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11 Signs You Have Found Your Perfect Life Partner

Updated on December 14, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


We have all heard the idiom “love at first sight”. However, most of us don’t believe in it. This may be because it appears as if the idea is completely based on attraction, and not on the person with a good reputation. Sometimes it requires a long time to fall in love with somebody, and later you get a realisation from within that destiny brought two of you together for a reason. If you are waffling between deciding whether or not your partner is "The One" you hope to ultimately spend the rest of your life then here are 11 signs you have discovered your ideal match.


You can check each other's moods. Since you are so close and know each other so well, even if the smallest thing appears a bit off, it can be recognised easily. Maybe you have heard the news that filled your heart with joy or had a fight that ruined your mood, or you simply read something intriguing. Your perfect partner knows even before you begin filling them in with the details. They get these little signs from your body language and expressions.


Your principles and your partner's principles are matching. It is said opposites are attracted toward each other. However, while it's perfectly fine to have opposite interests and desires, it's not right to have opposing values. Values are what dictate our choices. Our values are our ethics and morals. If your values don't match with your partner's, it will be extremely difficult to keep a relationship going. While things might look okay during the initial phase but conflicting values will cause issues later on.


Your perfect partner is your closest friend. You can be yourself when you are with him. You don't need to be pretentious just to make an "impression" on your partner. You can trust him and disclose your most humiliating stories. You can have hilarious conversations and giggle till it hurts.


You are not embarrassed to be seen together. If you are in it for the long haul, you should acknowledge him as your partner in front of everybody. Also, there shouldn't be any reason to be embarrassed about it. If you focus on all the things you find wonderful about him then you will be able to introduce him as your partner with pride.


Compatible intimacy is a definite sign that a relationship is heading for good things. If physical affection influences you to feel secure and takes you to warm and happy place then you are onto something fulfilling and lasting.


He is the one, you should be comfortable doing nothing at all with your partner. Not wanting to fill some kind of void with the discussion is what you are searching for.


You can make fun of each other. If you are so comfortable with somebody that you can joke with them about nearly anything, you know you have become truly close!


You see a future with your partner. Neither of you is awkward with making arrangements for the future, whether it is short term or long-term.


He is courteous towards your family. Every family has its own quirks, yet the perfect person won't try to influence you to choose between him and your family. He will do his best to mix in and adapt to your family customs. He also won't cause you to feel regretful about travel involved for family reunions, particularly if he knows that family is important to you.


You can disclose anything to him without scaring him off. Everyone has a past, with things they are not proud of. You can freely share your past with your partner once you trust him and he believes you.
He will appreciate your honesty.


You are not angry with him when he is spending time with female friends. You know the nature of their friendship and you trust your partner.


While it is normal to second guess yourself and your relationship with your partner. If you notice these signs then you have discovered your life partner. So, accept him with the love and respect.

© 2017 Ashi


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