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12 Thoughtful and Romantic Things a Husband can do For His Wife

Updated on June 5, 2017

Married women often expect the same romantic gifts and love from men done during the dating and courtship process. Some are disappointed when it did not turn out the way they anticipated. The fact is wives want to be pursued, loved, appreciated and desire romance in their marriage. If the constant routine of life, working full time, house work, children, stress, or the getting used to marriage, drains out little time for love and romance, here are some thoughtful things husbands can do for their wives to keep the romance alive.

1. Have occasional date nights monthly for just the two of you.- make time for your wife and make these dates interesting, unique and fun. Do not always do dinner and a movie. Know the type of places she likes, the restaurant and food she likes, things she likes to do on a date. If you are not sure, ask her. This helps plan your dates well. Even give her a surprise date once in all.

2. Surprise her when she does not expect it- Do not only wait for special occasions like her birthday, anniversary, Valentines’ Day, Christmas to do something wonderful for her. You can bring home flowers or have it delivered to her, call her for no reason at all, make a good breakfast for her, show up with lunch at her workplace, prepare candle lit dinner, remember specific detailed information about the dates you had or specific things about herself or her family or anything, that she would not think you would remember.

3. Dedicate a song to her.- Choose a radio station that you know she normally listens to, call them and dedicate a song on behalf of her. It can be song that describes your relationship, a song that you both love, a favorite song of hers or music artist she loves and enjoys.

4. Write or Type her a poem or letter expressing your feelings for her and find the right moment to give it to her.

5. Share things with her – Tell her about your day, the good things, the bad things, women love details, ask her about her day, share your dreams, possible things you want to do and accomplish, dreams for both of your future, the things you hate about politics or anything else. Women love when husbands open up and share.

6. Praise her for continual support and express your appreciation of her- her cooking, her cleaning, her job, the way she takes care of the children and anything else that is wonderful about your wife. It is also a great thing to speak well of her in front of others.

7. Listen - one of the best things a husband can do for his wife, is just listen, focus and be interested in what she is saying, when she need someone to talk to, whether she has to share good news, bad news, what is stressing her out, or anything else.

8. Take a moonlight walk together- hold hands and enjoy it.

9. Leave notes of love in an email message, in a text, put a note in your purse, inside the car, in her closet, in the kitchen on the bathroom mirror. If you are not sure what to write, purchase cards that say exactly what you want to say.

10. Give a day off weekly from taking care of the home and children – Let this be a day where she can relax, shop and go out with friends.

11. Help out around the house- wash dishes, vacuum, mow the law, do laundry once in a while, . Ask your wife how you can help out.

12. Plan a weekend to getaway- this can be in another country, state, or local. Talk to other married couples and ask them of the best getaways.


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    • newjerusalem profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Thanks for practical tips!

    • Janellegems profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Africa

      I appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

    • Purpose Embraced profile image

      Yvette Stupart PhD 

      7 years ago from Jamaica

      It's so important to keep the love fire burning in the marriage relationship. Thanks for the pointers, and of course listening is so important. This is necessary to understand each other's need.


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