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13 New Year Eve Celebration Ideas For Couples

Updated on December 23, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.

A New Year brings with it considerable changes be it new resolutions, new goal and plans. On the beginning of the year, it is the most favorable time of the year to bring together all your loved ones to spend a memorable time. However, there are numerous types of celebrations that can be considered while keeping a balance in our finances to have a perfect New Year’s Eve night. Now, if you want to consider a romantic night celebration with just the two you, look out for these creative ideas to kick off this New Year with your sweetheart.


New Year’s Nostalgia

If you both had a relationship of several years, you can reevaluate all the previous New Year’s celebrations and focus on the one which was best in order to recreate it this time. If the best celebration was spent together, just the two of you, maybe it was a nice breakfast together, then some shopping, after that booking tickets to go for a nice movie and then have dinner together at the same restaurant that helped you create memorable and unforgettable events. All those can gear your relationship to another level of happiness.


A night at home with him/her

A quiet night at home with you and your beloved can be just the perfect night together. If you do not like hustling and bustling in a crowded New Year Eve party, staying at home with a cozy and warm environment will bring warmth and joy to your relationship. You can both exchange romantic sweet talks while no one else disturbs you. You can comfortably discuss the new plans or goals you both have for this upcoming year.


Celebration in the woods

Have you ever had a soft-spot for nature? If you and your partner just love the woods, you can both rent a cabin far from the city noise that will take a lot to reach you. You can spend an awesome time together, while being in the midst of nature, enjoying the exquisite calm and hearing birds chirping. You can take advantage of the moment to stay away from the connectionless network, your phone, the television and so on to just focus on each other and have a great intimate time together.


Get dressed and dance

Contrarily to the point discussed above, some couples would rather spend their time together in a pub or in their favorite singer’s concert just to have a blast together and make the New Year eve even more exciting. For those who love to tune to loud music and just grab their partner to dance is what makes them happy. So, couples who choose crowded loud environment to enjoy their new year should just go for it!


Spa day

Having a relaxing day with your babe at the spa while having couple massages together can make you feel each other way better. This will spice up your libido and trigger you to be badly wanting each other for a nice intimate evening together. While you share each other’s energy, you will feel so connected and so much in love with each other.


Party and get-together

A party is a must on New Year’s Eve. You can, therefore, plan on organizing a small party or get-together to spend the moment among each other’s friends and relatives. This will help both of you to get well acquainted with the whole bunch of people who will be attending the party at your place. Besides, it is a great idea to have fun, to share a good night having drinks, having dinner together while cracking jokes and laughing heartily.


Boat Ride

To make the New Year even more memorable, you can choose to spend the night with your honey by renting a small boat and decide to row up to where you want so that you can have the best view of the firecrackers lighting up in the sky. You can pack champagne and strawberries and cuddle together with your blanket on, while you play your favorite music be it from your phone itself just to make the moment irresistibly romantic.



Both of you can gather around your friends to play games to spend the New Year’s Eve night, while you have some beers and champagne together. If you both have common friends, then this is the kick-off to real fun. This can make the night very exciting and memorable too. You can play Uno, Pictionary, strip-poker or any other game that create a nostalgic night.


Take a salsa class together

Salsa is an exuberant type of dance. It is so sexy and brings your partner closer to you since you will be getting more intimate with him/her while you try some nice dancing steps together. No stress, no fear! Just unfold your dancing skills and let yourself sway into the arms of your partner. This can create the most striking event in your life that you will not forget for years.


Camp out

Deciding to camp out with him/her can be the best yet most catchy New Year night that you can have. Build a small tent, light a small fire pit and just enjoy the moment with red wine and some pizza. You can afterwards, talk about so many things, play cards or simply lay down besides while you cherish that moment together.


Ice Skating

Gliding on the ice together while holding hands is a very romantic moment that you can spend together. Even if it is chilling out there, ice skating is just worth it in this period of the New Year. After this activity, you can get ready for a hot shower together with hugs and kisses, then back it up with some hot coffee while you both get wrapped into a blanket as one.


Create a plan list together

Being together for years can be so satisfying, but when you have spent enough time knowing each other, it is now time to get on deciding what are your plans and goals throughout the new coming year, while you both work together as a team. You can create a nice decorated piece of paper into which you will jot down your ambitions and goals, places to travel together, to buy a new apartment or house and so on. You can stick the piece of paper in a convenient place so that every time you walk by it, you will feel more motivated to follow those dreams together.


Spend time on the rooftop

This being the simplest yet romantic type of dates that you can have on New Year with your partner is totally worth it. Bringing on several types of wine on the rooftop which you can both sip in the moonlight while having a nice chat together will create a nice bond between you both.

New Year is the most promising period of the year where you can plan many things while being sure that you will be able to fulfill those wishes, especially when you have common goals with your partner. New Year brings a lot of happiness and warmth be it among families or between couples. Anyhow, if you know how to value your loved ones, you can spend beautiful moments on common days without having to wait for specific periods of the year like Christmas or New Year.

© 2017 Ashi


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