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11 Ways to Make Him Addicted to You

Updated on November 28, 2017
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Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


Do you think your guy can love you more? Or maybe, adore you better? More often, women simply accept their beaus for what they are, despite the fact that their beau is not at all like the man they had always wanted. After some time, these women will compromise their dreams and wait for their beaus to demonstrate little romantic signs to feel good about the relationship. Please don't be like them. Every man can be the ideal beau, just as soon as he gets to understand the rules. Each one of us takes relationships for granted even if we didn't think we would at the start of a relationship. However, will you point the finger at yourself or your partner, when both of you remind each other about it?

If you want to have a pleasant relationship and a beau who acknowledges you, don't compromise on your needs and wants in the relationship just to make your guy feel happy. He will begin to accept you for what you are, instead of realizing how accommodating, understanding and truly good you are.

Giving up your happiness for your man is a good gesture, however, only if it’s mutual. There is a tiny red line between suffering and sacrificing in a relationship. Understand these 11 tricks on how to make your sweetheart need you more and you will notice the difference in no time.


Show him that other boys are interested in you. When he sees that other people are keen on you, he will start to search for what they find interesting in you, and he will begin to see all that you have to give. He will realize that he has got competitors now.


You don't need to give him all the details of your day or night. If he asks, don't be enticed to go into much more detail. Give minimum information and he will try to get additional information from you. That is the point when you will come to know that you have his complete concentration. He will listen to you carefully and will try to find out more about you. The less you inform him regarding your life, the more he will miss you and think about what you are doing now.


Reacting to his call or text immediately sends the message that you are sitting by your phone waiting for his call. Men adore to hunt, so you shouldn't make it very simple for him. A decent thumb rule is to keep him on hold twice the length it took for him to react to your last text. These little tricks might be foolish but they work and it will make him recall you and miss you. Patience will assist you when it comes to calling and texting.


Don't approach him for his car keys directly, slip your hand into his pocket and gradually take them out. Just by exciting his nerve endings when he is not ready for it, you make a positive physical contact that leaves your guy demanding more. Even better, your man subliminally gets addicted to those small bits of excitement and wants them when you are not nearby.


By making your guy jealous, he will suddenly desire to have you more but you must ensure that you do that within limits. When he is somewhat jealous, all his concentration will be on getting you back. Spend time with him but remember not to get excessively close to him. By doing this you will make him jealous every time.


Flirting with him can truly get him fascinated. You can do basic things like touching his arm and giggling at his jokes. Stare into his eyes for a few seconds before you kiss him on his neck and then look away.


First, make him wait and then join him in a conversation. However, ensure that you are the first to end the conversation. Ensure that you are the one to hang up the phone or the text conversation. The objective is he should miss you more. If you play hard to get, his passion for you will develop, and he won't able to forget you.


It is astonishing what small things can do. Try to leave small keepsakes in your guy's house or car. When he sees that hair clip, earring or perfume, it will ring a bell in his mind, and he will desire to see you more. Try to think romantically when it comes to leaving a little bit of you at his place and he will not able to sleep that night because you will be in his memory.


You might need to send your man a love letter, however, a flirty text also works well. Try not to make it completely flirty if you haven't built that sort of relationship yet. You just need to demonstrate that you are thinking about him. For example, you can send a quick text by saying, “I was on the couch and was missing you.”


The best man will love you for what you are and who you are. However, getting a man to need you can mean getting in shape. In addition to the fact that it is better for your health, he will always love the way you look.


The essential thing you can do to keep your guy addicted to you is by ensuring that you are having a wonderful lovemaking experience together. This doesn't imply that you have to be in bed for 12 hours daily engaging in physical activity. When you make love with your man, you have to ensure it's enchanting. You have to find out what sorts of things your man likes. It could be flirtatious talk that enhances your lovemaking and makes it addictive for him, or perhaps witnessing you in sensual clothes puts him over the edge. When you are the one that can give him all that he ever needs in the bedroom, then you can be guaranteed that your guy will get addicted to you.

© 2017 Ashi


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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 4 months ago

      @Robin Carretti,

      Thank you so much for your feedback :)

      I am glad that you liked my hub :)

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      Robin Carretti 4 months ago from Hightstown

      Wow your pictures are so divine to your writing how you approached every word it grabbed me thanks so much for admiring my work greatly appreciated all the best

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      Ashi 4 months ago

      @Sarah Spradlin,

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      I am glad that you liked this article :)

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      Sarah Spradlin 4 months ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

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