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10 things that are Kryptonite to Relationships

Updated on March 18, 2012

Welcome Readers

Relationships can be a very beautiful thing to have in your life if you play your cards right. I am a believer in that if you avoid certain natural disasters then you can really give your relationship a chance to grow. Not every relationship is meant to be but you can really avoid a disaster if you can never use relationship killer Kryptonite. Meaning things that will kill your chances of success faster than you can say what happened. So with out any more delay I will get right into it.

Kryptonite Relationship Killers

1. JEALOUSY. Being jealous of someone else can be cute if you don't go overboard. It is a sign of showing how much you care and is flattering. If you go over board though it becomes kryptonite. No one wants to constantly keep reassuring their partner that they have nothing to fear. It will seem like you aren't happy and confident with them. If you're always trying to control who they speak to, threats to others, or actually hurting someone else that is not a good thing. Jealous is a very ugly thing because it can get out of control very quickly and to the other person it will send the message that you have changed into this person that is determined to destroy the relationship. Bottom line leave jealousy behind and focus on your relationship.

2. CONSTANT LYING. If you are constantly lying to the person your with then it will destroy any trust you ever had. If you tell one lie its not really a big deal (no one is perfect so get over it) but constant lying is a kryptonite to any relationship. Bottom line be careful how many half truths (which are still lies) and outright lies you tell. Keep it to very low number (or none if possible) and you will be just fine.

3. CONSTANT ARGUMENTS. Now yes arguments do help relationships grow and can be very healthy. It helps you know boundaries and strengths a bond. ALTHOUGH, constant arguments is a relationship kryptonite. No one wants to feel like the minute they see you they are going to be attacked instantly or within minutes. Or that you take every little flaw or error and make a big deal out of it. Bottom line the less arguments the better. Save your argumentative side for the important wars that need to be fought. Remember its not about how many battles you win, its about winning the war. So unless there is war to be fought don't look for pointless battles.

4. EXCESSIVE PARTYING. Partying is fun and can be a great way to enjoy sometime together. Although excessive partying all the time will leave your relationship open to others to plant the seeds of doubt between you too. Plus when your not in control then you open yourself up for anything to happen. Bottom line is that when you party to much your relationship will begin to suffer.

5. OUT OF CONTROL ANGER. It is only natural that the person your with at some point will make you angry. That is completely normal. It becomes kryptonite though when it is out of control. For example, throwing things, hitting stuff, or even worse hitting the other person. Or bashing your partner's name all around town because your angry. Bottom line is stay in control of how angry you get around someone else. You can be angry but it should never get out of control.

6. THE BLAME GAME. Blaming the other person with out any proof is always a kryptonite killer. It is also very childish. You have seen children who when the parents ask who broke the plate, they both point to each other. Or when the sister always tells tall tales on her brother to get him in trouble. Blaming someone else for stuff without any evidence is just as childish. So don't resort to saying someone is lying and you don't have any proof except what you think. If someone did something just like a court of law you need to prove it first before you accuse someone outright. Bottom line is that don't be childish. If you are an adult act like one. You know how it feels to get blamed for something you didn't do? Imagine if courts went with what they BELIEVED instead of evidence. Almost half the people we know would be in jail right now.

7. INSECURITIES. This goes right up their with jealousy but i'm talking about another kryptonite killer here. If you are always needing validation from the other person about how you look, or if your the one, or if they love you, or if they want babies with you, or if they want to marry you, etc. All these insecurities is way more than anyone bargained for. Remember relationships are risks and if you are constantly putting your insecurities on the other person they will feel overwhelmed and won't look forward to spending time with you. Then it just goes downhill from their. Now fishing for a complement every ONCE and while if you haven't been getting them for your partner is fine. Just don't overdo it. Bottom line be confident in your own skin.

8. CONSTANT REMINDERS OF THE EX. No one in their right mind what's to hear constantly about your ex. It sounds crazy right? Well it happens a lot. You don't need to remind your current partner about your former flame more than once. One time and keep it brief when your first getting to know each other so you can a feel from where your coming from. That's it. You never need to bring up good or bad times or the things that remind you of it. This is kryptonite to a relationship. You will send the other person the message that your not over it and they are not good enough to keep a former ex out of your head. Bottom line one time is enough times to hear about the former ex.

9. NO TRUST. Nothing is more annoying then always having to fight for someone's trust after they have all but held your hand when you was sad and listened when you was mad. You have to trust your partner. SERIOUSLY, if you don't then why are you even dating them? Relationships is all about trust, so if your not taking the risk of being hurt possibly then your not taking the risk of being happy either. So ask yourself do you trust them or not? Their is no in between or halves. It is either yes or no. To trust someone you must know that no one is perfect they will make mistakes but they truly have you at heart that is what is important. Bottom line no trust is kryptonite.

10. BEING SELFISH. Last but not least this is my personal favorite (sarcastically speaking) relationship killer kryptonite because it happens so much to a lot of people. If you always are always thinking about you and not the other person. It's always about how happy you are, what going on with you, how you feel you been hurt, etc. That narrow minded thinking builds resentment in the other person and becomes kryptonite. You have to be able to listen to them just as much as you can move your mouth. You have to consider their feelings just as much as they consider yours. You have to give and take. You can't just always take. Remember they have feelings too and they are giving themselves to you just as much as you are. (or maybe more doesn't matter) Bottom line get over yourself. Relationships are about a TEAM. A DUO. DOS. You can't always run the freaking show. Oh and you are just as much the main star as they are, without either of there is no show. Simple.

Last words

My last words to you my readers is that if you have used these relationship kryptonite before don't feel awful. I personally have before and seen for myself what a disaster it was. Just be aware that even if you never do these killers it doesn't mean it was meant to be. Time is the ultimate teacher and the final decider of what happens next. We all know you can't rush time. Just try your very best to avoid these kryptonites in your relationships and you will avoid many arguments. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page if you wish. :)


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