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10 things a woman can do to make a man cry.

Updated on September 3, 2009

Why so sad?

Image courtesy of flicker.
Image courtesy of flicker.

10 things a woman can do to make a man cry.

 Every body's answer was the same when I first posed the question: "What can a woman do to a man that will make them cry?"  The answer was:  Cheat.  They misunderstood my question.  If a man and a woman are in a relationship, it's easy to think of ways to make the male cry.  But, my angle was different.  The man and the woman are not in a relationship.  They are friends, old friends, ex-lovers, roommates, and/or acquaintances.  No physical pain allowed.  It's easy to make a guy cry if you just kick him in the crotch.

This is to help women who have been done wrong by any man in their life.  It may seem cruel, but if a woman is looking for a reason to make you cry, you probably deserve it, man.

We're going to count backwards from 10 to 1. 

10.  Make him watch "Brian's Song" or "Field Of Dreams."  These two movies are guaranteed to make a guy cry, no matter how tough they may seem. 

9.  Disrespect his mother or call him a 'bad son.'  Usually, the man's emotion will begin as anger, but slowly will turn into sadness and a tear or two. 

8.  Bring up a dead pet.  Patches was his best friend for 12 years until mommy and daddy took him to a 'big farm' to live on for the rest of his life.  The thought of the love he had for patches, will no doubt make him tear up a bit.

7.  Offer casual sex and then, change your mind!

6.  Steal something he loves.  His favorite shirt or that stupid Tony Romo bobblehead.

5.  Offer to "hook him up" with one of your hot girlfriends.  Then, tell him she doesn't want to go out with him because he's unattractive.  Ouch.

4.  'Carrie Underwood' his car.  Key it.  Baseball bat to the windshield.  When he sees the one thing he loves, his car, in pain, he will cry.  Trust me.

3.  Tell him (and others if you like) that he is bad in bed.  This, of course, only works if the woman has had an intimate relationship with the man.  If not, she can still tell others that he's bad in bed...she's heard stories from past girlfriends.

2.  Tell him he's going to die alone.  That one makes everyone cry.


1.  Tell him (and others if you like) that he has a small penis!  Men are obsessed with that part of their anatomy.  If she tells him it's small, his embarassment will turn to tears.  And if she tells others about his teenie weenie, and he finds out, his self-esteem will be crushed, which will lead to uncontrolable sobbing.  Even if she never actually saw it, she can assume...or lie.

Why are men so obsessed with their penis'?  The world may never know.


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    • profile image

      Kansan 22 months ago

      thats bullshit ingeneral, poor content and apparently written by a Virgin kneegrow girl, anyways tears doesnt realy show if you are really hurt. you can hurt a man, yes , you can make him cry ..sometimes , but bitches it only take one slap on ya face to make you cry a river , so beat it

    • profile image

      pia 2 years ago

      Just loved the no1 point... dats a big Ouucch to guys !!

    • profile image

      Ruthless 3 years ago

      Make him watch a beautiful car get blown up. DeLorean, Mustang...pick-up truck

      If he has beautiful wordwork throughout his house, sand it down and paint over it!

      If he's a hunter and has a collection of trophies on the wall, take them all down, send them to the decorators to be dyed nice light pastel colors, and then hang them back up on the walls

      OR...Erma Bombeck's favorite...Drive a nail into a beautiful, untouched wall!

    • profile image

      I hate boy 3 years ago

      I'm trying to find how to make a 11 year old boy cry cause he made me cry today and he didn just made me cry he also say mean thing about my exam bad and tell my bus driver about it not only that he use his shoe to hit me Arggggggggg!.... Plz tell me what to do I can"t forget it it was painful

    • profile image

      Jendl 3 years ago

      If I love her then she can break me easily. But if she is just a psycho then none of it will work. Boys don't cry, but real MEN do.

    • profile image

      Naomi 3 years ago

      That's like giving somebody instructions on how to commit murder.

      Whether you say it's a joke or not, do you still think this is a justifiable option to choose from? I think you have to be a sick and hateful individual that likes to hurt people in order to think like that.

