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10 Valentine Gifts You May Have Never Thought Of For Your Wife

Updated on January 22, 2012

Nice Valentine Gifts

Okay guys, I know you have already thought of the roses, teddy bears, Teddi gowns, and maybe even the diamond ring. That's why I am giving you some new ideas that you just might not have thought of. The traditional ideas are still wonderful, but it wouldn't hurt to surprise her with a unique gift from the heart of her prince charming. Note: It would be great to slip some of the traditional goodies in with these too.

1. Go to a salon and ask for the best most coveted hair care products that she always wanted, but always stuck with the cheap products. Get the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mousse ect. Add some gorgeous hair accessories too like metal butterfly hair combs or a jeweled headband. You know her style best. Put all this heavenly products in a basket with clear red plastic and a bow or small stuffed animal. Baby she will be flipping those locks at you.

2. Expensive face care ( not the anti-wrinkle or you might get in trouble). Products like Avon's Anew, Oil of Olay, Mary Kay ect. Women love the nice expensive moisturisers, but rarely indulge in themselves to spend the money so they settle for much less effective creams. You can also add a good hand cream and a real nice moisturising lips gloss. Put in a hand mirror with a note taped that says, " You are so beautiful Valentine!" She will melt in your arms.

3. Get a hot picture of you taken wearing a t-shirt with a personal message to her. This will show her you are not ashamed to be called hers.

4. If she's been bugging you a long long time that she wants to have a baby just make this Valentines Day the time to give in and make it happen. Buy her a ovulation test ,some baby things and the love goodies that will inspire it all. First of all hand her a mother to be card and write in it how you agree to father a child, you can put it in your own words, then write Happy Valentines Day, your Hubby. If she has been begging for a baby you better watch out.

5. GET A BABY SITTER!!!!! Go for a nice romantic dinner ( maybe even in formal attire), make her feel like a princess, mind your manners and be a gentleman. Go for a stroll and let her talk about anything she feels like then take her to the motel you rented for evening. Women love to feel they are exclusive and special, so this Valentines Day give her the best gift and that is your undivided time and attention. Note: While at the restaurant have the waiter to bring her roses and place a tiara on her head. Everyone will know she is your Valentine princess.

6. Hook up with another couple and plan a romantic weekend trip. Some women enjoy sharing friendship along with romance. Couples that are close have great time on trips like this they laugh allot and relate to each other. Sometimes having another couple around inspires you to go ahead and let go and have fun instead of discussing to much personal baggage and ways to improve each other. Everyone is usually on their best side. Of course each couple has their own privacy in the evening. This will create great memories.

7. Take her to her favorite clothing store and tell her to pick her out her favorite complete outfit with exclusions. As she models them for you whistle and tell her she's beautiful. Compliments are free and priceless to women.

8. Buy her a gift card to Victoria's secret and note that you don't want to be selfish, you want her to pick out whatever she wants for herself. She might surprise you back:.)

9. Put on an apron and get to work making her a wonderful Valentine Dinner from you. Make it candlelight with a full course deal, even a pretty, sweet dessert. If you can't cook call mom for help, but don't tell her. Don't let your mom be there either.

Sit her down and keep her the center of your attention, then get ready for this " WASH THE DISHES AND CLEAN THE KITCHEN!" It will ruin everything if you omit this part. Remember, " Sex begins in the kitchen!"

10. Write her a love letter from the very bottom of your heart and have it framed in a gorgeous frame ( use your own handwriting on pretty paper or card-stock). Some women are very sentimental and will cherish it forever. Note: Write with a black, red or gold pen and you can even add your own little drawing as a cute symbol of your affection, she will be touched.


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    • profile image

      sly 5 years ago

      Very nice ideas, can found others here:

    • varun seo profile image

      varun seo 9 years ago from Hyderabad

      Hi, Very Cool and impresive ideas for the valentine gifts. Thanks for sharing your ideas

    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 9 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thanks so much flyingeagle for your kind comments. It looks like you are a trooper, arthritis is so painful and you were so young to face it.... Yes, I think going through hard times makes us much better people.........

      Your screen name reminded me of the chorus of a song I've written that helped me through my trial.

      " You can soar again, just wait and see, You'll run twice as fast and never grow weary. There are better days ahead, if you only knew. Don't die in the valley and miss the brand new you."

      Roy, keep soaring toward your dreams:.)

    • flyingeagle profile image

      flyingeagle 9 years ago

      Nice to see some different Valentine ideas. You are a brave lady getting through those bad times. My problems when I was crippled by arthritis in my 20's seem small compared to yours. Even so, I always think they strengthened me for the future, and 30 years later still think that is so.


    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 9 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Thanks for the comments........JerseyGirl I hope your hubby gets the hint:.)

    • JerseyGirl profile image

      JerseyGirl 9 years ago from Jersey Shore

      Nice ideas. I, in particular like # 5, 7, and 9. I'm going to show this list to hubbie. Maybe he will get the hint!

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 9 years ago from London UK

      Great Hub..

      People "me2!" can get very lazy just buying the standard gifts you mention and these tips are really good..Unfortunbnetly i think it shall be wasted on me this year!