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12 Ways to Impress a Guy You Really Like

Updated on December 12, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


Being yourself around people you love is key to be appreciated. However when it comes to impress a guy you really like, is being yourself enough to impress him? Definitely not! There is a bunch of cute efforts that you can put forward to really get that guy to notice you and show interest in you. Guys are usually very simple and straightforward when it comes to showing their feelings or pinpoint out their thoughts. All the same, when it comes to impress guys, they demonstrate the feeling of being hard creatures to strike. Some girls are natural magnets who can have any guy at their feet, but for others acknowledging, applying and adopting methodologies to attract guys is the only way they can have that person they truly desire to have in their life. So let us analyse the paths we need to engage into to really impress a guy.


Be yourself

Always be yourself around anyone it could be. It is also very important to be yourself around the guy you want. Be happy with who you are, be confident and appreciate yourself before you can expect others to appreciate you. Sometimes out of nervousness, we tend to change our behaviour, we talk more than we usually do, or we boast ourselves thinking that someone will be very impressed to know about our achievements or interest. However, these fake behaviours can be easily noticed by guys. Boys want girls to be genuinely happy, friendly, nice and interesting. It is completely normal if you have different interests from the guy that you are trying to impress, but do not pretend to be liking football, video games or drinking and smoking just to look cool and to be with that guy. Contrastingly you can learn from each other’s different interests.


Grab his interest

Impressing him with your giggles and smile throughout the whole courting process will not be enough to impress him, but instead try to find some common ground to talk about. Once you have brushed conversations over the basic stuffs like life routines, friends and families, you should into ways to get into deeper conversations about each other’s likes and dislikes. It might feel weird but you should create the connection by talking on the interests you both share. It is good to do some former research on his favourite football player so that he will feel impressed and be like “hey this girl is cool!”


How to dress

When you try to impress someone whom you do not know personally and never talked to him, the only way to get him notice you would be when you dress so well and look attractive. Boys also love girls being smothered into a sweet perfume that just leaves a waft behind her. But remember to dress up decently while trying to be attractive, showing a pair of cleavage does not really mean that it’s a way to impress someone, despite the fact that everyone will be noticing you while you walk down the streets. Avoid baggy clothes and be girly to explore more of your femininity.


Let him know that you notice him

Guys always want what other boys want like cars, wealth, success or even a cute girl because they thrill at the idea of competitions. Guys usually pursue an amazing girl who gets the attention of almost every guy and then he just wants to steal her from every man out there. So if there are hundred guys out there who are utterly crazy about you and wants your attention but you do not really pay attention to them and instead you have your eyes only on him. This will render him to feel special, and instantly understand that you are interested in him and wants to initiate a conversation with him. This can be a quite easy way to impress him and get him to know you.



Be your own responsibility. Boys love girls who can stand on their feet to achieve everything. Guys do not really appreciate a girl who is too clingy and is always relying on him for every petty decision. To be independent is to be having your own personal time to pursue your hobbies, to be happy with yourself and to be enjoying your own job. Guys do not want a girl who comes and says that her world revolves only around him, this will render him to be feeling too suffocated and he will want to run away from you.


Show that you are impressed too

Flirtatious behaviours are somehow very important to show the person that you like him but do not be the first one to initiate it or be the first one to invite him over dinner. Try to be low key, let it seem like he is doing all the effort to have you in his life even though you are crazy about him. Laughing and blushing over his jokes and compliments is a way to show him that you are impressed by him too but do not do anything to really please him. This will make him want to make bigger efforts to please you and impress you in order for you to be completely smitten by him. Show him that you are interested but make him work hard for that, before you unveil your feelings for him.


Intelligence and wit

Every guy likes intelligent girls who can stand for herself by finding solutions to all her problems and is able to help herself. If a girl can bring on interesting topics to talk about and handles them intelligently by sharing knowledge, this will easily draw a guy closer to her since she is not boring. Guys are not intimidated by intelligent girls but instead they feel impressed by them. Wit will be describing someone who can easily apply her intelligence to be winning small social debates among friends or colleagues and leave guys to be completely impressed by her since she seems dominant and interesting.


Be able to laugh at yourself

A girl who can laugh at her own stupid stories and embarrassing events can easily impress guys, since she is confident enough to be completely herself with that guy she likes. So girls can you ridicule yourself by narrating to him about the craziest thing you have ever done in your life and you somehow feel proud for doing it? This can really leave a guy thinking about you all the time since he will focus on your guts and about how you are lively and live your life fully and he will definitely want to know more about you.


Walk away if he does not deserve you

You can be the sweetest girl on earth around him but not when he takes you for granted or keep you waiting for more than an hour, when he promised to show up in 5 minutes. Girls should always make sure that the guy they like, are damn serious about them. You simply need to walk away if he disrespects you, underestimates you and makes fun of you, especially in front of his friends. It takes a lot to impress someone, but when they cannot reciprocate your positive feelings with positive behaviours, then its best just to close the door behind you for them to leave forever. Just know your true worth, this will be easier for you to let go the one you thought you liked.


Provide some help

Never refuse if he tries to help you out in any situation, or else he might feel so bad that you did not make him feel up to the level to be able to help you this can really put him down. Instead, show him that you appreciate his effort for helping you, this will lead him to feel confident and happy. However, you can also wait for the golden opportunity to be able to provide him a helping hand in order to impress him or his family members whether it is about his little sister who needs help in her homework or a charity club that he frequently visits where you can donate. All of these can really help him develop a soft corner for you.



Guys feel overwhelmed by girls who are very confident. Girls who are confident are also ambitious, they know what they target in life, and whether it is about a dream job, fancy jewellery, cars or someone they want in their life. Boys go crazy about girls who are competitive enough to go and grab their share of life and they spread of lot of positivity by being happy to be themselves. So girls be confident, because it makes many people notice you as well, so your crush will definitely have an eye on you.


Do not be easy make him respect you first

If you want a serious relationship and want a guy to commit to it, then you should respect yourself first. Make him ponder over the fact that you will get intimate with him only when you feel ready, while in the meantime you will both get to know each other more. Bring on your standards and limits that he too should follow, if he wants a serious relationship. Thus you will be the one to be leading the relationship and bring it to where you want, you will be eventually respected and valued.


There are many tips, ideas and physical and psychological factors that can really get a guy to be head over heels about you. Who would not date someone who really impresses them? The great news is that it is not hard to impress guys, you just need to know the exact tricks to play the game. Never be afraid to show someone that you like them. Do not fear rejection because literally everyone, even the guy you like has been through the act of trying to impress someone and has been rejected. Everyone has to adjust to situations and do not be disheartened after rejection. Maybe he was just not meant to be with you and it is totally fine.

© 2017 Ashi


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