      Why would I ever want to humiliate any man like that. I've had my share of grievances with them that were dismissed with no harm. Women like you give the rest of us bad name. Men are a lot more sensitive than you think and vulnerable these days.

    • profile image

      Kkk 4 years ago

      What the fuck. This hit is crazy and I am only like 14 years old. First of all why the fuck would anyone want to make a guy cry, that just shows tha you have no heart at all. So what if he hurt you, the best thing to help the problem to just walk away meaning leave the ass alone. HE sooner or later come running back to saying what the fuck happened between you and me. But it does not all ways turn out like. If he really is a bitch then he will come back though. But really that was the shittest piece of shit I have ever read. And trust I have read a whole bunch of shit. Look I am going through some boy problems at school and shit. The one boy that I have a crush on rejected me. He wrote me letter on Monday saying oh I don't like you I don't have feeling for you and please leave me alone. ANd the worst part was that the letter was ripped in half with sloppy ass hand writing and some one else had to give me the letter since he was too much of a pussy to give it to me himself. So I went up to him while all the 8 the graders were there since I am a 8 th grader too and I cursed him out doo bad and went crazy and the really did run away from me. And the worst part for him was that all his homies wear there and the backed away from him because even they got scared. Like I was really to kill him or at least punch him and have him bleed to death. Since I am a good fight and bitches know so. The very next day after school to Tuesday I went up to him after school and asked him if he wrote the letter. He said he did not. But the weird thing was that at the beginning of the school he treated me like shit and even called me names and wrote the same exact letter thy said the shit but at thy time it was not ripped in half. But it still had sloppy hand weighting. So he was eating chips with chess so that really was not cute. :) so I asked what if one of you homies wrote the letter, but you see I already knew that it was him because some one from his class room heard hima and his friends talking about it and when I went up to him he was smiling right in face so that proved that he knew what was coming and he knew about the letter before hand. So he lied and said I don't know. HE was stilling eating and I just wanted to kick him in the nuts but then that would make every thing fall to pieces and he would touch me back in the wrong way like grab my boobs or what ever that has to do with sex. So I stopped my self I know I am not a hoe who wants to get touched and all that fuck up shit, so then one of my guy friends and his homie too came he walks the same way as my crush does too. So the my crush stated to scream come on run I am going to die. Then I told him what the guck I did not even start choking you yet. Then he looked at me really hard and turned around. Then my homie finally made it my crush said some thing in his ear and then the both laughed. Then I got pissed off and asked them both what the duck are two laughing about. The both replied I don't know. Then I got even more pusses off that I crossed the street and shouted you laugh at every thing, one day you are gong to have to learn that life is not a game. Then he shouted back shut up. Then I shouted back I do t even know why I am wasting my time on you any ways I got better things to do with my like since I got a life. Then he shouted back just stop talking. Then I shouted back what ever. THEn he shouted I don't like you. Then I said finally you should have told me that on Monday you pussy ass bitch. He never did reply back to me farther that last sentence. I guess I did hurt him. Because I know he heard me loud and clear because I am so loud that you can hear me form like 25 miles away. ;) then the very next day on end day one of my class mates came and told be in math class that they were talking to one of his friends on Tuesday and they were talking about me gong up to him on Monday and one of his friends told one of my class mates that he really does like me. So they told me on Friday and I was shocked because of all that happened. We had gotten into like soooo many argue manta bad it turns out that he likes me. Then I started to feel bad. Because I had emailed on the google cps and explained how I felt and he emailed me back like 2 weeks later the Thursday the dame week that I went up to him saying please leave me alone. So u really don't know what going on I mean he stars at me and looks way when I catch I him staring at him. Ad some time s we even hold eye contact. But ever done Thursday I have not talked to him. And then a fete school yesterday on Friday after school he walked my way home. Because I was with one of my friends and then all of the sudden I looked back and he was walking behind me with one of him friends too and his little brother. So when I turned the corner he did too because I guess he had to go home too. I guess me leaving alone was actually paying off. Now he is the one following me home. At least half way. I know that he knows that I have sort of moved on because I heard from one of my friends from his class room that he tells his friends Thai no longer go after him after school. So that is a good sign. Looks like a autarky is paying attention. And he is the kind if teen guy that has been rejected so many times by girls that he liked. AND SO not so many girls talk to him. He is not a nerd or anything but he is an asshole sometimes. So that might be the resin why he is soil harsh towards girls now. And he used to day that all girls were hoes. I guess it's because if the rejection that he had Togo through too much. And he is only 14 like me. He is black like me and has long hair that us braided like me too so when it comes to physical trait we have that I common. And he knows. But even though he has made me cry at least three times at school and at home, I would never ever think of revenge or trying to make him cry. Because I have a heart. On like this bitch that wrote this stupid shit. And by the way you may say that it was a. Juke but I bet you no one laughed at that shit because it's dum and so go fuck you self some wear hoe

