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10 Ways to Know if a guy likes you

Updated on July 23, 2011

Is It really true what they say?

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, is that a myth or a fact. I say that this is not entirely true but, yes there is a difference in the way men and women think, react, and how they love. For instance, in some cases men exhibit strong feelings and display mounds of emotion that can in fact have no real substance. Ok, to put into lamens terms they are great actors and pretenders. Some of them have the ability to turn their feelings on and off without a moments notice; While, women for the most part, have difficultly hiding their true emotions or lack there of. Women and men differ in many aspects of this relationship game but, when it comes to emotions,and love, finding the opposite sex who share's your view could be a sign that this just may be your potential mate. I am going to give you ten different ways to know that a guy likes you. I am stressing that these ways are all a matter of my personal opinion. You can agree or disagree. It's all in fun. At the end of this hub i will do a poll, it is important to me that everyone take this poll. I ask that you share your opinions with me and my readings. Thanks in advance for reading my article , please feel free to leave comments by way of advice and constructive criticism don't forget to follow me.


1st Way to know he likes you is

He makes himself readily available for you. What I mean by this is, he is never too busy for u. If u need him he's there. If he wants to be in your company this is a good thing. Beware ladies if he doesn't want to spend time with you ladies 9 times out of ten he's spending time with someone else. Every now and then he may want to hang with the guys, but for the most part if a guy likes you then he craves your company.

2nd Way to know if a guy likes you is

He compliments you. If a guy is fond of you he is constantly paying you attention and flattering you by way of compliments. Whether it's the classic your beautiful fix or nothing more than to pay compliment on your attire. He will say something in hopes of boosting your confidence or making you feel good.

3rd way to know if a guy likes you is

He listens to what your saying. This is very important because, most ladies find themselves in a relationship alone literally. There mate ignores them and tunes them out. This doesn't surprise me at all. If your lucky and you find someone who is intrigued enough by your conversation, it's safe to say that he definitely like you and just may be a keeper.

4th way to know if a guy likes you is

He never places judgement on you. This one is a given. It says a lot about a person's character and upbringing when they can shed all bad comments and advice regarding their potential mate and enter into a relationship with a clear conscious. You see when it comes to he say, she say you can never listen because people have different motives. You never know u may be dating the male/female of their dreams and they could be hating. It takes a real man/women to pursue someone regardless of the rumors. Ladies lets keep it real I'm not much of a Lil Wayne fan but he put it in lamen's terms when he said, "I wouldn't care if you were a prostitute and you ran through every guy you knew". Not quite that outwitted but I get his point.

5th way to know if a guy likes you is

He respects you. What I mean by this is, he never makes you feel uncomfortable. He never speaks to you in a derogatory tone or makes ugly comments to you. He never makes you feel unwanted.

6th way to know if he likes you is

 He is or tries to be affectionate with u.  If your mate is always being passionate or affectionate with u then he definitely likes you. Men for the most part are very private with affection so, If he tries to be affectionate with you especially in a public place, or in front of others allow him to be.

7th Way to know if he likes you is

 He buys you things. If you never ask for anything yet, every time you see your mate he has something for you. This not only says that he likes you but, it shows that he thinks about you even when you aren't in his presence and that is great.

8th way to know if a guy likes you is

He blushes at the sight or very thought of you. This is perhaps the most flattering of the equation. Every woman likes to be liked or made a fuss over. It chemistry heightens when u can have that person that your fond of to be just as fond of you as you are of them.

9th Way to know if he likes you is

He Gives you foot rubs. Now very seldom will you find a guy who will surcome to rubbing your feet. If you find one who is willing to rub your feet chances are he's really into you. So be appreciative and encouraging. Reap the benefits of this generous mate.

10th Way to know if he likes you is

He says to you, "I Like You".  The last one is stating the obvious of course. These days you can't be too careful, and you should take nothing for granted. If he hasn't told you, then you probably should ask. We don't want you to be planning a wedding and your mate is just being involved with you to past time. After all nobody wants to be somebody elses something to do.  


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