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5 ways to get a guy to like you

Updated on February 11, 2013

How to get a guy to like you.

Everyone has been there you meet a great guy, go out a few times, and discover you really like him. I found in my most successful relationships the key was the guy has always liked me just a little bit more than I've liked him or led him to believe. Guys like the chase. Have you ever wondered why the snobby girl have all the boys going crazy? It's because she will not give them the time of day. Not only do guys like the chase they also like the mystery. Most guys have this fantasy in their head about a girl and although they try to get to know her, they really don't want to find out the fantasy is not real. I am not saying that you would need to live up to any unrealistic standards but there are a few games that must be played. To be honest I have not quite figured out why these games must be played, I just know that you have to play them to win that guy.

  • 1. Don't call/text too often

Text or call to say hi only if he has texted/called first.

Guys like the chase and when they think they already got the girl they tend to put less of an effort. Once they notice that you are not really into them like that he kind of hurts their pride and pricks their interest. They will be thinking why hasn't she called me. What does she not like about me. I'm great. Mostly the same things we are thinking when they don't call us and we give in and call them first. In order to keep your fingers from dialing his digits keep yourself busy and your mind occupied. Join a book club, go to the gym, have dinner with friends, clean out your closet, rearrange your living or bedroom. Call up one of your girlfriends. ( Guys like it when your not just sitting around waiting on him?

Don't get me wrong sometimes you should call or text him first. After a date to let him know you had a great time, if he told you something important was happening to him text him good luck or ask how it went.

  • 2. Don't be so available

Okay now that he is calling/texting you often the next thing you may want to do is to not always be available for him. If he calls you out the blue and wants to hook up sometimes is okay but don't always drop what you are doing to be with him. He needs to plan and think about the things he plan for you to do. If you are always available for him at a drop of the hat than he's never going to plan anything for you guys to do. Guys like to be in control or at the very least think they are in control. Blow him off a few times, don't be available for him all the time, this will make him want u even more.

  • 4 Don't be a girlfriend acting like a wife

In any relationship there are position that must be played. The goal is to be wifed up but in the process you are just the girlfriend. So there are things you must not do. Don't always be the one to cook at his place. Don't always do the grocery shopping, errands, or house chores. It's ok to do these things but don't make them a habit. Have you ever wonder why a dude won't married a girl he's been with for 5+ years? Its because she is playing the the wife role and why should he pay the baker when he can bake the bread for free? You are only a girlfriend so be a girlfriend.

  • 5 Have fun, Don't sweat the small stuff

Not every battle is a war. Pick and choose what you let upset you. If he forgets to take the trash out, Don't get mad and jump down his throat You can say "hey babe u forgot the trash" then laugh.You also can leave the smelly trash in a room he enjoys being in.

These are some of the things I have done and worked for me. I am currently not in a relationship. The main way to get a guy to like you is by being yourself and if that doesn't work than he is not the guy for you. When you meet the right guy you will know because he will like/love you for you flaws and all. Happy Dating


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