    • profile image

      Kristen 4 years ago

      I'm gonna try these on a boy who's tryin' t o destroy my life. Thx for the tips, Shannon :)

    • profile image

      Dan435 4 years ago

      Shannon, if you meant it as a joke, then no one is laughing. I'm pretty sure that if a man posted ten things to make women cry, you wouldn't think it was a joke. Women would be crying bloody murder. And any woman who even mentions my mother in a negative way would get the worse beat down anyone ever got. Woman or not.

    • profile image

      ., 4 years ago

      What a pathetic article, you must be a stupid slut to write such a huge amount of crap. And then people wonder why we treat women bad .. this article is ridiculous.

    • profile image

      PACH 4 years ago

      This is just stupid

    • profile image

      Me 4 years ago

      Tell him you updated his computer to Windows 8

    • profile image

      sandra 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      donvitoc 5 years ago

      I'm not a cryer, but I am (admittedly) pretty depraved. A number of these would send my libido into overdrive. An assertive bitch turns me on. I don't know why, and I know it's stupid and weird, but it's true. I've made a number of girlfriends even more angry when we were in a heated argument because I'll start to flirt with her while she's mad at me. I can't help it. It turns me on.

      Thank you, ma'am! May I have another? LOL

    • profile image

      t dale 5 years ago

      The opposite of love is apathy... not hate. If someone is obsessed with hurting an ex lover… then they obviously still have unresolved feelings about the relationship. If you want to be at peace, accept that you are better off alone. Nothing is more pitiful than a spurned lover who lives for revenge. It's behavior like this that probably scared him off in the first place.

    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago probably one of the dumbest things I have read, and I'm a woman. I hope it's a joke.

    • profile image

      henry 5 years ago

      I most confess, i love your guild, i have same problem and will do just that to win her back, but i have this to say, my wife always want to go to her parent's house, and when ever she go, she will stay till late, how do i handle it?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I have had the small penis thing thrown at me. I am average, but her first bf was huge so she enjoyed reminding me of that. My crime? I hurt her feelings accidentally . Anyway, it was a very effective way of making me feel less attractive when I was with her, and also an effective way to let me know that she was not someone I could trust, and extinguish my feelings of love and affection for her.

      Congratulations on your loneliness!

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 5 years ago from Europe

      Wow this hub sure got some heated reactions. Fun read though.

    • profile image

      Hannah 5 years ago

      I haven't cryed in years and I'm fourteen. What the hell is wrong with me? Nothing ever bothers me anymore and I can no longer understand people. I mean I get angry at people who dump their stupid self centered problems in my lap which happens more often than it should, but still I deal with it even though I have no understanding. I think my biggest feeling is sympathy....

