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10 ways to be a perfect girlfriend

Updated on September 17, 2008


10 ways to be a perfect girlfriend

10 ways to be a perfect girlfriend

Any boy can give hundreds of ways in which a girl can be perfect as a girlfriend. Girls will always say that they are perfect. But neither will agree to the other’s point of view. Thus the following 10 ways serve as a guide for the girls to be perfect.

1. Anyone who says girls love attention is only partially right. Nowadays boys are also attention hungry. Thus a girl must make sure that her boyfriend gets enough attention from her.

2. Girls also like to be shown off. Boys also like to be shown off. They also want to know that they are being the subject of discussion among the girls. So a girl should discuss her boyfriend with her friends.

3. Go slow. There is no need for a three-course meal in the first date. No need to push him to call you his girlfriend so soon. Talking about family and children is an absolute no. the beginning time is very precious because both feel that they are on air. This is good but there is no need to rush this feeling.

4. Be honest. If you make a mistake, apologize. Be honest with him and more importantly, yourself. Don’t go accusing him if you feel vulnerable. Speak in a non accusing way.

5. Be happy and have a positive attitude. If everything said to him is an attack or a criticism then he may backfire too. Having a good sense of humor is also a very good part of the attitude.

6. Articulate what you want, need and speak of your opinions freely. There is no need to please him continuously. You must also show him that you are a person with your individual abilities and traits.

7. Take interest in what he likes. Don’t act like you are a great fan of what he likes. Just have a healthy interest in what he likes and dislikes.

8. Give him simple gifts at times for no reason whatsoever. This makes him feel special and feel like he needs you.

9. Make him something that he will like. Maybe a paper flower, a heart or anything creative. The purpose is to remind him of your love from time to time.

10. Never cheat. Some girls have the opinion that cheating earns them more attention from the boy. But it never works and always backfires.


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    • profile image

      ...sweet mj 5 years ago

      i LOVE IT..... now i know how to become a good girlfriend,,..

    • profile image

      Ree 6 years ago

      This are realy gud points, i'm looking 4ward to ptting dem into action.

    • profile image

      PRANITA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      tara 6 years ago

      i just want to love and be loved. Why is it so hard for him? He always criticize me. I can't undrstand. Many people told me im an ideal grlfriend. Grr.. I wish god would answer my prayers.thank you

    • profile image

      mhAcel 6 years ago

      'greAt tips..i know those tips can help me to become a perfect girlfriend..i will do those things..:)

    • profile image

      lola 6 years ago

      he don't wonna talk with me and he's saying that i made a mistake i even send him a letter and he didn't send me an answer back what will i do!!??

    • profile image

      shoaib virk 6 years ago

      there is bg mistake in the ten given points becauze girl always need to a strong boy friend

    • profile image

      jazmine 6 years ago

      Me and my boyfriend are living a great relationship all Becuz of these tips thank u for these tips

    • profile image

      Anuska Verma 6 years ago

      I also love i boy but i have no courage to propose him...

      He sits with me but he thinks that i m not perfect for him because he thinks that i have no intrest in boys...

      But i really love him...

      His name is YASH...

    • profile image

      tyler baum 6 years ago

      I am a gay male and i'm trying very hard to please my boyfriend but sometimes hes so selfish and it makes me so emotional but i am going to try these tips and spice up the sex life.

    • profile image

      anku sharma 6 years ago

      these are good points....

    • profile image

      llimet 6 years ago

      this is pretty good...i like this.... and maybe i can use this as my guide to become a good girlfriend

    • profile image

      Lovergirl 6 years ago

      These were good tips! But really to be the perfect girlfriend you have to get to know your guy and make and effort to be the girl he wants . A happy relationship is two ways if he's doing something wrong don't be afraid to tell him .we can never be perfect but just try your best . :) thanks for the tips

    • profile image

      Lovergirl 6 years ago

      These were good tips! But really to be the perfect girlfriend you have to get to know your guy and make and effort to be the girl he wants . A happy relationship is two ways if he's doing something wrong don't be afraid to tell him .we cab never be perfect but just try your best . :) thanks for the tips

    • profile image

      twinkelfarie 6 years ago

      thanks me and my dog have a wonderful relationship

    • profile image

      pisey 7 years ago

      I agree all everything that you spoke. I hope that I will become a good girlfriend. Thanks for your best comment.

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 7 years ago

      These r really helpful me and my boyfriend almost broke up then when I followed these steps and we r still 2gether

    • profile image

      Feather 7 years ago

      Um I think these are all pretty much common sense and if you haven't already figured this stuff out on your own than maybe you shouldn't have a boyfriend at all. ;) K? K bye!

    • profile image

      Tommaya 7 years ago

      I Don't Know How That's Supossed To Help Me Cause He Wants Tew Take It Slow And I Sometimes Just Wanna Make Out And Hold Hands

    • profile image

      me 8 years ago

      well these cud be improved..i wud give them 7 out of 10..:-)

    • profile image

      Shanana 8 years ago

      I felt these were great!! they helped me!! if u know what i mean!! ;D

    • profile image

      shuuurt 8 years ago

      no i dint find these are gud ways for becoming perfect galfrend


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