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10 unusual Engagement Rings

Updated on May 11, 2011

Why not choose something unique?

Hey guys, sorry for not publishing much recently, especially to 'myownworld' who said don't burn out! I haven't burnt out, I always have lots of things I want to write about, but recently I have been given a bonus in work if I do a few extra hours, also i have created a new website and had a cold the last two days, but I digress..

I choose this subject for a hub because I have a romantic side to me which always tries to seek out the unique idea's to show your love for someone, I mean what makes a relationship special unless you make an effort together and spend more time doing it? Don't get me wrong I'm not one of these soppy, push over guys who spends all of his time trying to steal a women's heart by buying gifts either, in fact I haven't met 'Miss Right' yet and i think it takes a while to meet someone you bond with physically and mentally, I've come close but maybe it might of been a case of 'Right girl, Wrong time' scenario.

so onto the rings which I spent a good hour looking for, there wasn't a mass of different ones floating around the net, especially ones which were labelled for commercial reuse, so I found these ones after searching

I'll begin with the one directly above these paragraph's, its not my favorite but I think a lot of women will find it attractive because it is a gold engagement ring with diamonds and emerald's embedded. I can't think what the artist was thinking when he created this one because it is not your average style, maybe it was meant to represent some kind of flower blossoming, or even two flowers because of the two diamonds.

This is one of my favorites, simply because it appears Egyptian in style to me, mainly because i have a great interest in Ancient Egypt. It may appeal to more Bohemian women because its is not dainty, but it is also categorized within the gold engagement rings. Many young women will say it looks old fashioned and it actually was captioned as somebodies 'Grandmother's engagement ring' on flickr and a lot of girls insist on requiring a diamond but this one sports a yellow crystal in the centre.

This one is a more traditional engagement rings girls will probably go for because it falls within the diamond category and is not 'eccentric' in design. However I feel the engravings on the side of the ring make it rather special, attractive and will make any of your friend's jealous, simply because you have spent that little extra time choosing something which establishes your individuality and importance of the occasion.

Here is another example of the more traditional design, I think it is a white gold engagement ring, and comes with that all important diamond. I like the way the diamond has been shaped into an oval, or symbolic 'diamond shape', it looks almost medieval in resemblance which could be suitable for those 'fairytale' wedding notions.

Here is a particularly individual design, I think it was mentioned that the person who it belonged to received it had been given it by their partner who manufactured it using the school's workshop equipment. I'm not sure about the thickness of it and it's not a platinum engagement ring or solitaire engagement ring, but it is definitely special and the green stone or emerald gives it a futuristic and modern feel to it.

Here is one of the engagement rings I really loved too, once again we have the medieval theme going on and I think that's why they presented it upon the crystal scene. It has a what appears to be a Celtic band around the first part of the ring, which could be suitable for anybody who is of Welsh, Irish and Scottish descent. the ruby's which are set apart from the main central diamond represent two heart's coming together to promote a special union.

Here we have a ring which has been created by encapsulating the large diamond with with a backdrop of smaller diamonds which are represented amongst the symbolic 'diamond shape'. Not a cheap ring at that, this ring appears to be either a platinum engagement ring or a white gold engagement ring which your partner will love because of the quality and attention to detail which has been spent upon it.

This is one of the more artistic rings that I found, it totally dismisses the traditional shape, Im not sure exactly what is going on here but to me it appear almost like a musical note, the treble cleff so it could be suitable for anybody who has a strong love for music. once again, it doesn't appear cheap, it is a gold engagement ring which has at least a dozen small diamonds embedded within the shape, including a small heart.

Sorry this design only shows the side view, but it includes a diamond on the forefront of the ring, but I thought the heart's on the side of the ring represented the creative nature of the engagement ring. It appears to be either a gold engagement ring or maybe silver, I guess its probably not the most expensive of rings but could be suitable for somebody on a budget, the ruby's once again give you that 'fairytale' concept and this shows you are at least romantic in choice.

I thought i would include at least one design which included a sapphire, it also has diamonds so she won't think you are cheap, although the women should always get the final say on which ring she has, it is not something she will want to be unhappy with or stuck with. It appears to be either a platinum or white gold design, and the swirling of the ring makes it unique and solid, which is what your love represents.

i hope this hub has been a great help to anyone looking to solidate their relationship, the ideas here are merely just a way to give you that inspiration to look for something different because I have provided no links for where to purchase these. good luck hunting for that special gift for the rare occasion in which somebody wants to commit for life!


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