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      lol i'm sure this post crated by misandryst or women who don't know anything about men at all....

      you said his penis small, he is bad in bed, offer casual sex and change mind and hes crying??? lol ( trust me i will never cried from those things )

      i cried when :

      i see a movie about love between fathers and their child ( its beautiful, love between mother and her child is boring )

      i see a movie about pure love between lovers

      when i feel i'm bad child and failed my parents hope

      my parents don't remember my birthday ( yes it happen ) and feel they don't love me

      broke up with girlfriend , or still in relationship but feel that she don't love me

      seeing or watching news about murder or suicide...

      after very beautiful , intimate, and passionate sex


      men are pigs and they have no feelings and the only care about sex...

      yes yes i always hear that all the time....if that's your opinion that's okay

    • profile image

      chichi 5 years ago

      thank you for the notice God bless you

      and there is a tiny thing you have to

      do for

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      Bringing up my dead pet is a low blow, and is about the only thing that would make me cry on that list. My dog was a part of my family, and I had her since the day she was born.

      Having that on the list just proves that some people are heartless.

    • profile image

      Anttte 6 years ago

      1. i watched the field of dreams trailer and even that made me cry so nmbr 10 should be nmbr 1 (btw im only 13 years old :P)

      2. i will never cry if someone told me my junk was small cuz i know it aint true ^^

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      As I said to one women who actualy agreed with me, men a'rnt generaly more obsessed with sex more than women it's just men constantly see images of women & women dressed in a sexual way to make them think about it more, if all your stereo typical men in general life walked around dressed like chippindale's or male strippers I pretty sure more women would be thinking with their own genitalia more often, just ask the strippers how the women behave on a hen night, makes us guy's look like priest by comaparison ;-).

    • profile image

      Rage 6 years ago

      women are obsessed with sex just the same as men. It's the natural instinct of all creatures. Women shelve men in reserve in case the one they want doesn't pursue them. more common I'm sure is the males lack of performance. The performance standard is a great basis for criticizing men, because If they are a shitty lay, but are always chasing tail, what other stereotype will be portrayed to women.

      simply put if you want to make a man cry you'd have to murder a lifelong friend or relative. This method will make him grieve for a long time, but it does not guarantee you any set time frame for him to exact revenge. Some men will act on the revenge first and grieve later. Others the opposite or even in the midst of grieving.

    • profile image

      viken 6 years ago

      cannot you guys thinking about something that can touch a man heart and make him crying? jesus, what a lame strategy for any stupid sadness, sorrow feeling.

    • profile image

      tamara 6 years ago

      Men are obsessed with their penus just like Woman are with their weight.

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Also a few note's to the authur, one of the biggest criticism's made by women to men is men are all sex mad & think with what's in their pants.

      My question to the authur is how would women respond & would they have sex on their mind's more if a typical man dressed in general like a typical chippin dale or male stripper, my point is you want your male collegues to have respect for you don't dress like tarts, there is an interesting article by a women in the mail,( where she goes without her makeup for a month, & her conclusions were that Men didn't take any notice of her or bother her, but women commented on her look's & asked if she was ill a lot, & commented on her look's,(another thing that was blamed on men), so in actual fact it's women not men who put pressure on other women to look good & sexy, & never go without makeup so lets kill this @it's the male's fault we have to dress up' myth.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      The reason why I put the comments I did, isn't that I didn't read that the authur said it was kinda of a joke but the fact, as I'm a British man, if anyone has ever watched of late any British tv, as a man I get fed up of men being perceived as immature idiotic morons, where as the women on same said programs are portrayed as clever, mature sofisticated cool characters by contrast, (that is until they reach their mid forties lose their look's then nobody gives them a second look ;-)). Also where are all these cool sophisticated women, I come from Leamington Spa & have yet to meet any, they all seem to be giggly gorp's.

    • profile image

      The #1 6 years ago

      I had the small penis one said to me because I informed a woman about how her eating fish and cheese meant that she wasn't a true vegetarian. She also spread it to get back at me. It was disproven a week later when my girlfriend and I progressed in our relationship. She now tries to rip my clothes off and always hinting she wants to. I must've done it right. The only other time that number one was spread was when a guy tried to blow me out of the water so he could have the woman I was talking to(my current girlfriend). We were dancing and she got a "poke" and that proved he lied. Don't say number 1 if you can't prove it.

