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10 Ways to Tell If He Likes You

Updated on December 31, 2017
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What is he saying or not saying with his actions.

Picking out whether a guy is interested or not is not an easy task. There are times when a feeling of sure certainty exists. There exists reciprocal feelings between both of parties. Though, there is no guarantee this circumstance always takes place. There is the slim possibility signals are crossed. In other words, the emotional state of mind is only felt by one individual in a relationship. One end of the equation is unequal to the other.

What was perceived as one thing turns out to be another. The latter is not as good as the former when it happens to be you who got it wrong. It is wonderful to experience a fresh and new relationship. Even better holding the knowledge of what the other person feels instead of guessing. This leaves the possibility of getting wires crossed and things going wrong.

Knowing what comes next brings a form of relief

Women and men are different beasts. There is an enormous gap between outlooks and viewpoints on all sorts of subjects. This includes love. This is why a great importance is placed on understanding what is said or not said.

The best way to decrease hurt feelings or diving into a relationship with no where to go but down is hearing what the other person is saying. Women and men speak different languages when it comes to love. Gaining a little expertise in it is powerful.

Avoid jumping to conclusions

One way to increase the percentage of things going the right way is knowing what to look for when a guy is interested in you.

It’s tough to know exactly what to say and do in these circumstances. To avoid an awkward experience or an embarrassing situation find out for certain what his feelings are when it comes to you. Is this a "just friends" relationship or something more? If you are not able to ask him directly, use this guideline to make certain of what his thoughts are when it comes to you.

Body language

Sometimes it is more about what is not said than the words spoken. We betray our true feelings at times simply by the language the body speaks. It is capable of saying more than words ever reveal.

Body language communicates all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Most people never realize it. In reality 70% of what is conveyed to another person during a conversation regardless of words spoke out loud.

This is a type of communication showing other individuals three out of every four things being felt emotionally. Noticing what is being expressed is extremely important. It even acts as a lie detector for some individuals. See everything as a whole.

What is being said and the meaning behind the words is sometimes at odds with each other based on body language. Go with what the eyes see rather than what the mouth says. This is somewhat difficult over the phone. This means more face to face conversations are needed at the start of a budding romance.

Great examples of body language at odds with words

Not saying anything, but constantly making a physical contact via touch, say on the shoulder or arm, speaks a definite hint of intimacy. Getting in close physical proximity at every opportunity are both actions which indicate how much he likes you. Another terrific example is offering to ride to the game with you instead of Jim or Tammy.

If he is posturing as relaxed whenever you are around, but seems to be having a difficult time pulling it off says he is attracted. This is the anxiety of being at odds on the outside with feelings experienced on the inside. Trying to pass this one off, generally without a lot of success, says he is attracted. He is hoping you notice and understand what is being transmitted.


Along with body language there is what is being spoken out loud. This does not weigh in as heavy as the former, but it does count for something. What is he saying verbally?A stutter from a shy guy needs a little bit more time than a more confident one to say the same thing. Give it to him if you are interested. Eventually he will get ti out.

Tone and inflection matter

Sometimes it is not what he says, but more how he says it. Tone and inflection are noticed and hint at a closeness he hopes to experience. He typically starts a conversation to get your attention. When this is successful a conversation is started with affection to generate warmth when he likes you.

No matter how uninteresting it appears, participate. It takes a lot of courage or guys to approach a girl and start one up. Worse if there are others around to listen in on the first few words of an approach.

Things to look out for while speaking

Is he smiling while he talks to you? Giving eye contact with the conversation no matter how boring or mundane? All of these little items signify a friendliness much more than a casual greeting with a stranger. He is crushing on you.

Pay attention to speech patterns and what he is attempting to convey whenever a personal conversation is initiated. A quietness or soft spoken words and phrases create a caring atmosphere. It appears as if he is interested in your opinion or thoughts on a matter. Women like a real listener.

Where do you stand with other girls

Be aware of how he treats you when other females are in the vicinity. Does he pay the same amount of attention to these females as he does to you? If he is crushing on you the focus of his concentration is centered in your direction regardless of other females in the area. Additionally, he treats you with the respect a lady deserves at all times no matter who is present.

How to handle female friends

There are times when a young man will have female friends. In fact, some as just as many as male. This does not negate the fact of who is what in a relationship. There is a standard set of a sort of confidence as a couple versus a friend when in a group setting. Observe and notice whether he treats you like one of the guys or not..

Always look at it from his perspective. If there is a chance you have male friends, how do imagine he feels? Friends with benefits are another matter entirely. Former girlfriends are another set of pals most are capable of doing without. A simple hi or good bye suffices with these sorts of encounters. More than this means a relationship is not over between the two of them or you are a third wheel.

