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Gifts for Valentine Day for book lovers

Updated on August 31, 2013



Ok, the valentine day is coming near and you are racking your brain out wondering what to get for that oh someone special to remind him/her of you, your love and that well that both of you still have it whatever it is you two are suppose to have it. Because I am still sitting here writing about this because I am racking my brain thinking what am I suppose to get it if at all. Whether I need to get another of bottle of wine or chocolate.....But I do know what I want and as you can see that I love reading books let me start off by what I want then I can move on what what to get for him. Make sense. Simple.

For book lovers - gift idea

Ok so I love to read does that mean for valentine I want something that is related to my interest? WRONG. Why? Because whatever money I have left to spare is spent on books so that means I don't get to pamper myself or buy what I really need because I think I should buy that latest best seller on NY Time and the review was amazing. So really here goes the next five most important list that anyone should get for book lover. And next five list is what you should get if you want to play safe. Serious.

#1 Gift Idea -fragrance

You can't go wrong with fragrance. Its the most ideal gift idea whether its valentine, birthdays or any special day or any gift day. Women loves fragrance and that's why the celebrity have joined the club of making fragrance. Since there are varieties of fragrance in the market and it totally depends on the individual what kind of smell they love I wouldn't want to advice on particular fragrance as a must buy. But the list of fragrance give is few fragrance that is on the best seller list for the past few years and I love their smell.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

#2 Gift Idea - Jewellaries

you don't necessary have to break your bank account to get something perfect like diamond for her. If you can afford it and get Tiffany stuffs well that's better than anything. But Valentine is going to be romantic and beautiful day so you can get her something classy and not so old fashioned like the gemstone or pearl jeweleries that she can wear as everyday wear or during the special occasion. Like those classy pearl earrings or gemstone rings that doesn't look too trashy or does it look cheap. And yes they do look beautiful.

And amazon is having this great sales on jeweleries that will be great for your budget. However, red envelope have this great gift idea and the stuffs they have is pretty amazing.

Git ideas that is less than $100

Faceted Fuchsia Agate Bead and Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart and Bicone Y Necklace, 18"
Faceted Fuchsia Agate Bead and Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart and Bicone Y Necklace, 18"

Made of sterling silver with agate bead and swarovski elements crystal heart


#3 Gift Idea - Lingerie

Hmm...if you buy that its a treat for you as well as for her for that special day. And yes, anything to remind her that she is a woman when she is most of the time lost in her books or book reader and forget that she needs to feel good inside and out sometimes to enjoy LIFE. And believe me a sexy lingerie inside a dowdy dress cannot go wrong. Do you remember seeing a woman with secret smile on her face despite her wearing the most hideous coat. Bet she had something red, black, pink lacy kind of sexy on inside that coat. Next time you pass a woman on the street be sure to check out her face.

#4 GIft Idea - Purses

Tell me who doesn't want purses and handbags. It seems women love to horde handbags, purses and shoes more than anything. Oh yes, can I say scarf too? Yep scarf that can be make a simple dress into classic one, or trendy or flashy depending on your day. Yes scarf!!! But I am not here to talk about scarf. I am here to talk about purses that goes with anything or anywhere. Yep.

#5 Gift Idea - A romantice night out

You have run out of idea. She has all of the above and you want to do something new or something simple. What will get a book lover and a woman? A romantic night out!! How lame! But this will get any woman whether they are book lover or just simple a woman with no special interest. You can take her out to a simple dinner with wine and dance. Its a perfect setting for a romantic day.

Safe Gift Ideas -

Ok You must have got those above gifts thousandth times or may be few times. So here is couple of safe idea you can't go wrong no matter what. And if she is a book lover I assure you she would be so grateful that you might remember the night more than anything ;).

Safe Gift Idea #1 - Book reader

She loves to read. Simple get her the book reader that is hot selling like cupcakes.

Safe Gift Idea #2 - Gift card for books

Run out of ideas. Great idea. How about those gift cards for books that she can buy anything to her hearts content?


Safe Gift Idea #3 - Flowers

Yea flowers are simple but very significant to remind her that you love her. And you can speak to her through flowers. Red roses means "I love you". So the flower seller should have an idea about flower language and you can send it to her along with the card to remind her of you and not to get lost in the books.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

safe Gift Idea #4- Chocolates

Well the most simple timeless gifts after flower. Chocolates...and books...and wine..says it all. So you still don't agree with the gift list. What ya still doing here without getting anything. Go and run and grab those chocolates!!!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Safe Gift Idea #5 - A bag that holds all the important items for her

Ok another simple idea to get her to compliment her looks, her dress and whatever for the day. So she can carry her tablet, phone and all the nick nacks a woman carry.


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