    • profile image

      Rage 6 years ago

      There was no known offense. We always had fun together and basically got together twice. this was more than a year ago. she shows up on Saturday. we make plans to get together. she cancels before I'm done with work the next day cause she's tired. I reply to her text saying "raincheck then. :)" then out of nowhere three hours later she's texting me back. saying to come over. I show up and there's a guy in her bed with her passed the fuck out, but I really question whether she was passed out.

      I wasn't teary or angry that she canceled. I wasn't angry or sad that she had my competition in bed with her. I was angry, flaming, enraged, and furious that i could have stayed at home blazing a bowl and drinking a beer after the gym. Oh yea i work out and I have a life I'm leading.

      she showed up to my gym last night. I don't know whether her apology was sincere. She spent time on two separate occasions apologizing but a little smirk and gleam in her eyes makes me question it. she seemed believable when she said she was blacked out drunk. to me she seemed drugged. there was only a six pack of beer present at the crime scene.

      Any time she tried to explain herself I'd see her eyes wandering away from me into space. that's when I knew she was lying.

      I first thought it was just that guy’s tampering. What purpose could some guy you met two days ago have for doing so? Nothing, you’ve known him for awhile yet. I only reasoned out he was the boyfriend you’d intended to skive. You want to be able to sleep with a few different people then that’s just normal, because so do i. I’m pissed because I was used. I was drawn in late when I was going to chill and be ready for work the next day. The women I kick it with don’t tell me about who else they’re banging but at least they have the decency not to lie by saying I’m their exclusive.

      so self affirmations aside what does this blog think?

    • profile image

      priyanka 6 years ago

      thanx a lot

    • profile image

      Lawrence 6 years ago


      Add that your organ only seems small when it is in a cold wet clammy giant cavern like hers.

    • profile image

      who da man 6 years ago

      your an idiot. oh, and a man hater. A real man would brush you off, go on his way and find a real woman to talk to, not a feminist sexist biggot like you.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Sorry about the spelling mistakes by the way,did it in a hurry & also didn't check it afterwards.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Depend's on the ma & the size of his ego.

      Here would be my answer to the top 10 things.

      10: Alreadfy watch field of dreams, din'nt cry, & I hate American football," Put the thing on the ground after all you call it football".

      9:Would just say, "Well at least she's isn't a bitch, & I maybe a bad so but you were a drunken accident".

      8:A pet's a pet nothing more, only had Gerbils & a Cat, didn't even notice the cat had been put down until 3 weeks later.

      7:Beleave it or not,'and I know you wont', I'd say not really that bothered after all still have access to the internet, & the women on there are better looking than you anyhow.

      6:I'd just burn your shoe & clothes collection's, bound to hurt more than anything I own getting damaged lol.

      5:Never ever go out with a girl your ex or so called female colleague has chosen for you, your asking for trouble.

      4:Genuinely not that interested in car's, infact I don't drive(I am a guy though really, honest).

      3:Tell other's she has herpes, or some other sexualy transmitted disease which she passed on to you which is why she is spreading rumours about being bad in bed, as a guy 1 thing I can assure all girls out there, rumours of a girl having a sexual disease is the one thing that will put all guy's off you, no matter how attractive you think you are.

      2:Tell her, if the choice is living with her or alone for all your life, leaving alone is definitely one step up.

      1:As a person who's is A: Above average side in penis, B: Been told by an ex that doesn't like me now that I was to big for her.

      C: Never been insecure about my male organ anyhow as the only one who I listen to about any parts of my body is me lol.

    • profile image

      6 years ago


    • profile image

      Brandon.g 6 years ago

      Also Jurassic bark episode from futurama I am 24 and rarely cry that made me though

    • profile image

      Kabuli Bacha 6 years ago

      I agree with Taylor, None of these can make a man cry, I don't agree, ((2. Tell him he's going to die alone. That one makes everyone cry.))) I agree only 50% but still I will not cry, it will burn me and hurt me very much, but as a man, none of the others can make me cry.

