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Sweet Things to say to your girlfriend or wife to make her smile

Updated on September 14, 2012

Love them like there's no tomorrow.

Were we begin.

We all know women love compliment's, some do, some don't but over all most of them do, and they are very nice about it, but what happen's if you make the wrong one? a rude one? a creepy one? a weird one?

Well that's what were doing today I am going to list 100 thing's, That's right! 100 Thing's to say to a woman, or your woman, your wife, or girlfriend, these are sure to make her smile, and tell you they love you, including sweet thing's to say to them.

First, you don't want to come off as rude, weird, creepy, desperate, or needy.

The rule of thumb tell's you not to be rude, or act crazy, otherwise that might make for a good slap to the FACE!

Let's start with the list:

  1. Babe, your so beautiful.
  2. Every time I look into your eyes I faint a little.
  3. Your eyes are so beautiful.
  4. I swear God sent you down from Heaven just for me.
  5. Your the perfect image of a woman.
  6. Your the perfect image of an Angel.
  7. If I were to die and go to Heaven tomorrow, I would be happy cause I got to love you.
  8. Your hair look's so pretty.
  9. Your hair is beautiful.
  10. You make my heart give out.
  11. You make my heart race every time I see you.
  12. You are the envy of every woman.
  13. You make me so happy.
  14. You are great with words.
  15. You make me smile
  16. You make me happy when I'm sad.
  17. You are the wind beneath my wings.
  18. You are everything I've ever wanted.
  19. You are everything I need.
  20. You are my inspiration for everything.
  21. Your my Hero.
  22. You make me want to love you forever.
  23. You are the very life I breathe.
  24. If I counted to star's to how many way's I loved you, I would run out.
  25. Your the only thing in my life that mean's anything.
  26. You are the center of my word.
  27. You are my entire world.
  28. You are my baby (simple but it works)
  29. You are my life.
  30. You are the sunshine of my life.
  31. You are the blood that rushes through my veins.
  32. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day (old but still good)
  33. You are my angel.
  34. You are my lovey pie.
  35. You are more beautiful than God had planned.
  36. You are more than perfect.
  37. You are so amazing.
  38. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
  39. I couldn't love you more if I tried.
  40. Your everything I ever dreamed of.
  41. Your the life I want to live.
  42. Your the answer to my prayers.
  43. I think God was listening when I prayed for you to be with me.
  44. You are my strength.
  45. You are my soul.
  46. You mean more to me than anything.
  47. You are the love of my life.
  48. If I got old and got Alzheimer's, I would still remember that beautiful face.
  49. I wan't to grow old with you.
  50. Your voice sound's better than all my favorite song's put together.
  51. I couldn't imagine my life without you.
  52. You are every ounce of my being.
  53. Your eyes move me.
  54. Your Smile is sweeter than a box of chocolate's
  55. If your sad, I'm sad, baby.
  56. Your air I breathe.
  57. Your the every thing in my life that's right.
  58. Your the most amazing person I know.
  59. You're my best friend.
  60. Your my lover, my best friend, and my soul mate.
  61. Your love means more to me than anything.
  62. I couldn't imagine not having you.
  63. I could stare into your beautiful eyes all day.
  64. You have the most beautiful personality I've ever met.
  65. Your what keep's me going.
  66. Your what makes me be.
  67. Your the shoulder I lean on in hard times.
  68. My love for you will never die, as long as you never say goodbye.
  69. My love for you is more than any amount of love anyone has ever shown.
  70. I love you more than you'll ever know.
  71. If I were to die, I'd still love you in you in Heaven.
  72. Are love will go one, even after were gone.
  73. Our love was made by God, he wanted us to reteach the world about love.
  74. God sent you for me, to make me a better person.
  75. Without you I'm nothing.
  76. If I ever lost you, I'd go crazy.
  77. I love you so much, more than you could ever imagine.
  78. You're my heart, my soul, my love.
  79. I couldn't image you not being in my arms forever.
  80. I want to be in your arms forever.
  81. I can't wait to get on one knee and promise you forever.
  82. Your smile bring's out my smile.
  83. Before you I never really smiled. (hopefully if you say this, it's true)
  84. You couldn't make me any happier.
  85. I will love you until the end of time.
  86. You are so smart.
  87. You are so funny.
  88. You are such a dork (I like this one.)
  89. You are the softest touch I've ever known.
  90. You and I are made for each other.
  91. I've never met someone so amazing in my life.
  92. You are the envy of everything I do.
  93. You are the star's that twinkle in the night sky.
  94. You are the very life that flow's through my body.
  95. You are the best girlfriend ever.
  96. You are the best wife ever.
  97. You are the most amazing wife.
  98. Even after all these years, my heart still skip's a beat for you.
  99. Even when were old, I'll still be holding your hand in our rocking chairs.
  100. You are a species of your own, I could never find anyone amazing as you.


These thing's are definitely what women love to hear, it makes them feel special, loved, cared for, and boost's their confidence, never use these to take advantage of anyone, please, this is strictly for use in a relationship, or marriage, remember that love is special without it, there wouldn't be an peace on Earth, Love was designed by God and given to use to make our life's complete, we all have loved someone or something in our lifetimes, and what better way to show that, with words, the most simplest way's make them cry, tear up, sigh with pleasure, and make them love you, just that much more. Never take love for granted, as with these compliment's, also don't use them too much, some women tend to get annoyed if you say or do this too much, it's mainly because it's a good attention getting strategy.

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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      Great things to say. Some of them can come off as cheesy