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10 Ways to Resurrect Your Marriage

Updated on June 26, 2017
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I am a husband, father, homeschool teacher and a learner. I have self-published a children's book "The Purple Monkey."

What Causes Relationships to Break Down?

Being in love is often misunderstood as a warm fuzzy feeling, with little or no commitment to the other person. We often get married with these feelings inside and soon realize soon after that such a feeling is impossible to bring us through difficulties marriage can encounter. Some of those difficulties begin simple enough, but over time, some of the things that were so attractive at first become the things we like the least. What happens when your mate gains weight or hair falls out, will those warm fuzzies keep you together? What if he's a morning person and she is not? What if she is neat and organized, but he is a slob? Being in love takes on a different meaning when these challenges are encountered. Relationships often begin breaking down over a simple disagreement left unchecked. When left unchecked, a root of bitterness can set in and soon you will find it very difficult to enjoy being with that person you were so in love with only a little while ago. What causes relationships to break down? Here are a few things I have observed over the years:

  • Busyness
  • lack of physical touch
  • lack of communication
  • Children
  • Working too many hours

Resurrecting Your Marriage

Given the busyness of life, it is easy to become self absorbed and forget about the person you committed to love and cherish forever. The good news is though, if you have allowed your marriage to grow cold, it is not impossible to heat it up again. Here are some tips that can help breathe life into an otherwise lifeless marriage.

  1. Begin at the beginning. Sometimes it is easier to simply start over by renewing your wedding vows.
  2. Date your partner again. Think back to when you were trying to win the heart of your mate. Discover through dating what things drew you together in the first place.
  3. Write a letter for your spouse. Oftentimes a written communication is often easier than verbal.
  4. Text your spouse. You would be surprised what a little text throughout the day can do.
  5. Men, buy your wife some flowers. I don't know too many women that have a dislike for flowers.
  6. Wives, try dressing like you care about the way you look. If you don't care how you look, then why should your husband.
  7. Leave little love notes around the house. You are never too old to remind someone that you love them.
  8. Tell your partner you love them everyday. Everyone wants to know they are important.
  9. Make a big deal out of the love holidays, valentines day, anniversary, the day you met, even birthdays should be special.
  10. Talk. Nothing is more important than communication. Sometimes it is easy to go day after day without really talking. Make time for each other everyday to simply talk.

Book Couple Should Read

Sometimes it is easy to let the passion of marriage become nothing more than a duty to honor a commitment. Depending on the personality types, marriage can be quite difficult for a couple. A good book everyone should read is 5 love languages. My wife have taken personality assessments and read a number of books. She and I have been married for nearly thirteen years and can honestly say that there have been some stressful moments where attitudes flared up, but thanks to her humility and understanding heart, she and I have a truly fulfilling life together with our 4 children. If your marriage is in a bad place at this time, read this book, you will be glad you did.


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