    • profile image

      A dude 6 years ago

      Yeah, "Carrie Underwood"-ing his truck will put you in jail or at least in court with a giant ticket. Talk about malicious destruction of private property. Read up on some law.

    • profile image

      Taylor 6 years ago

      None of these will make a guy cry. A dead pet? Really? And watching some gay ass movie will not make us cry. Bad in bed and penis size would only make a sex addict guy cry. Stealing something from us would not bring us to tears, but we'll get pissed! Scratching or bashing a car would not make us cry; it'll put you in jail, or be fined! And I know this wasn't on the list, it was in the discription; if you kick a guy in the crouch some of us think of it as an inappropriate touch and get even by grabbing your breast.

    • profile image

      xxxooo 6 years ago

      That's mean and I need big revenge on a boy and I would never do that

    • profile image

      RandomGuy 6 years ago


      maybe it's just me, but almost none of these rules apply to me and I'm an emotional wreck, so It's not like I'm good at taking abuse.

      The only one I'll give you is the small penis thing and everything that is somehow connected to his sexual capacity.

      Although that one will probably lead to him killing himself, so that's that

    • profile image

      Wayne 6 years ago

      lol for me,dis respect my mother,we both cry,i cry coz sh did that,sh cries coz sh got a broken nose and a black eye

    • profile image

      ShadyH3CZ 6 years ago

      my girl tried to dollow these things and now she siingle with no money in the streets :)

    • profile image

      profsly 6 years ago

      what kind of joke is that? Those things doesn't look funny. mind you there are exceptional men like me who would not be bordered with any of this things.

    • profile image

      sabrina 6 years ago

      one way to get back at a man would be to get with his friend or tell him when you leave him that the only reason you were with him was to get close to his friend or if he has a hot brother that works too men are very compeditive when it comes to women even if they don't admit it that's part of where jealousy comes from but all in all if you want to make him suffer act like he doesn't exist i don't mean oh i see him is he looking im going to turn this way tell me if he is looking .. i mean straight up that guy over there never seen him in my life and go on like its just some stranger ppl like to get a rise out of each other that's half the reason anyone on this planet does anything they wonder what happens .. well when nothing happens it tends to get a lil frustrating or make it seem like your up to something give a slight smerky smile when passing it will drive them crazy trying to figure out what your telling ppl and its going to make him look crazy about you to everyone else

    • profile image

      Olivia 6 years ago

      Ok so they r kind of funny but rlly most of u girls and guys out there just freaking need to get ouver the ex cuz rlly all that is going to happen is dat they r going to come back and get u and its never going to stop.

    • profile image

      Jess 6 years ago

      i am 17 years old and in high school ....ok so i need to get revenge on my ex because he sent a picture to half the guys in my grade and i learned that my ex is very hard to break ... nothing ever makes him cry and i want to get him back for ruiening my life and reputation

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      The only thing on that list that would make me cry would be watching brian's song or field of dreams. The rest would anger me or sadden me but make me cry? No.

    • profile image

      paul 6 years ago

      none of these would makw me cry; they may make me walk awy instead.

    • profile image

      Arthanis 6 years ago

      As guy , nope none of this would work

      Property damage and such would result in anger , name calling and slander in a chuckle and the rest might stir up an emotion , but would never result in tear.

    • profile image

      'Bhai'. 6 years ago

      I cried a lot,wen i cme to kno c ws flirtng wth me,atlst,,

    • profile image

      david 6 years ago

      ok smashing a car could get you sued so then he got his revenge for that. also nun on these would make me cry and im 13...

    • profile image

      angelina! 6 years ago

      wow.... really... i came here with my hopes up and all i got was some ways to make him mad not sad or ways to make a 10 year old cry not a man. ultimate fail bitch

    • profile image

      DENISE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Lorrellei Waterson 6 years ago

      Just goes to show you the immaturity level, Shannon, I have to apologize for the poster above. That was SO uncalled for. I stumbled here this 7 months later to say you SHOULD NOT SPEAK TO EACH OTHER THE WAY "Higzy" ^approached Shannon. This is why people feel like making you guys cry!

