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10 tips for better human relationships

Updated on August 21, 2012

10 Ways for a better Human relations

How to better a relationship

1.Don't be tight-lipped. Smile. Keep Smiling as much as possible. Smile always removes the tensions in the air.:-) The simplest way to acknowledge a person, and doesn't require a sparkling wit or huge investments in time, perfect when accompanied by a hello or a wave.

2.Try to remember the other persons name correctly. Calling the other person by name always brings him near to you.

3.Learn the art of lending your ear, for the other persons views. Listening to what the other person has to say increases the understanding between each other.

4.Give respect to the other persons interest and talk about that, if not at-least join in the subject the other person wants to talk or interested to discuss.

5.Make the other person feel he is important to you.

6.Never be a miser when complementing the other person. Its only here being lavish actually gain you a lot.

7.Never criticize. If you find it difficult don't do it public.

8.Learn to acknowledge a compliment.

9.Talk little about yourself.

10.Be pleasant.

Some more:

Never forget the three Golden words - Please, thank you and sorry. It's so basic,for a better human relationship, yet so easily forgotten especially when we have to say them to people who are close to us.

When you are using cellphones keep both your ring tones and voices soft, turn them off in places where they won't be appreciated, during meetings, performances, in queues, etc, and more over put them away when you are with people you have chosen to spend time with.

With E mails don't take the word forward to literally.

At home keep one single rule intact, more compliments and less complaints please.

With friends - sure, you can be yourself with your buddies, just don't use and abuse their goodwill, pay your share, call, and never forget to keep your word when you make a commitment.

In public - holding doors for people carrying a load, saying excuse me instead of using your shoulder to make your way in a crowd, not scratching private parts, helping the elderly and pregnant woman, making way to someone who is in a great hurry than you are, and less hand to horn in your vehicle makes you a pleasure to be with.

Courtesy is easy to overlook when you have a hundred other important issues clamoring for attention in your mind. If you ever wonder where on earth people have misplaced their manners, remember you are people too.



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  • eswar profile image

    eswar 5 years ago from India

    Yes, always WE is better than I, thank you, petenali

    Please keep them coming!


  • petenali profile image

    Pete 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Agree with this... better human relations are created when we put others ahead of ourselves.