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10 Friends You've Known Forever, That You Should Drop Immediately

Updated on June 8, 2015

10. The fair weather friend

These are the friends that will swing by at their leisure, yet not find the time to make it to your birthday party. When it comes to friendship, who really needs someone who's only around at their convenience? Even if they used to spend the night at your house every night during the summer of the seventh grade, that doesn't mean you really know them now. Stop putting yourself through the stress of unanswered textvitations and move on. If they really care, they'll reach out to you. Chances are, they won't.

9. The boozy buddy

This is the friend that's always drunk. Since the ninth grade, you can remember drunk dials and 2am "Where are you?" texts. Sure, maybe at 21 this was entertaining because you always had a buddy to go out with, but when was the last time you did an activity together that didn't involve alcohol? Unless this friend is going to bail you out of jail because they caused your DUI, block their number!

8. The Negative Nancy

Nothing brings you down worse than a friend that never has anything positive to say! These people are the ones constantly finding something wrong with everything. From the meal you just ate, to that girl's outfit at the table next to you. Ain't no one got time for that! Negativity attracts negativity. Escape now!

7. The friend that's always broke

Everyone had a top-ramen diet at one point in their lives. Most have grown out of it though. Money management skills have a lot to say about a person's character, and if your friend has constantly blown their paycheck two days after payday, you can't keep picking up their tab! Not only could it end up affecting you financially, but your friend probably has probably physically grown up with you, but not mentally!

6. The Juliet

Everyone's priorities can shift when they get into a new relationship. Especially if you're single, a friend that constantly ditches you to be with her S.O. can be irritating! If this is a pattern, however, it's really a sign of how your friend values your friendship. If the second she changes her relationship status on facebook, you're aware you're not going to see her until it ends, give up. Maybe she'll learn when she doesn't have your shoulder to cry on for the 25th time!

5. The "I can do better-er"

There is nothing more obnoxious than a one-upper! It doesn't matter if you just won the lottery, or lost ten pounds. This friend will turn the conversation back around to say they did the same thing... only more! These friend are never going to offer you the emotional support you should get from a friend, but rather always make you feel like you're not good enough. Run, run, run!

4. The druggie

Let's be honest, drugs were never cool. But if you're like the majority of the population... you may have had a phase. Then, there's that one friend where that phase became a lifestyle. Even though you may not be using drugs with that friend, knowing about their addiction or drug use could have some really bad effects on your own life! Pass on the grass, and make it clear you only want law-abiding friends in your circle.

3. The relationship ruiner

If you have a friend that none of your significant others have liked, there's probably a reason. Chances are, your family never liked them either. Maybe they're always encouraging you to do wrong things, or they're just a bad person altogether. Before picking this person over others, use the majority rules tactic. If you take a step back and reevaluate this person for who they are, and not necessarily how long you've known them, maybe you'll see what everyone else sees.

2. The one that took the other path

No one should cut someone out of their life just because they live it differently than you. However, if you've chosen a life of work, friends, and travel, it may be difficult to relate to your friend that's stuck inside the house all day with a bunch of screaming kids. Over time, it can become difficult to just hold a conversation with this person. You've just grown apart. Forcing yourself through lunches where you can relate to each other is stressful, and really defeats the purpose of being friends in the first place. You don't necessarily have to let go of this friend, but accepting that you lead different lives and not trying to force the friendship can give you some peace about it. Who knows? Paths often sometimes meet again.

1. The toxic "friend"

Sometimes you have people that cause destruction every where they go. They usually storm about burning bridges as if for sport. They're typically cheaters, manipulators, and all in all bad people. If you notice a pattern of your life crumbling the second you get a phone call from this person, run away. They'll contact you if they need something, but are rarely there for you. They play on your emotions, and usually refer to everyone as their "best friend" Because they think it flatters them. These people will lead a lonely life, and in turn will continue to destroy yours unless you cut them out.

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    • Julie K Henderson profile image

      Julie K Henderson 2 years ago

      Bravo. This is a helpful, comprehensive list of friends not worth keeping. Voted up.