.

Some people like a simple outfit, but heavy on accessories, others wear scarfs with everything or long boots or different types of jeans. Learn what fits with you.


As you can see, I have a photo of a lighthouse, because I love lighthouses and anything that has them, like posters, plaques, ornaments, comforter and sheet sets, calendars, afghan, etc

I love raspberries and anything that has them- ice cream, smoothies, milkshake, raspberry pie, sorbet, iced tea,

I enjoy the company of others for a time, but I tend to get my strength from when I am alone- reading books & devotionals, listening to music, so if I am with people for many hours daily all the time and do not spend a hour or two a day by myself I can get frustrated.

I just love collecting quotes from inspirational people on different subjects

I take joy in shopping for people who are in need, poor, struggling financially more than shopping for myself.


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