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12 Truths About How to Flirt With a Girl and Get Her to Like You

Updated on September 25, 2018
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Ansel loves to help others through what he has experienced. He believes that paying it forward is the key to success and happiness in life.

If your flirtatious ways are not working with the girl you like, maybe you are not flirting right. There are numerous ways you can get flirty with a girl. There is no defined method or technique when it comes to flirting. For each his own, that’s the simple magical mantra of flirting. However, you need to do things right to get her attention. Your ways of flirting can either get her curious with excitement or furious with rage.


If you’re hitting on her, she knows it. However, you may not be the only one trying to flirt with her. If she is used to getting attention from guys, you’re just another guy trying to get her to like you. The only way to get a girl excited about your flirting is with a good first impression. Look at her every now and then and let her catch your eyes; however don’t make it look like you’re a lecherous predator on the prowl with those wide-eyed stares. You need to realize girls love the tizzy feeling they derive from certain aspects of flirting.

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First you need to ascertain whether she is responsive to your flirting. If she is, her signs will be significant to inform you she is curious to know more about you. When you arouse her curiosity, she is eager to know who you are and what your intentions really are. The vibe you get from her should help you with your approach towards her, and once you do that, introduce yourself and start a conversation. Make her feel special with your words, mannerisms and gestures. Know where to draw the line if she feels uncomfortable.

The lines below reveal 12 truths about flirting that will take you flirting game to a new level.


12 Truths About How to Flirt With a Girl and Get Her To Like You

Truth 1. Be Original With Pickup Lines

While most guys fail miserably and get laughed at when they use pickup lines, few make female hearts flutter with their choice of words. Do not rattle pickup lines you’ve memorized from the internet, it’s a cheesy way of letting her know you are cheesy. Instead, be original and say something naughty straight from the heart, it will turn her on.

Guy Tip- Flair for lyrics, poetry or songwriting puts you in the driver’s seat.

Truth 2. Make Eye Contact with Her

Making eye contact is a great way to get things started. Look deep into her eyes while you are in conversation with her and break eye contact every now and then. You don’t want to scare her by keeping your eyes wide open (you can blink, girls love it) It’s definitely ok to get caught with a few quick exchange of glances, when it happens hold that gaze on her for a moment, it works wonders. Raised eyebrows, shy smiles, winks and lowered lashes add their charm in flirting.

Guy Tip- If you stare her, you scare her.


Truth 3. Up your Game with Flirty Text Messages

A great way to get into flirting mode is with text messages. Girls love to read and reply text messages, and if the text messages are flirty, hell yeah! As you text each other you can feel the pulse and get naughtier with your messages.

Guy Tip- Being a text addict will serve you an advantage in the flirt text domain.

Truth 4. Compliment Her Right

A wise way to score brownie points is with compliments. Girls absolutely love compliments; it makes them feel a diva in the true sense. Do not complement a girl for the sake of complementing her; be original and genuine with your complements. If you like her, you are bound to notice something that makes her look special, compliment her about it, be it, her eyes, her hair, her dress, or an accessory she is wearing. A compliment stays with a girl forever and creates an association with you. For example if you pay her a strong complement about the perfume she is wearing, she is going to remember you the next time she wears that perfume.

Guy Tip- Let the complement be about her and not you


Truth 5. Bring on the Humor

Girls love guys with a funny bone. Guys with a sense of humor often hit the right notes while flirting. For some guys humor and funny talk comes naturally, and these guys definitely score big getting girls to like them. However, if you are not a humorous guy, you don’t have to try hard to evoke a laugh out of her. You can narrate a funny incident or talk about a comedy show on TV or Netflix that she can connect with. The point is you need to keep her engaged in an interesting conversation that has funny moments.

Guy Tip- Being Laughed at is not Funny

Truth 6. Tease Her and use Subtle Tender Touches

Girls love it when those subtle touches come to the forefront while having fun or fooling around. There are moments when you tease her and make her laugh, and the response is teasing tender touches. Brushing off an imaginary speck of dust from her eyelashes is a great way to initiate touches made to look accidental. Shoulder nudges or touching of feet or knees gets that heart beating faster. These moments work their magic and get her to want you more.

Guy Tip- Remember its subtle tender touches, not getting touchy.


Truth 7. Let Hints Work Their Magic

If a girl likes you she will be on the lookout for hints that you like her too. Don’t bombard her with hints, she’ll get the feeling you are coming onto her way too fast. Let the hints come slow and easy during the course of an interesting conversation when you spend alone time with her.

Guy Tip- Look into her eyes when you drop a hint

Truth 8. Spend Alone Time with Her

If you want to make a lasting impression you need to make it count when the two of you spend time together. All that flirting when friends are around is fun, but there’s no seriousness associated with it. You can give her the signs with your flirty ways when your friends are around, however, you can only make her feel special when there is no one else around. Implement charm and ardor with your flirting to make a big impression with her.

Guy Tip- Don’t tell her tales of your exploits and conquests


Truth 9. Ask Her Flirty Questions

Girls love flirty talk and questions that stem from it. You need to find your way through a conversation to ask flirty questions. Create an environment to make her comfortable before asking her naughty or flirty questions. Start by asking questions that tease and kindle warmth for flirty questions. Again, know where to draw the line.

Guy Tip- Flirt…Don’t hurt!

Truth 10. Ask Her Out

You need to be clever with how you ask her out. Obviously, you have given her the hint you like her, however, you shouldn’t look desperate asking her out. A good time to ask her out is during an interesting conversation or when you are saying goodbye. Ask the question in a rather calm and casual manner, don’t try and sound too formal or serious. Another way to ask her out is when you are flirt texting with her. A casual and laidback way of asking her out will arouse excitement and curiosity in her.

Guy Tip- Rejection is better than dejection


Truth 11. Late Night Calls

Girls enjoy every bit of attention they get. And yes, they love late night calls. There’s something about the night that gives guys the freedom to flirt, and let’s be honest, girls love every bit of it. Flirty talk made on a late night call is impactful, it’s makes her want you bad…a complete turn on.

Guy Tip- Do not talk sports, and be a good listener

Truth 12. Peek a Boo With Pictures

If she’s getting into you and you into her, seize the opportunity to get a little steamy with pictures. Sending her a post-workout picture of a sweaty you is a great way to bring on the heat. Why you may ask? Because it’s worth it.

Guy Tip- Muscles weren’t built in a day

Now that you know the 12 truths about flirting, it’s time you take it to the next level. Cheers!


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