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13 Dating 101 Tips for Men and Women to Help You Find Love

Updated on April 29, 2018

Be Calm and Collected


When should you have a date to increase the chances that you can connect better? Where should you have your first date, how should you appear for your dates, what should be you attitude during dates, and what are some of the things you can do during conversations to make your dates interesting?

In this dating 101 article, I share dating tips for women, as well as dating 101 tips for guys so that you can increase the chances that your dating adventure will go well so that you can start a long-term relationship.

Now, what are some of the dating 101 things you must do?

When To Schedule Your First Date

You might consider having your first date after school or work on a Tuesday evening, or on Saturday afternoon. According to research conducted by matchmakers Tawkify, Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon are the best times to schedule your first date because those who meet on those days are about 30% more likely to go out on a second date .

On the other hand, Thursday night is the worst day on which to date because people are thinking about the weekend and the nice people they are likely to meet during the weekend and so are not well focused during a Thursday evening date.

Where To Have Your First Date

Another of the dating tips you might consider is where to bond on your first date. You might want to consider going to Starbucks for your first date. According to a study, this location is the best place to go to with the guy or lady you are attracted to for your first date.

Whether You Are A Man Or A Woman, Wear Red

If you are a woman, you might consider wearing a red dress or red skirt and blouse. A study carried out by scientists at the University of Rochester suggests that when a woman wears red, it makes her look warm and attractive to guys. Wearing red, therefore, will make the guy like you and that may make him ask you out again.

And if you are a guy, you might also consider wearing a red shirt or red tie—according to a study carried out at the University of Rochester, when a guy wears red, it makes him more attractive to women. Consequently, she will love being with you and agree to subsequent dates.

Consider These Haircuts

According to one survey, women find men who do these hairstyles attractive:

  • When the back and sides of the guy’s hair are shaved whilst the remaining hair is swept backwards, right, or left.
  • When the sides of the guy’s hair is cut short and the back part of the hair on top is combed forward leaving the front part uncombed.
  • When all the hair is trimmed short to between ¼ inches and ¾ inches.

Therefore, try these haircuts and the woman may love your look so much that it will influence her to fall for you.

The Woman’s Hairstyle

Have you noticed the hairstyle of X-factor judge Cheryl Cole and that of TV presenter Kelly Brooke? Yes, the long, wavy locks! Many guys love that hairstyle! According to one poll, men find that kind of hairstyle very sexy and you might consider doing that hairstyle when you are going out on dates. On the other hand, men think that short hair does not look sexy on a woman and so you may consider avoiding that hairstyle.

If You Are A Guy Wear Facial Hair Which Is Out Of Fashion

A study conducted by researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia and published in the journal Biology Letters has revealed that women find clean shaven men attractive when beards are in vogue, and vice versa. Wearing facial hair which is out of fashion will make you stand out of the crowd and make you look unique, she will find you intriguing, and that will help her to feel strongly attracted to you, which will help both of you to connect.

The Guy Should Keep His Chin Up, Whilst The Lady Should Keep Her Chin Down

If you are a guy, speak in a deep, dominant voice which will make you look attractive and sexy to the lady. Additionally, try to smile slower any time you want to make your face look brighter and the lady will find you attractive and favorably consider subsequent dates.

On the other hand, my dating advice for women is that if you are a woman, do your best to keep your chin down to show that you are a submissive woman and that will make the guy feel that you are sexy and he may want to have a long-term relationship with you.

Be Yourself During Date Nights

Avoid trying to be someone that you are not when you go out on dates. If you pretend, if you do not act and behave naturally but you try to be someone you are not because you want to impress your date, it is likely your date will find out who you really are later and that can make you lose the trust of the person you are dating—you cannot maintain the pretense and, in the end, both of you may be dissatisfied with each other.

So, let your date see who you really are and if he or she is comfortable with you, they will continue to date you.

Show Composure Whilst On A Date

Avoid fidgeting often, nodding too often, and using indecisive language such as ”um.” Rather, try to be cool, calm, and lower the intonation of your voice at the end of your sentences. It will make you come across as a charismatic person and your date will feel attracted to you as a result.

Exude Confidence

Confidence is extremely sexy. It will make you look more emotionally stable, more resilient, and your date will feel that you are a dependable person who will make a good mate, which will make him or her like you a lot more and desire to get to know better so that you can have a long-term relationship.

Your First Date Conversation

Make your date feel at ease by asking questions such as how the day went for them, what they ate, how their family is and such “light” questions which they can answer quickly and easily without feeling awkward. You may also choose to comment on some of the people in the place where you are having the date or the general atmosphere in the place so that you can start building rapport with your date.

Then when the person is settled, you may consider asking questions such as the job they do, their family and history, their hobbies, aspirations, philosophy of life and so on.

Ask Open-Ended Questions During Date Conversations

Use a lot more open-ended questions than close- ended-questions when you are having date conversations. These kinds of questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no and so it will make your date talk more, it will help your date to reveal himself or herself better. When your date talks more, you can get ideas from what he or she says which you can use to ask more open-ended follow up questions so that the conversation can be smooth and flowing.

Open-ended questions begin with “Who…?” “When…?” “What…?” “Why…?” “Where…?” “How…?” whilst close-ended questions, which require a yes or no answer, begin with “Do…?” “Have…?” “Is/Am/Are…?”

  • So ,for example, instead of asking the guy, “Do you like soccer?” you might ask something such as, “Why do you like soccer?”
  • Or, instead of asking, “Are you an adventurous woman?” you may ask, “How do you see mountain climbing, thrill sports and going on an adventure?” or “What do you think about sky diving, mountain climbing, hiking in woods and other such adventurous activities?”
  • Instead of asking, “Have you travelled out of this country before?” you might ask, “Where do you normally go to during vacations?”
  • Instead of asking, “Do you have any nicknames?” you might ask, “Why is it that you guys like nicknames so much?”
  • Instead of asking, “Do you have anything you are passionate about?” ask ,”What are your passions in life? What hobbies do you enjoy doing?”

Avoid Having Sex

According to a study carried out by Brigham Young University, couples who delay having sex until they marry have more stable relationships, more satisfying relationships, and communicate better than couples who start having sex early in a relationship. So, refrain from premarital sex so that you can increase the chances that you will have a great marriage later when you decide to marry.


Some dating 101 tips that will help you to have a successful dating experience are that date on Tuesday or Saturday, go to Starbucks for your first date, wear red, show charisma, try to be yourself, do your best to be composed, and ask open-ended questions so that you can have great conversations.

Dating 101 Tips for Men and Women

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