    • profile image

      Higzy 6 years ago

      Shannon Baich = A woman who has been shunned by men her entire life and now plots of ways to hurt ALL men.

      Shannon - You are a waste of flesh.

    • profile image

      Hinaiqiashinta- Hinaa 7 years ago

      Holaaa chicas...Umh. Yeah I'm kinda lil. 13 years old. I wanna get revenge on a boy cuz he ruined my 4th grade lifee. I don't he has a car tho. I wanna make him cry. But those won't just work plassz tall me mor cos I rlly want him to rue what he did. Btw if I hav gramma mistake sorry I'm Latino and not very guud at inglish grammar.

    • ShannonBaich profile image

      ShannonBaich 7 years ago from Where ever I go...there I am. But, mostly I'm in Delaware.

      Oh Boys! This Hub was mostly meant as a joke! I certainly hope nobody actually tries these things!

    • profile image

      Cali Guy 7 years ago

      Most of those are lame and wouldn't work on most guys. Who ever wrote this surely doesn't know much about a guys !!

    • profile image

      kingkong 7 years ago

      Any hoe that decided to smash my ride for ANY reason is f***ing crazy, and needs to seek counseling!!!

    • profile image

      kingkong 7 years ago


    • profile image

      jose 7 years ago

      love is lost for just be a ma of your non

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Can a grown up man cry?, Looking at your info, Yes. Men are like babies, and they want to eat their cake and still have it, including their women. Thanks for your insight and hope you write more.

    • profile image

      Robin 7 years ago

      ok the reason us girls would prob want to make a guy cry is to get back and hurt the like they hurt you!

    • profile image

      juno 8 years ago

      this wont do..i fink its best to let the jerk be.

    • ShannonBaich profile image

      ShannonBaich 8 years ago from Where ever I go...there I am. But, mostly I'm in Delaware.

      Thanks luv.poem... it was meant to be amusing. I have no wish to make anyone cry! :)

    • profile image

      luv.poem 8 years ago

      I found this hub amusing! :p And sometimes it's just therapeutic to plot your revenge.

    • profile image

      Caroline 8 years ago

      Paul, I agree with you. Either way, why go through the trouble to only stress yourself out more?

      It' better to be without him than in bad company. If he really deserves it karma will get him, he'll realize he's wrong, or not. still, why use anymore streght to only stress yourself more?

      Focus all that energy on yourself, do something foryourself.

      If he ever was real, he'll come back.

    • profile image

      Paul 8 years ago

      Im sorry, but as a guy none of these things would work.

      I mean especially if i knew i did something wrong to this girl, i would know that anything cruel from her would be an attempt to redeem herself. Woman, the best way to redeem yourself or get revenge is to just leave the guy alone. Eventually he will realise he was wrong and feel bad about it.

    • profile image

      Janet McCarthy 8 years ago

      Sean, I hope you weren't the test subject. This sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

    • profile image

      Sean 8 years ago

      Was I the test subject for this HUB? LOL

    • profile image

      Kyle 8 years ago

      errr...maybe more misandry. I think #2 would make me cry if I believed she was being serious and there was a level of respect there (that she ripped to pieces!) and wanted to maintain friends with her.

      It is almost on the same level as: I really hope you die and burn in hell!

    • profile image

      Kyle 8 years ago


    • ShannonBaich profile image

      ShannonBaich 8 years ago from Where ever I go...there I am. But, mostly I'm in Delaware.

      I'm sure someone has a good enough reason to be so cruel.

    • profile image

      Madame X 8 years ago

      Oh Shannon - why would anyone want to be so cruel?

    • profile image

      Shannon Baich 8 years ago

      That's mean... even for my standards.

    • profile image

      robert monroe 8 years ago

      I would've said a girl can make any guy cry if she ran up to him out of breath and said she had horrible news, and that his mother had just died a horrible death and that she was sent to find him to help her but she couldn't find him so now she's dead. That would be an extremely screwed up thing to do, but it would work. I chose not to answer the question though, because at the time I was very upset and I didn't want to think about crying.


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