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10 Keys to an Extraordinary Relationship

Updated on January 7, 2016

Being in a loving long-term relationship is one of the biggest blessings that ensures never ending fortune. But it is important to remember that it can’t happen without great efforts. Romantic relationships require particular skills that help you in discovering the main formula of extraordinary relationships. You would be pleasantly surprised that such simple things like unexpected compliment, delicious dinner, some affection and shown appreciation for your lover can quickly reinforce your connection. This article introduces 10 ways to keep both partners comfortable and pleased with each other for centuries.

#10: Express your feelings every day!


When we fall in love with someone we have to be prepared to work hard for our relationship. Of course that perfect relation doesn’t happen naturally, we have to fight for it. Firstly, we can’t be afraid of putting huge effort in order to help each other be more confident and satisfied. We have to help each other to feel better not only at our successful moments, but also when we are faced up with failures. We can accomplish it using different methods.

Although it is said that actions are more important than words, we have to remember that words also have a significant role in every relationship. There is no doubt that good words and compliments that are intended for our partner will make them feel more significant, happy and safe in the relationship. Sometimes we forget that cute words to each other can eliminate daily routine. From now on, try saying at least one lovely phrase to your partner when he is tired or when he is without mood. You will notice that a simple “I love you very much”, “I can’t imagine my life without you” or “You are the biggest gift of my life” will strengthen your relationship rapidly. All negative emotions and conflict situations in your relationship will decrease. Many people will ask you to reveal your romantic relationship formula to the whole world. This sounds beautiful, right?

#9:Don’t have secrets and always be prepared to help at the worst moments!


There is no doubt that you have to be open with your partner. You don’t have to be afraid to share your future plans, dreams or biggest fears with each other. That’s your lover and also your best friend. The fact that you reveal your partner most of your personal secrets will make him feel special. Also, it proves that you always trust your partner. Of course, sometimes we need to have our individual space in relationship, it is normal, but we can’t forget to give our time and ourselves to the people we love the most. Sincere conversations really do miracles!

Also, you always have to be prepared to help your lover when he really needs you. Anyone might lose their job, be faced with other painful accidents or conflicts at workplace. In situations like these we have to support and encourage our lovers. Only sincere conversation, supportive behavior, small acts of physical intimacy and gentle words strengthen our love both in both successful and difficult moments.

#8: Make an unexpected surprise!


The most beautiful feeling is when we can see our lover’s huge smile on their face and a shining soul because of our particular actions. All of us know that everyone loves attention, special surprises and kindness. These things strongly affect the connection with our loved one. But sometimes we can’t find the time or the money to make a surprise for the ones we do appreciate the most. Of course, building a successful relationship is not a simple task, but we can use our imagination and find out a unique idea that will definitely change our relationship for the better. It is important to us, right?

Even the smallest thing like a red rose, particular book that your significant other always wanted to buy, a lovely notebook which they can use to write down their busy schedule or a sublime dinner will make them feel extraordinary. It will prove that you think about your partner and you put in much effort in development of your connection. For example, you can write a romantic letter for your lover and leave it on their work table or in their jeans pocket. You can be assured that your lover eyes will blaze all day. Your actions prove that you want to help them be more confident, secure and show that you are ready for any difficulties in your relationship. It seems very easy and sometimes not effective, but after several applications of these tips you will see the results. We have to include these successful relationship components in our agenda and try not to have any doubts about its effectiveness. We have to remember that “True genius lies in simplicity”.

#7: Try something new together!


Why is it useful to do new things with your partner? The answer is that it is a funny way to develop your relationship and find new hobbies that will displace a boring routine. Also, it will allow you to keep things more exciting for a long period. Your responsibility is to always experiment and don’t be conservative. You can come up with an idea of visiting a new restaurant, museum or another country in which you have never been before or trying to cook something new. It’s no secret that most couples in their early stages of a relationship are more inventive and always want to surprise their partner and make them feel happy. However, sometimes most couples forget to cherish this attitude because of insanely fast pace of life and heavy workload.

