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How To Know You Are Showing Signs Of Desperation

Updated on December 14, 2009

The desire to be in a relationship can become a such a burning consuming goal for some women that they do not realise when they slip from being desirous of a relationship and turn into a desperate soul.

Most women do not desire to exhibit signs of desperation neither do they set out to portray themselves in this negative light. What can trigger these behaviours is the delay of finding that someone special. When you have waited a long time to enter into a relationship and no one has approached you for ages and in your mind it does not appear as if anyone will in the foreseeable future approach, the feelings of being in this condition for the rest of your life can cause negative emotions and behaviours.

Here are some of the signs that show a woman has fallen into the trap of believing they are not going to meet that special someone.

  1. Always giggling around men. As soon as they come into contact with the opposite sex they begin to laugh flirtatiously or nevously because they are in their presence.
  2. All the conversation held are all centred around them wanting to be married, their singleness, men and what will happen when they transition into marriage.
  3. They target single men at events and programmes where they know they can potentially meet someone.
  4. Reading literature and watching videaos on the subject of marriage and romance so they can daydream about their desire to be married.
  5. Seasonal mood swings. Their hormones and body clock determine at different times the intensity of the feelings of wanting to be married or not.
  6. Dressing in clothes that are either too small for them or belittling their age ( looking like mutton dressed up as lamb) primarily with the desire to attract attention.
  7. Compromising their values and lying because of wanting to be with a man even if the signs show that the man is not good for them.
  8. The speed in which they want to move a relationship which is in the early stages to a more formal footing.
  9. They behave like a door mat or pushover. Initially when they begin a relationship they appear strong and independent but as time goes by as the potential for marriage seems achievable they switch to accept everything the man has to say even when their oppinion really differs.
  10. They forget who they are . They lose their self esteem and forget who God made them and that they are precious in His eyes.

You do not have to fall into the trap of adopting these behaviours. Yes it can be difficult waiting for Mr Right but to lower yourself into exhibiting signs of desperation is a worse evil. When you show such signs, you open yourself to attracting a man that could work out to be your worse nightmare. It then makes the dream of desiring a mate and living happily ever after a pipe dream. Waiting may be hard but in the long run the better option if you meet the man that loves you for yourself. At all cost avoid showing signs of desperation!


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