There are times when he is interested in you and a friend is acting like a buffer. It appears whenever things are going well this person shows up to sabotage it. Find a nice resourceful way to explain this to him if unable to politely move away for privacy. If things go south, well it was not meant to be. His friendship with this person is more important than starting a relationship with you.

A bundle of nerves

Countless men have a difficult time expressing feelings verbally to women they feel physically draw toward. He generally stumbles around with a conversation trying with much difficulty to focus on what words to use while chatting.This hyper awareness is what makes things seem stiff or awkward. While women admit to nervousness much quicker, men feel the same way though much slower to say so.

He wants to be cool

They become a little fidgety because the goal is not to be a goof in front of you. The best foot is put forward not to embarrass themselves in your presence. He wants to appear relaxed and cool. In so many words he wants to tell you he likes you without sounding desperate or “uncool”.

Being cool does not include being a bully or mean to another simply to gain your attention. Anyone using this sort of behavior for this purpose is not the right caliber of boyfriend for any sensible girl. If this is the best first impression, what does the future hold? It does not seem very bright.

Imitating you

This is one which comes as a surprise for lots of folks. When a guy mimics you or starts to copy gestures you use, he is interested. Liking the same soft drinks, music or food are some of the most familiar. This makes it easier to ask a girl to dinner, movies or a night out dancing.

Noticing the nice things

Simple things like pretending to bite his lip the same way is used as a way to break the ice. Additionally, he is saying in his own way how much attention he is paying to what you do and likes it. Mimicking is done with a smile and a teasing manner you enjoy. Laughing with you and never at you.

Try not to get caught with curlers in the hair or hot wax on eyebrows when a guy is keeping an eye on you. This avoids any faked compliments and lets a girl enjoy the real ones even more. Take an extra moment in the morning to double check if the earrings match the outfit or perfume was added today. Its the little things which are notable.

Compliments come easy

Admiration is much more transparent. There is an easier way to say he has a crush on you than mimicking. Observing out loud how nice your hair looks, how wonderful you smell or even noticing a new pair of boots says he finds you attractive. Significantly he likes what he sees in more ways than one.

Not only in a superficial physical sense is there an attraction, but he wants you to know he is paying attention to everything when it comes to you. This is characteristically not in a creepy stalker sort of way. If this is making you feel uncomfortable go with the little voice in the back of your mind red flagging this mutt.

It is the guy who does not miss the smallest things. Noticing a new pair of earrings or a bracelet is really paying attention. Compliments are nice to receive and show off great manners as well.

Just a friend

Even friends care about each other and will admire one another. In other words, even if only a friendly conversation it is still okay to admit a coat looks great on an individual. Treat them like all of the other close folks in life.

Folks you care about make it easy for something nice to be said no matter what. This old thing worn last winter is still a pretty scarf when a good friend puts it on this winter.

Comfort levels develop

Generally after a couple of initial contacts or conversations a man begins to feel more comfortable around you. When he is generally less stressed in your company it is a definite sign of attraction. He is feeling this way in your presence because he is fond of you.

Men are nervous the first couple of encounters, but if you put him at ease the more he is with you it says something about the chemistry growing between you two. For most it is admittedly in a familiar crowd of friends before a one on one feeling of ease.

No chemistry

If there is no chemistry felt, let him down easy. It is a great idea to get a nice new friend than bad mouth someone in front of a crowd to create an enemy. Remember to put the shoe on the other foot.

A little teasing

Teasing is perfectly normal and expected while trying to catch the attention of another person. A laughing tone or gesture every now and then along with a harmless joke is okay. Laughing with you about a private inside joke is a definite sign he likes you.

A draw to each other sharing the same sense of humor is always nice. If the teasing is something you both enjoy, it is a positive sign of attraction. If one or the other feels embarrassed or uncomfortable, stop immediately.

Saying sorry

An apology is necessary and should be delivered heartfelt. Failure to do so as soon as possible is not a great sign. Some people will do a verbal one and follow up with a gesture to say the same. Candy, concert tickets or a picnic all are great signs of how much he understands feelings where hurt by his actions.


Truly hearing what you say when speaking is pulling you towards him. He asks for a personal opinion and understands your point of view. When he listens and "gets" your side of things, he is trying to catch your eye because of what he feels about towards you.

He values your thoughts and what you have to say on a multitude of subjects.

Not always agreeing

There are times when there is not an immediate agreement by one or the other on the same point of view. This is nice. This is a way to have a conversation and resolve differences.

