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10 Signs She's Crazy: Crazy Chicks Revealed

Updated on August 4, 2011

10 Signs That She's Crazy: How to tell if she's crazy in the first few months of a relationship.

Most guys have dated at least 1 crazy girl in their life. They usually start out as really intense relationships and eventually end in mass chaos. It's hard to tell if a girl is crazy from the get go because she's on her best behavior in the early stages of a relationship. Unfortunately you can't just come out and ask a girl if she's crazy because crazy girls always lie. Instead you have to read the signs.

10. She Cries All The Time:

Any chick that cries all the time is nuts. Period. And it's freaking uncomfortable. What's a guy supposed to do when it starts?

9. She Doesn't Have Any Friends of Her Own:

Chicks travel in packs. Especially single chicks. If a girl doesn't have any friends it makes me think something's wrong. What did she do to lose all her friends? Or is she so crazy that she never had any to begin with?

fatal attraction
fatal attraction

8. She's Been Dumped On By Everyone:

Does she have one sob story after another? Has everyone used and abused her? Are all of her ex-boyfriends the biggest jerks ever? Do you want to beat them up to defend her honor? Maybe things aren't as drastic as she makes them. Maybe she's overreacting or exaggerating. Maybe it's all in her head.

7. She Hates Her Family:

Sometimes families suck so there can be exceptions to this rule but if she hates EVERYONE in her family; be warned. Start listening to why she hates them and decide if it's valid or is she crazy and hates her family because they locked her up in an institution until she was 18...


6. She Calls You All The Time:

Does she call you more than 5 times a day? If your girlfriend is totally up your butt she's either needy, insecure or both. Not a good combination.

crazy girl
crazy girl

5. She Fights With You In Public:

Everyone fights but most sane people reserve that for private time. No one likes to air their dirty laundry in front of everyone. If a chick is fighting with you in front of your friends or family, she's wacked. There is no reason why she can't wait until you're alone to be a bitch.

4. She Needs To Know Your Every Move:

Is she always asking you where you are or where you're going? Even if you've already told her. Is she checking up on you? If you haven't cheated on her then she has no reason not to trust you. Girls who don't trust you without a good reason are coo coo for coco puffs.


3. She Goes Through Your Stuff:

This ties into #4. Unless you've cheated on her, why doesn't she trust you? You've never given her any reason not to. What is she looking for? Does she think all guys cheat? Is she looking for a reason to dump you? Whatever her motives - they're not normal.

she's crazy
she's crazy

2. She Freaks Out About Other Girls:

Does she hate your ex girlfriend? Does she freak out if a girl's name shows up on your phone? Does she get jealous over ugly girls too? If she's pissed that some fat cow from high school wrote on your Facebook wall you have a problem. Sane girls don't get jealous over nothing.

1. She's Stalking You:

Maybe you think it's cute that she "surprises" you by popping in unannounced on your boy's night out but it's not. She's checking up on you and insinuating herself on your private time. You can't be together 24/7. Big Problem.

Bottom Line:

Every chick has her moments. If your girlfriend pulls some of this shit from time to time give her a break. No one's perfect. However, if you just read through this list and it described your girlfriend... Run. Really far away. And change your phone number. And Locks.


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