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112 Days Into The One Year Challenge

Updated on February 22, 2012

Today is day 112 of the One Year Challenge and to be quite frank, the thought of reducing this to a 6 month Challenge has entered my mind {on several occasions}. The irony of it all is this… As far as I know, there are no new love interests or even possibilities on the horizon. So, what am I mentally tripping about? I suppose it’s true what they say. We ALWAYS want what we can’t have. Prime example, today is Ash Wednesday and lent begins. Millions of people are going to give up chocolate. As sure as the sky is blue two things are going to happen inevitably. 1.)There will now be an increased insatiable desire for chocolate. 2.) Chocolate will be any and everywhere and not just any chocolate, mouth watering, milky, delectable chocolate. The temptation to eat chocolate will be stronger than it ever was before, so as it is with my temptation to date.

Other than the obvious temptation to date, I've run into one other problem. When I first began the One Year Challenge, it all seemed so simple: No dating for a year and absolutely no sex before marriage. Seems extremely clear and concise right? Wrong. There is a HUGE grey area and I've been trying my best to make it as black and white as possible. These are a few questions I’ve had to ask myself. What is technically considered a date? If I go out with a man (other than relatives obviously) and he pays, does that make it a date? Is it a date then, if we go dutch? Am I able to hang out with a guy, so as long as I’m not interested in dating him? Last but not least, what if I’m invited to an event like a wedding, birthday party, or a group bowling outing? Is that considered a date, even if I’m not interested in dating that particular person? Hummm… something to think about right? I’ve been pondering these things and I’ve not been able to come up with any definite answers but I do wonder if all of these thoughts and idea are my mind’s way of trying to find a loophole in this challenge. I wonder...

Take a look at the photo at the very top of this page. That photo was taken by an Australian photographer by the name of Zoie and she titled it Love Waits For No One. As much as I love this breath taking photograph, I have to disagree with the artist. 1 Corinthians 13:4 says that love is patient. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that God gave us all the proclivity to wait. The great thing about God is that he not only gives you the grace to wait but he also gives you the grace to wait patiently. That means you're not complaining while you wait and although you're waiting with uncertainty, you still have a peace. So, whether you’re waiting on the one to find you or waiting to be married to have sex, God’s grace is sufficient.

One of the main reasons that I took the One Year Challenge was to allow God to renew my heart. I am happy to say, that I believe the transformation has begun. I am slowly feeling the icebox around it melt, little by little. God is doing a great work in me and it’ll take much more than a year for Him to complete. But, what I do know is this. The One Year Challenge has been extremely beneficial thus far. 112 days down and 253 more days to go. That being said, it’s never too late to join me.


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    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN


      Thank you so much for checking out my hub and commenting. Yes ma'am, I began the challenge in early November. I wish you the best with your Challenge and I pray that you Knight in Shining Armor finds you as well. Again, thanks for stopping by, I am going to check out your blog as well.

    • profile image

      Deidre 6 years ago

      Just found your page and I think we must have started this challenge around the same time (early November?). I actually started a 6-month challenge based on PB Wilson's book Your Knight in Shining Armor and then subsequently discovered Andy Stanley's challenge (but didn't extend). Anyway I came here to say I'm so glad that I've found someone else going through the challenge - the accountability and the support makes all the difference. My 6 months are almost up and I don't even feel like they were enough! I mostly journal about my experience but sometimes I get to my blog (not often)

    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      Awwww... Thanks. It's nothing but the grace of God keeping me focused. :-)

    • profile image

      Kelly Dickens 6 years ago

      Im very proud of you right now!

    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      Thanks Karen, I appreciate your words of encouragement much more than you know. This hasn't been easy but I suppose that's why they call it a challenge. That beings said, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 6 years ago from Georgia

      Excellent hub and congratulations on your challenge. I admire you and know God will guide you on your 1 year journey. Voted up!

    • Ellana317 profile image

      Ellana317 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      Thanks so much April... I am definitely proud because I had no idea I'd make it this far. LOL... Yes ma'am, God is great and greatly to be praised. :-)

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 6 years ago from Arizona

      Congratulations! I hope you are completely successful in your challenge and I am glad you are already seeing God's hand in renewing your heart. You should be proud of your accomplishment!


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