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11 Things Women Wish Men Would Do More Often

Updated on April 26, 2018

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, there is no one size fits all.. However we have all heard of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” over and over again, its composed in music, written in books, painted by artists and prominent in the stars.. well this analogy has rather a lot of truth attached to it! Face it, men and women are wired totally different, and within that difference, are we willing to explore the unknown, to smash through the barriers that divide us. Without certain provisions we simply find that we begin over-analysing, dissecting and guessing what the other is thinking, which eventuates to a downward spiral with a trade off as to whether the relationship stands a chance of survival.

When we face the cold hard facts it points to this, unless we work together in a relationship, the relationship, which takes approximately 70 per cent of our energy, will fail, point blank. Women will turn to their girlfriends, confiding in search of an optimistic approach to the situation which comes down to wishing their man would lift his game (this being a figure of speech). I hear and read so often how ‘men are simple and women are complicated!’ This being a generalisation and not true- stems from a patriarchal way of categorising genders (that says we all need to fit somewhere). If you are seriously invested in building a good relationship together, let go of the binary thinking that complicates relationships and keep it simple. So here it is, 11 things that women wish men would do more often.

1. Communication

This is absolute key and vital to the success of any relationship. I cannot emphasis enough how important this is to your lady. Women admire a man, who will openly and honestly communicate with her and if he easily expresses himself, then we have hit the jackpot. Women seek men who are direct and to the point-there is nothing worse to a woman than a man who plays the guessing game and forget control through mind games, that is totally of the grid where she is concerned.. Words of warning, don’t even go there! A lot of our communication today is internet based or within the confines of social media, this is where most of the true content is lost, misinterpreted and misunderstood. Make an effort to communicate with her in person, this shows that you can have a conversation on all levels and have nothing to hide.

2. Equality

Share the chores around the house. Gone are the days when man was set the duties of ‘take out the garbage” and woman set the “household duties and nurturer.” We have evolved from caveman days into the twenty first century, where both now work to earn a living, so guys see it for what it is, times have changed, women now require equality and respect within the confines of the household duties. I suggest constructing a weekly or fortnightly schedule whereby both work together sharing the chores-it’s the little things that you contribute around the house that count to her, and by doing so, who knows you may even create a lot of fun within the relationship.

3. Listen

There is a time to communicate and a time to LISTEN. A woman likes to feel that her man is not just hearing her-merely that he is actually listening.. We were all created with two ears and one mouth for a reason. A woman loves a man who is attentive and responds by acknowledgement that he has heard and understood everything that she has said- without him feeling the need to fix or solve her problem.. This is a gallant gesture by a man, however not what she wants. When a woman is talking or making a point, guys don’t speak over the top of her or even speak for her, she is more than capable of expressing what she needs to say herself without your assistance. If you are unavailable to talk due to busyness in your daily chores or schedule, express that it is not a good to time. Make a point when you next communicate to follow up on what she needed to discuss with you, this shows value within the relationship, in which she will reciprocate with gratitude and appreciation to your attentiveness.

4. Date Night

Guys take the initiative and plan a weekly date night with your lady, where you are both absent from the distractions of television, computers, social media and cell phones. Allocate the quality time spent together by keeping it interesting with trying new places to dine, chat and relax, she will appreciate your efforts. If you travel for work, being absent from home frequently, organise a weekly online date, dining together across skype or face-time.

5. Be Spontaneous

Relationships quite often fall into the dreaded monotonous zone. Life swings in many directions by becoming too busy, regimented or to comfortable. Rather than fall into the pit of regular and routine, spice life up! Be spontaneous and surprise her often.. Make each other laugh, play together with absolute silliness, be child like, this is your best friend that you are playing with! Always keep a sense of humour within all the seriousness that life throws at you both.

6. Well-Groomed

Women love a well-groomed, well-dressed man. A man, who adapts a groomed demeanour, displays that he takes care and pride within himself. Women make the conscious effort to be well presented and hygienically clean for her man and she expects him to reciprocate the same.

7. Learn To Cook

Being a food connoisseur myself with a true love for great tasting food, I greatly appreciate a man who can cook. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, however I feel that extends to women. Guys if you can’t cook, learn! It doesn’t need to be gourmet meal, however I do recommend checking in with your lady on her dietary requirements prior to meal preparation, best to keep it simple, as it will keep her happy.

8. Independent

Independence is important on both sides of a relationship; however, it is always comforting to be assured that your man can take care of himself if required. His display of independence within his stance, informs her that she won’t become his Mother. She wants to know that his core strength is dependable and reliable towards his contribution into the relationship.

9. Optimistic Approach

Are you both aiming for the same things in life? Women like to feel that her man is on the same page, with a positive and optimistic outlook towards future goal building together. Again she doesn’t appreciate games, sarcasm or cynicism, keep it real guys, you can’t keep a negative facade up forever.

10. Make Her Feel Special

She is your number one, make her feel that way! Take account of her interests and the things that make her tick.. Remember it’s the little things that count to her. I am traditionally an old-fashioned girl who simply adores a man who reciprocates the same old-fashioned values with his displays of gentlemanly respectful mannerism, opening car doors, carrying the groceries, extending his hand to assist in any situation, you get my point! Sentimentalism.. While a lot of these values have dissipated, most women still love to be treated in a similar manner.

11. Romance

Now this is my personal favourite! Romance is an unlimited zone. Women love to be romanced in and out of the bedroom. This of course is unique to all women-here I recommend by asking the question,” what turns her on?” She maybe someone who likes to be romanced through gifts, chocolates and flowers or a lady who enjoys the simple pleasures of sensual touch with spending quality time together, making long lasting memories. Wherever her ultimate passions lay within the realms of romance, you can be certain that she is always interested in changing things up. Variety behind closed doors is the spice of life after all.

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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    • klesdepriaz profile image

      Cyprian Raymond 

      17 months ago from Lagos

      nicely written. women still love men with a focus

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      17 months ago

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      Each of us has our mate selection process/must haves list.

      Each of us has our boundaries and "deal breakers".

      In a world with over 7 Billion people odds are whatever type of man a woman is seeking there are bound to be some who have those traits.

      However both women and men seem to prefer to attempt to mold their mates into what they "really want" as opposed to choosing someone who (already is) what they want.

      Compatibility trumps compromise.


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