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10 Things to Do to Be Together Forever

Updated on February 10, 2015

Want to try 30 years?

Have you seen on the news about married people lasting over 4 years and yet you struggle to even get past 4? Well it might be worthwhile to follow these tips on how to better your self and be in love deeper than before.

Relationships work in different ways, we know that. But can we make these relationships our own by making our loved ones see how much they are needed and cared for? how can we make the love of our life fall in love over and over again.

Every relationship has different meanings to people. Some like it fiery and some like it emotionally connected. Preferably it will be loving and cared for not just by the feelings that we portray but by the emotions and thoughts that make us do just the slightest thing to show it.

Tips 1-5

1. Tell them how you feel

By not paying attention to your other half you will irrevocably be pushing them away. So cherish them tell them how you find them attractive and love the perfume they use. Let them in on how you sneak peaks at them when you see them in the corner of your eye. If you don't tell them someone else will.

2. Love them and let them know it.

Sex is not always the main aspect of loving in a relationship but it does have a majority share. love can be as passionate as you like it or as rough as both feel it. As long as you both let each other know how you enjoy sex it can be a weapon to success when tryign to please your other half.

3. Be nice and play nice.

After the Honeymoon period is over, many couples fall into a deep remorse for each other and keep bringing up the same argument. Be nice to each other and keep your manners at hand. No one wants to be called nasty names and no one wants to be spitefully targeted either. You can work together peacefully and serenity comes at no price and neither does those pesky manners.

4. tell your partner how well they are doing and that you love them everyday.

One old couple said never to fall asleep on an argument and to get it all out before you fall asleep. If you wake up and its over then you can get back into loving them and not having it hang over you like a bad smell. they also said to tell each other that you love each other every single day. its just one of life's little perks knowing that you are loved by that special someone.

5. If they are not with you, ring them.

Hey if you don't ring them, then how are they going to know how you feel? just one call or text to surprise them and to let them know you are thinking about them is sometimes all it takes to get that rush of emotion flowing throughout their body. I make sure i call my partner everyday and every phone call i tell her i love her because i never know if that if the last time i am going to speak to her again. Things we take for granted are the things we all need to look at within ourselves.

Married couple
Married couple | Source

Part 6 - 10

6. make her lust after you, Make her want you.

Just a little wink now and again when leaving a room to entice her to follow or even a little grasp of her when you are hugging to let her know shes still in your thoughts. If she catches you looking at her give a cheeky smile and a playful wink and see if she smiles back.

If she does then just build on that by nodding to the door and walk out of it to see if she follows and lusts after you. Sometimes she will follow and want to rip your clothes off you there and then and sometimes you would. just little sultry things is sometimes enough to re ignite those embers that are burning away

7. make a list of things to do.

Make a list of things to do together and then start doing them like have a picnic and go skiing or even do pottery together. Little things can and will go a long way into building that relationship and doing a lot of memory keeping too. memories will never go away and you can buy her gifts to remember them like the flowers she fell into whilst looking for a picnic spot or her favorite candle when you made them together. these are perfect not just for you both but great experiences.

8. Become fun loving kids again

kids people say who wants them but on the bright side nobody ever wants to grow up. kids have the best fun and the greatest times because they are in that playful mindset. this is key to enjoyment, if you are not enjoying things and are a bit of a grump then lighten up. Chill out, relax and have some good old fashioned tickle time or chase each other.

9. Forgive each other.

I know i have done some stupid things in the past but forgiving them is the best thing she could do, why? Because i am only human and people makes mistakes, people learn from it and grow as a person. Yeah i admit some mistakes are irreversible but there are ways to live around that and finding them and why you love them are the reasons we are stronger.

10. Never crush their dreams.

If my partner said to me she wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, I wouldn't knock her down and say no. I would say OK then why don't we? Living each others dreams is what will make you inseparable and you will always dream more things to do together. This then takes time and before you know it you will have passed 30 years and still going strong with plenty more dreams to crack on and discover.

wedding rings
wedding rings | Source

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Worlds Oldest Couple


A strong and meaningful partnership is what we want and together we can accomplish anything. That's why when this old couple sit there he is still young inside because that's what she makes him feel like. Heck my partner still makes me feel like I am 16. I am 25 now so i still haven't aged 9 years mentally together. Our key to having a prosperous relationship is that we know when we are kidding around and we become serious when our children need us to be.

So use these 10 things and look inside yourself to see what you can change to become not just a better person, but a better lover and partner to the love of your life. remember Working is not everything in life there are other things like love and family that come before anything.


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    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 2 years ago from San Diego, California

      Are they family?

    • gamers prophet profile image

      steven fry 2 years ago from England

      Glad you enjoyed the hub. Hope you participate in my upcoming hubs.

    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 2 years ago from San Diego, California

      I read it again, just because...

    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 3 years ago from San Diego, California

      Read this to a friend today on the way home from her divorce court hearing. Somehow she could not say she related, but I think she might have softened some hearing it. George Harrison's wife was asked how they stayed married so long. "You don't get a divorce," she said.

    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 3 years ago from North Carolina


      I love your voice.

      V+ for sure!

      Welcome to HP.

      ocfireflies aka Kim