Always try finding some time to cheer up your significant other. Think of a new activity that you can do together. For example, on Mondays after work you could decide on watching a movie and making a pizza with your partner. This would totally change the routine for the better. You will see that doing new things together will reduce stress after a hard day at work and you will be faced with less issues in your relationship.

#6: Be thankful!


Don’t forget to often emphasize to your partner what amazing things you have learned from your relationship. For example, maybe your partner has taught you to appreciate yourself more, to never have doubt in yourself and bravely fight for your dreams. That’s why now you have qualities that help you achieve your dreams easier. You have to appreciate those things and don’t take it for granted. It is a huge blessing to have a person that inspires you and who sees and emphasizes only the best features that you have. It means that your partner works for your relationship. Tell them what you appreciate the most about them, emphasize how they inspire you and be thankful for their every action and word that allows you to constantly grow.

#5: Have common goals!


It is important for everyone to have dreams that inspire growth and strive for perfection. For example, you can have a desire to learn a new language or develop your communication skills. Of course, we might have different goals, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that all aims distract us from the routine and encourages to believe in ourselves. We have to remember that it is useful to raise a goal not only to ourselves, but also to have common goals with the significant other. You can decide on losing weight together, finding more time for running or learning to dance salsa. Common goals are essential in every relationship because it strengthens your connection with partner and brings more spark to the daily life. You will enjoy finding common goals and be proud of each other when you reach them!

#4: Demonstrate appreciation for your lover every day!


Your lover has to know why you love them, why you are proud of them, which qualities you like the most. In other words, they have to know why they are so unique in your eyes. It will encourage them to grow, improve and reveal their full potential. And now you know one more beneficial component of successful relationship – constant partner support and encouragement the entire life cycle. You will notice that your lover’s inner radiance shines brighter. Of course, it will bring the most beautiful and positive changes in your relationship. So don’t wait for the perfect moment, but take a moment and create it.

#3: Learn from your partner!


Look at your partner as through a mirror and try to acquire the qualities you like the most. It will help you improve and become a better individual. Maybe you are a person that worries too much about the little things. If you know that your partner is a calm person, try learning how to be calmer. Ask your partner for advices. Ask them what you have to do if you want to acquire that quality. Your lover will be amazed by the fact that you want to improve yourself and learn from them. You have to transfer your best characteristics to your partner. That is your responsibility. Only when we work with our qualities and weaknesses together we can achieve perfection!

#2: Date time!


We live in a society where all of us are faced up with a very high pace and tension. That’s why we can’t find the time for our relationship improvement. We only think about our work responsibilities, children or housework. But we forget about the other important things. For example, romantic relationship with our partner. Decide on having a date once a week. Spend quality time only with your partner. Forget about your phone, Facebook messages or work. Your attention will be paid only to the person you love the most.

Date time will help you to recreate your communication and build much stronger closeness. Also, you and your partner will have an opportunity to dress up with the most beautiful clothes. Advice for women: forget about your jeans and put on the most favorite dress. Advice for men: forget about every day shirts and put on the most beautiful suit. Both of you will look adorable and you won’t take your eyes off of each other. It will strengthen physical attraction. Now you just have to choose activities that will make you both happy!

#1: Don’t compare!


Many people like to compare their lives to others. We have to know that it doesn’t bring happiness. All of us think about what car our neighbor is driving, what house they live in, what food they eat or what restaurants they visit. We have other things to compare with. Now we like to compare our relationships too. We observe what gifts our friends get from their partner, how they spend their leisure time, how they treat each other and how they express their love to each other. We can always learn some important lessons from other couples, but it’s not healthy to compare ourselves to others. Every couple is faced up with difficulties and has their strengths. We have to cherish our relationship and keep thinking how we can improve it. Constant comparison stops you from enjoying what you have. You will always think that your relationship is still missing something. Concentrate only on your relationship!

To sum up, it doesn’t matter whether your relationship is in a good or bad condition. We always have an opportunity to change ourselves, our relationship and environment. Everything requires particular skills and huge efforts. All of the tips that were described in this article will work best as guidelines for a better relationship. Just try them all in practice and you will be pleasantly surprised! Your openness, efforts, imagination, attention and respectful behavior with your lover can fortify your connection and guarantee that it will last not only one month or year, but all your lifetime.

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