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10 Foolproof Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Updated on July 8, 2015

10 Foolproof Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Problems are expected in any healthy relationship. That’s the order of life. In fact, conflict has been at the center of every aspect of human interaction, romantic relationships included.

As a result, problems in a relationship should be seen as opportunities to learn and make amends. Practically everyone experiences problems in their relationships. How you handle them is what matters. People who know how to handle problems in an agreeable manner are said to be in a healthy relationship.

It’s human nature to seek advancement in anything that you do. At work, you’ll always seek to climb the corporate ladder through recognitions and promotions. The need to achieve the best in what you do serves as the motivation to do good all the time.

This should also be true with relationships.

How, you may ask. A healthy relationship has to be nurtured by the people involved. Make a deliberate effort to take it to the next level. You can even set targets and make it part of the fun. Every time you achieve a certain target, you can take your partner out or buy them a present.

However, each and every relationship is different. You can’t compare one with the other. If you seek to improve yours by comparing it with your neighbor’s or with your sister’s then it might not work.

In fact, what these other people regard as a healthy relationship might not be the same as your perception of the same. Therefore, before you do anything, consider the following questions to gauge whether you’re in a healthy relationship or you’re not.

1) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Do you enjoy the passion and Safety?

A little passion goes a long way. Passion is that strong desire to always want to be close and intimate with your partner. So, is passion really important in a healthy relationship? In other words, how do you feel when you’re with your partner? Do you feel the adrenalin flowing? Do experience the sense of safety in the company of your lover?

It you answered “yes” to all the questions above then you’re definitely in a healthy relationship.

Just remember that passion goes beyond the sexual desire. It encompasses all the strong desires to always want to see your partner happy. This feeling must be mutual for a healthy relationship to flourish. However, it’s important to point out that these aren’t the only key features of a healthy relationship. Other aspects must be put in perspective before these two become effective. In other words, passion and sexuality are the resultant of a balanced relationship but not the cause.

2) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Does your relationship revolve around shared values, goals and lifestyles?

Everyone has varying preferences. However, if you’re in a relationship you must learn to sacrifice a few rights and indulgences in order to accommodate the aspirations of your partner. You can only achieve this if you respect and trust your spouse. Lack of respect and trust will make the partner feel unloved, and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

3) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Do you know your partner well?

Who’s this person you claim to be in love with? What does he or she want in life? Think about it really! Have ever asked yourself whether your partner has any fears? What about what excites him or her? These are reflective questions that you must find answers to if you want to lead a healthy relationship. It’s also advisable that you let them also understand who you are and what you really want.

4) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Do you communicate your feelings clearly?

The communication channels in a healthy should be clear of any obstacles. It should also be well balanced. Don’t allow your feelings to cloud your judgment. Most of the time, this may lead to irresponsible decisions. Be a darling and communicate your desires in a mature and responsible manner.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Gauge Your Relationship by Taking this Vote

Do you feel safe in the company of your partner?

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5) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Do you respect individual perspectives and beliefs?

Let’s be honest here. The two of you are two distinct individuals each with unique perspectives about life. You can’t force your partner to take your side in every aspect of life. That would be trying to merge Venus and Mars. It’s just not possible.

It’s advisable that you give each other room to think individually. Later, maybe, you may put your thought together and determine how they can help the relationship.

6) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Do you support each other?

Supporting each other cannot be overemphasized really. You should be there for each other both physically and emotionally. Make a point of indentifying your spouse’s wants or needs. After that, try and help them to meet them. It’s the best thing that can happen to a healthy relationship.

7) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Are you satisfied with who you are and more important are you satisfied with who your partner is?

If you’re given a second chance to choose the person to spend the rest of your life with who will be the person?

If the answer is your current partner, then you are in a healthy relationship. Don’t let go of a person who completes you. If you have doubts about your choice, it’s important that you search your soul over and over.

8) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Are you proud to introduce your partner to friends?

Or maybe you feel safe hiding him or her behind the scene? If so, then you aren’t proud of your spouse. Do something about before someone else does it for you.

9) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Are you pleased with the relationship?

In other words, how far can you go to protect the relationship? A healthy relationship is worth fighting for. Don’t just seat back and watch as something such important goes to waste. Always be on the lookout for telltale signs of danger and work on them they turn into the monster you cannot control.

10) Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Have you set realistic expectations?

Unrealistic expectations can strain a healthy relationship. Remember, this is not a soap opera or a movie where everything happens as the director deems fit. You should be aware of the hard realities that things might sometime go wrong.

There are no perfect people who’ll meet all your demand and desires. It’s something you must learn to live with. So, get real and take whatever comes your way with grace.

In essence, the most important aspect of a healthy relationship is for both of you to be happy and satisfied. The rest, as they say will come to pass.


Any relationship that possesses all of the qualities expressed in the questions above, is on the right track. Seek to work on improving the other areas that are lacking. And for those whose relationships didn’t meet the above qualities, you can always use the guidelines to improve on your relationship.


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