Both parties are able to voice a distinct opinion on a matter and support such with facts, figures or other things. There are times when a mind is changed and others when there is an agreement to disagree on a subject. It makes for interesting conversations and lets each person get to know the other a little better.

Wants to know the real you

Asking to know the real you is part of the attraction he feels. He is fascinated to understand what you like and don’t like. What is your favorite color or flower? All of these things are of interest to him because he is captivated by you.

Afraid of when the curtain is pulled back

Most females admit there is a reluctance felt here. There is a fear of his seeing something he will not like when the curtain is pulled back. Let the chips fall. If it is not pulled back today and the opportunity to go further with this young man is passed, there is regret. It comes in the form of never knowing if he like behind the curtain or not.

In conclusion

Most women look at a man and see indifference. A closer look shows he is really interested. Finding out for sure if he likes you is certainly not difficult when you know what to look for.

These are ten of the best signs he is attracted to you and in most cases trying to catch your eye. Watch out for some of the pitfalls and trust that little voice inside of us all.

If things look too good to be real, well take a second look. This is where the shine doesn't show and he real truth shines through. Everything is not as it seems. Sometimes this is a good thing.

Are you currently in a relationship? This is not always a simple yes or no.

Looking for another one of those obvious signs? A huge sign saying "I like you" is if he asks if you are in a committed relationship.

No one wants to know your relationship status unless they want to be in one with you.

With relationship status all over the web on countless social media sites, the question is irrelevant in lots of cases. Though, the courtesy of asking and waiting for an honest answer is terrific. A simple yes or no is not always the right answer. More explanation is needed for lots of females.

Certain behavior tells you so much about another person

Wondering if a guy likes you is one of the worst feelings in the world. This is usually a circumstance where you are interested in him, but refuse to make a fool of yourself to find out if he likes you as well.

Instead of fretting, find out for sure if he does. There are ways to make this happen simply following a few guidelines.

Physical touches are obvious signs of attraction

Physical contact through touches like lightly laying his hand on your arm or asking to hold your hand is an obvious sign of attraction.

Generally the opposite sex is just as nervous as you are when it comes to physical contact like holding hands. Do not be surprised if both of you have a little touch of sweaty hands.

A general definition of stalking behavior

Stalking is defined as harassment both physical or cyber/internet. These behaviors are unwanted by the person receiving the attention. The main goal of the stalker is to induce fear or psychological distress.

Physical injury is likely to occur because stalking behavior escalates in most cases. If you feel you are being stalked, men and women alike, contact your local law enforcement authorities. They will investigate and take action as needed.


What not to do to find out if he likes you and you like him

1. Never flirt with a friend of his to try and make him jealous

2. Spread a hurtful rumor about him to get his attention. This is negative attention you never want and will never lead to a positive and healthy relationship between the two of you.

3. Totally ignore him when he makes an effort to talk to you. Ignoring him totally will send the message you are not interested.

4. The silent treatment because of nerves is not a good sign. Even if you are too nervous to talk, at least smile back and make eye contact

5. Never decline when he asks you to a dance or party. If you honestly are not able to go for a good reason, share the reason with him. Start the relationship out with as much honesty as possible.

These are five actions not to do if he likes you and you like him. Stay away from these.

When he is crushing on you

Ever see a guy looking around, searching a crowd or a room and stops when he finds you. A smile spreads across his face. This is definitely a man with you on his mind. Take it as an enormous sign of crushing.

When words are not enough

There are times when words are simply not enough. Consider eye contact, body language, whether he is influenced by the personal feelings of friends or families or even the social surroundings are all variables or risks.

Odds are increased or decreased depending on how many or few of these are present. The ideal situation is none of these things matter. In fact, it all comes down to you and him in the ideal world. Though, real life and actual living are not always taking the same path in countless circumstances.

Stalking is not a crush or liking someone. Its against the law

Stalking is a crime and is reported to the police to handle whenever it occurs. It is not liking or crushing. Liking someone is a relationship where the attention is reciprocated by both parties. If not, both agree to leave one another to their own person lives. Life goes on for both. Stalking stops life for one or the other because feelings are not reciprocated.

Men stalk women and women stalk men. This action is not limited to one sex or another.

Men do stalk other men-usually when one is in a higher position in society or work. Basically the pecking order. Women do stalk other women-typically women involved in affairs will stalk their lover's wife.

Remember those grade school crushes?

Did you ever send one of those notes in grade school that said check yes or no if you like me or not?

See results

Info on when and how to know to leave a relationship

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