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11 Ways Pinterest is Perfect for an Engaged Couple

Updated on September 1, 2012

Wedding Boards and Themes

Cake Letters, monogram style
Cake Letters, monogram style | Source
from Bridal Letter "Rustic-Country-Garden Themes" Board
from Bridal Letter "Rustic-Country-Garden Themes" Board | Source
from A Wedding Theme"Just Bouquets"  Pinterest Board
from A Wedding Theme"Just Bouquets" Pinterest Board | Source

wedding planning online

A wedding scrapbook of ideas and paper posterboard is out, using to create your "pin board" of wedding desires, images and ideas is "IN". You will be able to "pin" your own images, follow others with wedding boards and love themes and "repin" their images on your own wedding boards. It is a wonderful modern way to find inspiration and it is easy to share your board with your wedding vendors and planners and family members too.

  1. Request an invite. The option is a red button at the top of the page when you first visit the site."Request Invite" You can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account. Whichever you choose to do. I sign in with my Twitter ID: bridalletter.
  2. If you have an Apple phone, you can download the application for pinterest. If you have an Android phone, they have an application to upload your images to your "pin boards" . This will allow you to upload images you take directly from your phone, to the site.
  3. Setup your profile and create your boards. You can put it all under your "wedding day" (name it as you like) or divide it up like wedding food, venues, dresses, hairstyles, honeymoon locations, colors, cakes and themes you are interested in like rustic.
  4. The site will instruct you how to install the "pin" button onto your computer so you can take one of the pictures from a website and pin it to and right to the name of the board you select for the image. It also becomes a link back to the place you found the image so others can explore it too. Add your feelings in the comments/description area. Explain why you are picking the image or what you love about it.
  5. Placing you finds in Pinterest Categories: When searching for something specific, you can leave the choice at the top of the page as "everything" or pick "weddings and events" under that option. Click on an image, it will allow you to Repin, Comment or just "like" the image without saving it to any of your boards.
  6. Want to share? When you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, you can post the link and comment to either site to share with others. Or while on Pinterest you can hit the icon and post the link to share.
  7. Start searching wedding websites and pinning directly from the websites you find images you love and want for your own wedding. The nice advantage is your image is like a link, so you can pull up that image, click on the image and it will take you to the source it came from. That can be useful to find more details, more images or find that wedding professional.
  8. Follow others boards that people produce. Add: Bridal Letter. We have multiple wedding boards. Many of the images may be a perfect start for repining to your own boards. I follow brides, couples and many wedding professionals because they all share such amazing images!
  9. Pay attention to the website links above images after clicking on them or click directly on an image and follow the link to look at the website immediately. This is a great way to see more of what you are interested in.
  10. Enjoy the site! Take in the inspirations others are posting and sharing. Open yourself to new ideas, options, places and things. Learn more about what vendors are offering, Find all the color combinations you are considering and maybe find a few new ones to use.
  11. Share your boards. When you go to a wedding vendor or interact online with one, send them a link to your board. They will be able to view exactly what you are interested in and meet your needs much more easily now. They too will be able to follow the links and obtain any additional information they may need to help you. is the perfect place for couples and their families. Add your wedding images afterwards and allow wedding vendors to share on their own boards too. Your wedding will be the key to inspiring other engaged couples!

A Wedding Theme Pin Board showing Wedding Things

Example of wedding pin boards
Example of wedding pin boards | Source

Example of Wedding Pin Boards on Pinterest

Example of a "board" on

You can view a board from the link under the example images.

Example of "Profile view and All Boards" under AWeddingTheme:

These links should help you better understand how your profile will look and how your boards will appear. Once you have added some images to your boards, share links to your boards on your wedding website, in emails to friends, family, guests and wedding vendors. Use those share buttons for Twitter and Facebook. You will be amazed how much easier it will be for people to truly see your vision and create exactly what you want for your own wedding.

Books. There are some books and online guides that help. I would check YouTube and you may find some free webinars to attend to learn how to use Pinterest. I learned it myself and then gained some more information about it through Social Media Summit 2012 and a few free webinars.

By Brenda Green, A Wedding Theme. 4/16/12 (c) updated on 6/29/12, again 3/9/13

Wedding Accessories Trends on Pinterest

Creating Wedding Inspiration Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest Help

Pinterest For Dummies
Pinterest For Dummies

Pinterest for Dummies is an easy start for anyone.


Wedding Idea Book

Paper Wedding Idea Book
Brides share their ideas and finds
Only you are sharing your finds
Only you are sharing your finds
image maintains a link to the source
Most items will not show a source
Albums just hold the image no source
Easy to share
Can only share if you take it in person
easy to share with family & friends
Faster finding wedding items
spend on magazines & slower finding
Can only upload one image at a time
Wedding Professionals sharing
Only professionals you find
Only if you find their page and "like"

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    • bridalletter profile image

      Brenda Kyle 5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      It is an addictive site. I love it. I am learning more through an online seminar about pinterest and will do a review and share more tips in a new hub as soon as I get through the modules. Congrats on your engagement! There are some great hubs on here and youtube on how to use Pinterest.

    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 5 years ago

      These are great ideas.. I haven't gotten into using pinterest yet but probably will eventually. Recently engaged... perhaps this site will help with planning. Great tips!